Reporting Professional Activities


Reynolda Campus


I – Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II – Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings

III – Editorships, Offices and Consultancies

IV – External Grants Received


I.  Publications, Performances, Exhibits




Anderson, David


Friesen, V. L., D. J. Anderson, T. E. Steeves, H. Jones, and E. A. Schreiber.  2002.  Molecular support for the species status of the Nazca Booby.  Auk 119:820-826.


Townsend, H. M., K. P. Huyvaert, P. J. Hodum, and D. J. Anderson.  2002.  Nesting distributions of Galápagos boobies (Aves: Sulidae): an apparent case of amensalism.  Oecologia 132:419-427.


Anderson, D. J., K. P. Huyvaert, D. R. Wood, C. L. Gillikin, B. J. Frost, and H. Mouritsen.  At-sea movements of waved albatrosses and the Galápagos Marine Reserve.  Biological Conservation 110:367-373.


Agreda, A. and D. J. Anderson.  2003.  Evolution of single-chick broods in the swallow-tailed gull Creagrus furcatus.  Ibis 145:E53-E58.


Tarlow, E. M., M. C. Wikelski, and D. J. Anderson.  2003. Correlation between plasma steroids and chick visits by non-breeding adult Nazca boobies  Hormones and Behavior 43:402-407.



Ashley-Ross, Miriam


Ashley-Ross, M.A. and J.U. Barker. 2002. The effect of fiber type heterogeneity on optimized work and power output of hindlimb muscles of the salamander Ambystoma tigrinum. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 188: 611-620.


Ashley-Ross, M.A. 2002. Mechanical properties of the dorsal fin muscle of seahorse (Hippocampus) and pipefish (Syngnathus). Journal of Experimental Zoology, 293: 561-577.


Morgan, S.M., Ashley-Ross, M.A., and D.J. Anderson. Foot-mediated incubation: Nazca booby (Sula granti) feet as surrogate brood patches. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 76(3) (will appear in May/June issue).



Browne, Carole


Invited seminars: The effect of exogenous heat shock protein 70 on cell cycle and the cytoskeleton

Western Carolina University November 2002.  Barber Scotia College April 2003



Browne, Robert


E.J. Crespi, L.J. Rissler and R.A. Browne. 2003.  Testing Pleistocene refugia theory: phylogeographical analysis of Desmognathus wrighti, a high-elevation salamander in the southern Appalachians.  Molecular Ecology 12:969-984.


Browne, R.A., D. Anderson, M. White and M. Johnson, In press.  No genetic differences detected among Galapagos Opuntia cactus species.  Noticias de Galapagos. (should be in print by July 1, 2003).



Conner, William


Roque-Albelo, L., F. C., Schroeder, W. E. Conner, A. Bezzerides, R. Hoebeke, J. Meinwald, and T. Eisner (2002) Chemical defense and aposematism: the case for Utetheisa galapagensis. Chemoecology 12: 153-157.


Davenport, J. W. and W. E. Conner (2002) Dietary alkaloids and the development of androconial organs in male Estigmene acrea (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae). Journal of Insect Science 3:3.


Invited Speaker Davidson University – “Bats, Moths, and Poetry: Evolution of Acoustic Communication in Tiger Moths (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)”


Invited Speaker Florida Institute of Technology – “Bats, Moths, and Poetry: Evolution of Acoustic Communication in Tiger Moths (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)” and “Sex, Drugs, and Videotape: Chemical Ecology of Tiger Moths (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)”


Invited Speaker University of Texas - “Bats, Moths, and Poetry: Evolution of Acoustic Communication in Tiger Moths (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)” and “Sex, Drugs, and Videotape: Chemical Ecology of Tiger Moths (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)”



Curran, James


Book review for the Journal of Parasitology 89:123.


Two invited seminars.  One to the Biology department at ECU, and one to the Biology department at Lenoire-Rhyne College.



Dimock, Ronald


Rogers, C. L. and R. V. Dimock, Jr. 2003. Acquired resistance of bluegill sunfish Lepomis macrochirus to glochidia larvae of the freshwater mussel Utterbackia imbecillis following multiple infections.  J. Parasitol.  89: 51-56. 



Esch, Gerald


Esch, G.W.  In press.  Parasites, People and Places:  Some Essays on Field Parasitology.  Cambridge University Press.



Kron, Kathleen


E.A. Powell and K.A. Kron. 2002.  Relationships of the Hawaiian Vaccinieae: a test of the monophyly of Vaccinium sections Myrtilus,Hhemimyrtillus, and Macropelma.  Systematic Botany 27:768-779.


