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I.                    Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.                 Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings

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I.  Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Boko, Sylvain H.


Decentralization and Reform in Africa, published by Kluwer Academic Publishers (2002)


“A New Look At Africa’s Growth Performance and Prospects”, in Ebere Onwudiwe and Minabere Ibelema, (eds), Afro-Optimism: Perspectives on Africa’s Advances, Greenwood Publishing Group, January 2003.


“Government Policy, Ethnicity and Development in Benin”, in Pita O. Agbese (ed.), Government Policies, Constitutions, and Ethnic Relations in Africa, Lagos, Nigeria: Newswatch Books. Forthcoming.


“Institutional Reform and Economic Growth in Africa”. Journal of African Finance and Economic Development, Vol 5, No. 2, Autumn 2002.


“Economic Reform, Democracy, and Economic Growth in Africa: An Institutional Approach: Research Note”. Research abstract published in International Advances in Economic Research, Vol 8, No. 3, August 2002.



Chen, Frederick H.


“A Result on Equilibrium Matching with Search Frictions,” Economics Letters 78 (3), pp. 317-321, 2003.



Frey, Donald E.


Article: "Francis Wayland's 1830s Textbooks: Evangelical Ethics and Political Economy," Journal of the History of Economic Thought."  Vol. 24, Number 2 (June 2002, but not reported last year).


Review: Conflicting Missions: Teacher Unions and Educational Reform, ed. Tom Loveless (Brookings),  in Economics of Education Review Vol. 21 (2002), 399-400.


Review: The Soul's Economy: Market and Selfhood in American Thought, 1820-1920, by Jeffrey Sklansky (UNC Press), on EH.NET (January 2003)



Hammond, Claire H.


“Hammond and Hammond on the Stigler Letters and Correspondence,” Part VI of “Remembrance and Appreciation Roundtable:  George J. Stigler (1911-1991).”  The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 61 (July 2002), pp. 632-638, (with J. Daniel Hammond).



Hammond, Daniel


“Remembrance and Appreciation Roundtable George J. Stigler (1911-1991): Scholar, Father, Dissertation Advisor, Referee, Textbook Writer and Policy Analyst,” with C. Friedland, C. Goodwin, C.H. Hammond, D. Levy, S.G. Medema, M.I. Naples, W.J. Samuels, S.M. Stigler, The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 61 (July 2002): 609-56.


“Business Cycles: Monetarist Approach,” in An Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics, eds. Brian Snowdon and Howard R. Vane, Edward Elgar, 2002.


“Remembering Economics,” Journal of the History of Economic Thought 25 (June 2003): 133-43.



Heckelman, Jac C.


Collective Choice: Essays in Honor of Mancur Olson, published by Springer-Verlag (coedited with Dennis Coates)


"On the Shoulders of a Giant: The Legacy of Mancur Olson," (with Dennis Coates) in Collective Choice: Essays in Honor of Mancur Olson, pp. 1-13, 2003


"Absolute and Relative Effects of Interest Groups on the Economy," (with Dennis Coates) in Collective Choice: Essays in Honor of Mancur Olson, pp. 129-142, 2003


"Now More Than Ever, Your Vote Doesn't Matter: A Reconsideration" The Independent Review 7: 599-601, 2003


"On the Measurement of Comparative Economic Freedom Across Nations," International Journal of Business and Economics 1: 251-261, 2002


"Which Economic Freedoms Contribute to Growth? Reply" (with Michael Stroup) Kyklos 55: 417-420, 2002


"Electoral Uncertainty and the Macroeconomy: Evidence from Canada," Public Choice 113: 179-189, 2002


"Variable Rational Partisan Business Cycles: Theory and Some Evidence," Canadian Journal of Economics 35: 568-585, 2002



Lawlor, Michael S.


“Academic Medicine Under Economic Stress: A Case Study of the Institutional Change Transforming American Health Care.” Review of Social Economy, v. lx, no. 3, September 2002, pp 435-469.


“Biotechnology and Government Funding: Economic Motivation and Policy Models.” Challenge, v. 46, no. 1, Jan/Feb 2003, pp. 15-36.


“Finance and Competition,” (with William Darity and Bobbie Horn), Amitava Krisha Dutt and Jaime Ros, eds, Development Economics and Structuralist Macroeconomics: Essays in Honor of Lance Taylor. Cheltenham, U.K. and Northampton, MA, USA: Edward Elgar. 2003


Robert Leeson, The Eclipse of Keynesianism: The Political Economy of the Chicago Counter-Revolution. Journal of Economic Literature, June 2003.



Moorhouse, John C.


"Consumer Protection Regulation and Information on the Internet" in The Half-Life of Policy Rationales: How New Technology Affects Old Policy Issues, edited by F.E. Foldvary and D.B. Klein, New York: New York University Press, 2003, 164-190.

