Calloway School of Business

And Accountancy


Professional Activities Summary

July 1, 2002 to June 30, 2003


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentations

III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies  

IV. External Grants Received



I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits



Aldhizer, George R.


Paper: (with James Cashell and Jim Saylor) “Ten Months Later:  Internal Audit Directors Assess the Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.”  Internal Auditing, May/June 2003.


Paper:  (with Les D. Turner)  How to Pick a Consulting Firm:  The Top 10 Issues you Should Consider Before Hiring One.”  Strategic Finance, March 2003, pp. 40-45.


Paper:  (with James D. Cashell)  An Examination of Internal Auditors’ Emphasis on Value-Added Services.”  Internal Auditing, September/October 2002, pp.19-31.


Paper:  (with Dale R. Martin, Terry A. Baker, John L. Campbell)  When Earnings Management Becomes Fraud:  Implications for Internal Auditors.”  Internal Auditing, July/August 2002, pp. 14-21.


Hinson, Yvonne L.


Paper:  (with Paul E. Juras)  Performance Evaluation of Credit Unions: Reaping the Benefit of Tax Exempt Status”.  Journal of Managerial Issues.  Summer 2002.


Juras, Paul E.


Paper:  (with Peter Clarke and Paul Dierks)  Dublin Shirt Co.”  Cases from Management Accounting Practice, 2002, Institute of Management Accountants, Vol 17,  pp.26-35.


Paper:  (with Yvonne Hinson)  Performance Evaluation of Credit Unions: Reaping the Benefits of Tax Exempt Status.”  Summer 2002, Journal of Managerial Issues, Vol XIV, pp.145-161.



Knight, Lee G.


Paper:  (with Ray A. Knight)  Mutual Fund Redemptions.”  Journal of Accountancy, March 2003, pp. 55-61.


Lewis, Bruce R.


Paper:  (with S. Chung, R.K. Rainer)  The Impact of Information Technology Infrastructure Flexibility on Strategic Alignment and Applications Implementation.”  Communications of the Association for Information Systems. 11.


Paper:  (with G.F. Lewis, C.A. Snyder)  Development of a Measure for the Organizational Learning Construct.  Journal of Management Information Systems, 19(2), pp. 177-220.


Paper:  (with D. Chan)  A Basic Primer on Data Mining.”  Information Systems Management.  19(4), pp 56-60.


McManus, Denise J.


Paper:  (with S.A. Morris)  Information Infrastructure Centrality in the Agile Organization.”  Information Systems Management Journal, 19 (4), Fall, 2002, pp 8-12.


Paper:  (with H.H. Carr, C.S. Sankar)  Intraorganizational Versus Interorganizational Uses and Benefits of Electronic Mail.”  Information resources Management Journal, 15 (3): July-Sept, 2002, pp 1-13.


Paper:  “Disaster Recovery: and “Glossary” in The Management of Telecommunications Second Edition, 2002; First Edition, 1997; by Houston H. Carr and Charles A. Snyder, Irwin/McGraw-Hill; Boston, MA; 2002, pp 559-562 and 765-790,



II.  Papers and Presentations



Dewasthali, Arun


Presentation:  (with Tom Goho)  A Unique and Workable Approach to the Integration of 21st Centruy Issues into Business Curriculum.”  Presented at the American Society of Business and Behavioral Science (ASBBS), February 2002.


Presentation:  (with Tom Goho)  A Revision of The Rule of 7500:  The Estimation of Amortization Payment.”  Presented at the American Society of Business and Behavioral Science (ASBBS), February 2002. 





Harrison, J. Kline


Presentation:  “Characteristics of ‘State of the Art’ Leaders:  Productive Narcissism Versus Emotional Intelligence and Level 5 Capabilities.”  Presented at the Western Academy of Management 2003 Annual Meeting.


Hinson, Yvonne L.


Presentation:  (with Paul E. Juras)  Does Director Status Affect Financial Performance in the Banking Industry?  Presented at The Academy of Accounting and Finance, December 2002.


Juras, Paul E.


Presentation: “An Examination of Executive Compensation in Relationship to EVA®.”  American Academy of Accounting and Finance Meeting, December 2002.


Presentation: (with Yvonne Hinson)  Inside vs. Outside Directors: Does It Affect Financial Performance in the Banking Industry?”  American Academy of Accounting and Finance Meeting, December 2002.


McCray, Gordon E.


Presentation:  “The Impact of Project Management Heuristics to IS Projects.”  Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science, December 2002.


McManus, Denise J.


Presentation:  (with C.A. Snyder)  Knowledge Management and Electronic Performance Support Systems.”  2002 Decision Sciences Institute Conference, San Diego, California, November 23-26, 2002.


Taylor, Thomas C.


Presentation:  “Truth in Accounting.”  John Locke Foundation, Raleigh, NC, October 2002.



West, George P.


2002 Chair, Professional Development Workshop on “The Development of Entrepreneurship Theory:  Should We Pursue A Unified Theory?”  Academy of Management annual meeting, Denver CO.


III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies 


Aldhizer, George R.

Member, Editorial Board of Advisors, Internal Auditing, January 2002-present.


Juras, Paul E.

Editorial Review Board of Journal of Managerial Issues

Editorial Review Board for Cases From Management Accounting Practice


Tower, Ralph B.

Editorial Board of International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation.


West, George P.

Editorial Review Board of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.



Aldhizer, George R.

Chairman, Academic Relations Committee of the Triad Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), fall 2001-present; coordinator, Mock Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Exam Competition, sponsored by the Triad Chapter of the IIA, spring 2003.



Juras, Paul E.

Director, Southeast Region of Management Accounting Section

Member, Management Accounting Section Executive Committee


West, George P.

Elected Representative-at-Large, Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division Research Committee, Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division.

Tower, Ralph B.

Partner, Tower & Tower, Certified Public Accountants 100 hours per year-tax planning and review.


West, George P.

MDI, Executive Education Project, 24 contact hours.

Salem Group, Management Advisory Board, 6 contact hours.

IV. External Grants Received

$47,300   “Entrepreneurship Education.”  E.M. Kauffman Foundation.