Kron, K.A., W.S. Judd, P.F. Stevens, D.M. Crayn, A.A. Anderberg, P.A. Gadek, C.J. Quinn. And J.L. Luteyn. 2002.  Phylogenetic classification of Ericaceae: Molecular and morphological evidence.  Botanical Review 335-423.


A.S. Lamb Frye and K.A. Kron. 2003.  rbcL phylogeny and character evolution in Polygonaceae.  Systematic Botany 28:326-332.



Johnson, A. Daniel


Kumar, M.S., Hendrix, J.A., Johnson, A.D., and Owens, G.K. 2003.  Smooth Muscle a-Actin Gene Requires Two E-Boxes for Proper Expression in Vivo and Is a Taret of Class I Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Proteins.  Circ Res. 92(8):840.



Kuhn, Raymond


Spolski, R. J., and P. G. Thomas, E. J. See, K. A. Mooney and R. E. Kuhn.  2002. Larval Taenia crassiceps produces a protein with structural and functional homology to mouse interferon-g.  Parasitology Research 106: 325-330.


R. J. Spolski, M. A. Alexander-Miller, and R. E. Kuhn.  2002. Suppressed cytotoxic T cell responses in experimental cysticercosis.  Veterinary Parasitology 88: 431-438.


Toenjes, S. A., and R. E. Kuhn.  2003. The initial immune response during experimental cysticercosis is a mixed Th1/Th2-type response. Parasitology Research 89: 407-413.


McCauley, Anita


McCauley AK, Carden WB, Godwin DW.  Brain Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression in the Developing Ferret Lateral Geniculate Nucleus:  Analysis of Timecourse, Localization, and Synaptic Contacts.  Journal of Comparative Neurology, in press



Muday, Gloria


Muday, GK, Peer, WA, and Murphy, AS (2003) Vesicular cycling mechanisms that control auxin transport polarity. Trends in Plant Science.  In press


Tang, W, Brady, SR, Sun, Y, Muday, GK, and Roux, SJ (2003) Extracellular ATP inhibits root gravitropism as concentrations that inhibit auxin transport.  Plant Physiology: 131: 147-154.


Wyatt, SE, Rashotte, AM, Roberson, D, and Muday, GK (2002) Mutations in the GPS loci in Arabidopsis disrupt the perception and/or signal transduction of gravitropic stimuli. Plant Physiology.  130: 1426-1435.


Basu, S, Brian, L, Quatrano, RL, and Muday, GK (2002) Early embryo development in Fucus is auxin dependent.  Plant Physiology. 130: 292-302


Invited departmental seminars:

Role of auxin transport in plant growth and development; University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Department of Biology; Pembroke, NC; April 2003


Role of plant hormones in plant physiology; North Carolina Wesleyan University, Department of Biology, Rocky Mount, NC; April 2003


Role of auxin transport in plant gravity response; Penn State University, Interdisciplinary Plant Physiology Program, University Park, PA February 2003


Auxin transport and its control of plant growth and gravity response: Wake Forest University, Department of Biology, Winston-Salem, NC, September 2003



Silman, Miles


Silman, M. R., J. Terborgh, and R. Kiltie. 2003. Population regulation of a dominant rain forest tree by a major seed predator. Ecology 84(2): 431-438.


Terborgh, J., Pitman, N. C. A., M. R. Silman, H. Schlichter, P. Núñez V.  2002.  Maintenance of diversity in tropical forests.  In D. Levey ed. Frugivory and Seed Dispersal.


Silman, M. R., E. J. Ancaya, and J. Brinson. In Press—should appear by June 30th.  Bamboo forests of western Amazonia.  In: Purus: an Amazonian Ecosystem. R. Leite and N. Pitman, eds. Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. (Title will appear in Spanish).


Baker, P., M. B. Bush, S. Fritz, C. Rigsby, G. O. Seltzer and M. R. Silman.  In Press—should appear by June 30th.  Amazonian and Andean precipitation at the LGM: Comment on Mourguiart and Ledru (2003). Geology.


Weng, C., M. B. Bush, and M. R. Silman. In Press—should appear by June 30th. Elevational characteristics of modern-pollen rain recorded in moss-polsters and surface sediments in the Rio Manu watershed, Peru. Journal of Tropical Ecology.



Smith, William


Kelly, RD, ER Hunt, WA Reiners, , JM Welker, and  WK. Smith. 2002.  Relationships between daytime carbon dioxide uptake and absorbed photosynthetically active radiation for three different mountain/plains ecosystems.  J. Geophys. Res. 107: 229-236.