"Some Properties of R.G.D. Allen's Traetment of Kalecki's 1935 Model of Business Cycles", Journal of the History of Economic Thought 24, (Decmber 2002), 463-474, (with John V. Baxley).


        "Civil Rights Worker from Wabash", Wabash Magazine, Winter 2002.



Whaples, Robert M.


Editor, EH.NET’s Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History. (Contents by the end of June 2003 are the equivalent of 800 published pages.)


1. “If I Had a Hammer: Mancur Olson as an Economic Historian,” in Jac Heckelman and Dennis Coates, editors, Collective Choice: Essays in Honor of Mancur Olson,  Springer-Verlag, 2003, pp. 143-64.


2. “Should the Study of Economics Be Part of Your Future?” in Mark Rush, Study Guide: Parkin Economics, sixth edition, Addison-Wesley, 2002.


3.  “United States: Modern Period,” and “Cliometrics” (with Samuel Williamson) in Joel Mokyr, editor, Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History, 2003.


Book Reviews written this year:

1. Defining Global Justice: The History of U.S. International Labor Standards Policy by Edward C. Lorenz, Review of Political Economy.


2. Government Failure: A Primer in Public Choice by Gordon Tullock, Arthur Seldon, and Gordon Brady, Choice: Reviews of Recent Books, 40 (3), November 2002.


3. At Home and Aboard: U.S. Labor-Market Performance in International Perspective by Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books, 40 (4), December 2002.


4. Unions, Immigration, and Internationalization: New Challenges and Changing Coalitions in the United States and France by Leah Haus, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books, 40 (5), January 2003.


5. The Backbone of History: Health and Nutrition in the Western Hemisphere edited by Richard Steckel and Jerome Rose, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books, 40 (7), March 2003.


6. The End of Baseball as We Knew It: The Players Union, 1960-1981 by Charles P. Korr, Enterprise and Society.


7. Losing Work, Moving On: International Perspectives on Worker Displacement, edited by Peter J. Kuhn, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books, 40 (8), April 2003.


8. Not for Bread Alone: A Memoir by Moe Foner, Business History.


9. Victory at Home: Manpower and Race in the American South during World War II by Charles D. Chamberlain, Enterprise and Society.


10. The Worm in the Apple: How the Teacher Unions Are Destroying American Education by Peter Brimelow, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.


11. Public Choice III by Dennis C. Mueller, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.


Wood, John H.


“Lender of Last Resort: A Hollow Hallowed Tradition,” Independent Review, Winter 2003.


With Cara Lown, “The Determination of Commercial Bank Reserve Requirements,” Rev. of Financial Economics, Jan. 2003                                   



II.  Papers and Presentations



Boko, Sylvain H.


“The Macro-economic Impact of Decentralization in Africa: Evidence from the WAEMU Countries”. Presented at the 2003 Eastern Economic Association meetings in New York.


Chen, Frederick H.


“Rebated Losses Revisited,” (with James H. Grosjean)—International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking, 2003.



Cottrell, Allin F.


“Economic Planning, Computers and Labor Values”, presented at the conference “Karl Marx and the Challenges of the 21st Century”, Havana, Cuba, May 5-8, 2003.



Hammond, Daniel


“Remembering Economics,” Presidential Address, History of Economics Society, July 7, 2001, Davis, CA.


Session chair and discussant, “Institutional and Chicago Economics,” Allied Social Sciences Association, Washington, DC, January 4, 2003



Heckelman, Jac C.


"Political Monetary Cycles: The Independent Treasury versus the Federal Reserve, "presented at Western Economic Association conference, Seattle, July 2002


“And a Hockey Game Broke Out: Crime and Punishment in the NHL” presented at International Atlantic Economic Society, October 2002


“Multiple Candidate U.S. Senate Elections” presented at Public Choice Society, Nashville, March 2003


“A Comparison of Aggregation Methods for Economic Freedom Components” Public Choice Society, Nashville, March 2003


Lawlor, Michael S.


“Biotechnology and Government Funding” October 2002. Wake Forest University Chemistry Seminar Series.



Whaples, Robert M.


Discussant, Economic History Association Session at the Allied Social Sciences Meetings, January 2003, Washington DC.  Session on “Earnings and Savings in Free and Slave Labor Markets.”



III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies


Boko, Sylvian, H.


President-Elected, African Finance and Economic Association (AFEA)


Research Triangle Institute (RTI)/USAID-Senior Decentralization Specialist, Benin Decentralization Support Project-(Summer months)


ICF/Chevron/World Bank-Manager of the Socioeconomic Impact Analysis of the West African Gas Pipeline in Benin and Togo (Summer months)



Hammond, Daniel


Past President and member of Executive Committee, History of Economics Society



Moorhouse, John C.

Member Editorial Board of  Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics



Whaples, Robert M.


Book Review Editor, EH.NET.


Associate Director, EH.NET.


BB&T Bank, taught one-week course for BB&T Banking School at Wake Forest University (July 2002).




IV.  External Grants Received