Germino, MA and WK Smith. 2002. Influence of microsite and plant form on photosynthetic responses to frost and high sunlight.  Plant Ecology, 162:65-94.


Slaton, MR and WK Smith. 2002. Mesophyll architecture and cell exposure to intercellular air space in desert, alpine, and forest species.  Int. J Pant. Sci. 163: 937-948.


Smith, WK, RD Kelly, JM Welker, JT Fahnestock, WR Reiners, and ER Hunt. 2002. Leaf-to-aircraft measurements of net CO2 exchange in a sagebrush steppe ecosystem.  J Geophys. Res.108:1121-1131.


Smith, WK et al. (003). Another perspective on the altitudinal occurrence of alpine timberline. Tree Physiol., in press.



Weigl, Peter


Weigl, Hughes and Battle. 2002.  Study of northern flying squirrel populations along the Cherohala Skyway:  Questions of fragmentation and ecology in this southern most part of their range.  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Report. 83 pp.


Weigl. 2003.  The northern flying squirrel:  a story of a survivor.  Tennessee Conservationist. P. 27-30.


Ward, Weigl and Conroy. 2002.  Functional morphology of raptor hindlimbs: implications for resource partitioning.  The Auk, 119(4): 1052-1063.


Wake Forest Community Chorale

Special Choral group for B minor Mass



Zeyl, Clifford


Zeyl, C., T. Vanderford, and M. Carter.  2003.  An evolutionary advantage of haploidy in large yeast populations.  Science 299: 555–558. 



II.  Papers and Presentations




Anderson, David


Kiyoaki Ozaki and Fumio Sato, Robert M. Suryan, Daniel D. Roby, K. David Hyrenbach, David J. Anderson.  Paul R. Sievert.  Short-tailed Albatross Telemetry Study in the N. Pacific -- A Joint US-Japan Conservation Initiative.  Japan-U.S. Seabird Meeting in Haboro, Japan, 11 Oct 2002


David Anderson.  Evolution of seabird reproductive rate.  Invited symposium speaker, Wilson Ornithological Society, March 20 2003 at Ohio Wesleyan University


Steeves, T., D. Anderson, V. Friesen.  Phylogeography of Sula: the role of physical and non-physical barriers to gene flow in the diversification of low latitude seabirds.  Pacific Seabird Group Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Jan 2003


Steeves, T., D. Anderson, M. Kim, H. McNally V. Friesen What role to physical barriers to gene flow play in the divergence of tropical seabirds? Ontario Ecology and Ethology Colloquium, Kingston, ON  2002



Ashley-Ross, Miriam


“Kinematics of the transition between aquatic and terrestrial locomotion in the newt Taricha torosa.” Bechtel, B.F. and M.A. Ashley-Ross. Presented at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology annual meeting, January, 2003.


“How locomotion is controlled: Can salamanders teach us general principles?” Invited seminar, Lenoir-Rhyne College, October 3, 2002.


"Fin muscles of seahorses and pipefish: powering high-frequency operation in a dense, viscous medium" Invited seminar, Queen’s University, Charlotte, NC, April 2, 2003.


"Fin muscles of seahorses and pipefish: powering high-frequency operation in a dense, viscous medium" Invited seminar, Duke University Marine Laboratory, Beaufort, NC, April 30, 2003.



Browne, Carole


Invited Symposium Speaker: Biochemisrty and Molecular Biology Society, Experiemntal Biology Meetings: April 2003 Topic: Biochemstry , Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Record Exam



Browne, Robert


Pleistocene Forest Dynamics and the Genetic Diversity of Boreal “Sky-Island” Animals.  Invited speaker (Full-travel funding).  Ecological Genetic Symposium, Leuven, Belgium, Februray 2003.


Genetic Diversity of Boreal Organisms.  Poster presentation .  American Instittute of Biological Sciences Meeting, March 2003.



Conner, William


Chemical defense and aposematism in Galápagos Utetheisa.  53rd. Annual Meeting of the Lepidopterists’ Society 13-16 June 2002.  Charleston, SC.



Dimock, Ronald


Dimock, R. V., Jr. and D. C. Aldridge.  Role reversal in symbiosis: functional morphology of larval fish in a mussel's gills.  Ann. Mtg. Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Toronto, CA, Jan 4-8.


Rogers, C. L. and R. V. Dimock, Jr.  Acquired resistance of bluegill sunfish Lepomis macrochirus to ectoparasitic glochidia larvae of Utterbackia imbecillis (Bivalvia: Unionidae) after multiple infections. Ann. Mtg. Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Toronto, CA, Jan 4-8.


Rogers, C. L. and R. V. Dimock, Jr.  Acquired resistance of a host fish to glochidia larvae after multiple infections.  Freshwater Mussel Conservation Society Symposium, Raleigh, NC March 16-19.



Esch, Gerald


Community Structure of Helminth parasites in the Impala, Aepyceros melampos, from the Kruger National Park, South Africa”, N.J. Negovetich, K.J. Fellis, and G.W. Esch, Tenth International Congress of Parasitology, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 4-9 August 2002.


“Community Structure of Helminths in the Grater Kudu from Two Locations in South Africa”, K.J. Fellis, N. Negovetich, and G.W. Esch, Tenth International Congress of Parasitology, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 4-9 August 2002.



Eure, Herman


Session Chair, The 76th Annual meeting of the American Society of Parasitology, Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 4-9, 2002.



Fantz, Douglas


Presentations at:

Furman University, Dept. of Biology

Winthrop University Dept. of Biology

University of North Carolina

Wake Forest University School of Medicine,



Kron, Kathleen


Distribution and Diversification of tropical Vaccinium (blueberry) and Gaultheria (wintergreen).  Invited speaker, Symposium on Tropical Disjuncts, Botany 2002 Conference, Botanical Society of America, Madison WI, 6 Aug 2002.


Origins and biogeographic patterns in Ericaceae: new insights from recent phylogenetic analyses.  Symposium on Plant Diversity and complexity patterns – local, continential and global dimensions.  Invited speaker, Danish Royal Academy of Sciences and Letters, 25-28 May 2003.



McCauley, Anita


McCauley AK, Carden WB, Godwin, DW.  Ontogeny and Synaptic Contacts of BNOS+ Circuitry in the LGN.  2002.  Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Abstract and Poster Presentation



Muday, Gloria


Organized a research symposium on “Gravitational Signal Transduction Pathways” at the annual meeting of the American Society of Gravitational and Space Biology, Cocoa Beach, FL, November 2003. 


Regulation of auxin transport during plant gravity response. Symposia speaker, Co-spar international media, Houston, Texas, October 2002


Role of actin in auxin transport and transduction of gravity. Symposia speaker, Co-spar international meeting, Houston, Texas, October 2002



Silman, Miles


Wyatt, Julie and Miles Silman.  8/2002.  Distance and density-dependent seed predation: the critical role of large mammals in tropical forest communities.  ESA Meeting, Tucson.


Silman, M.  10/2002.  Life history and the maintenance of diversity and tropical tree communities.  Departmental Seminar: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Montana.



Silver, Wayne


Alimohammadi H. and Silver W. L., Anderson, K.T., Bottger, B., Nabsen, A. and Finger, T.E. (2003) Trigeminal responses to bitter-tasting substances applied to the nasal cavity. Presented at the Twenty Fifth Annual Meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences. Sarasota, FL.


Alimohammadi H. and Silver W. L., (2003) Contribution of vanilloid receptor-expressing fibers to overall trigeminal nerve chemosensitivity. Presented at the Twenty Fifth Annual Meeting of the Association for Chemoreception Sciences. Sarasota, FL.


Silver W. L and Alimohammadi H.., (2002) In Vivo Characterization of Nasal Trigeminal Chemoreceptors Presented at the International Conference on Trigeminal Chemoreception, Erlangen Germany.



Smith, William


Plenary Speaker, 16th Annual Forestry Science Workshop, Washington State University, Pullmann, WA. June 18-24, 2002.


Invited Symposium Speaker, Merging paleobotanical and ecophysiological approaches for understanding evolution, Ecological Society of America meetings, July4-10, 2002, University of Arizona,Tucson.



Tague, Brian


Kidd-Petit, KO, BJ Ferguson and BW Tague. No changes in DNA methylation during vernalization of a biennial crucifer. Wake Forest University Graduate Student Research Day, April 4, 2003


Kidd-Petit, KO, BJ Ferguson and BW Tague. No changes in DNA methylation during vernalization of a biennial crucifer. North Carolina Plant Molecular Biology Consortium Sixteenth Annual Retreat, Ashville NC, September 2002


“On Being Biennial,” Biology Department, Winston-Salem State University, April 29,



“On Being Biennial,” Biology Department, Eastern Carolina University, Greenville NC, April 17, 2003


“On Being Biennial,” Biology Department, UNC Pembroke, April 4, 2003


“Biotechnology: peril or promise?”, Biology Department, UNC Asheville, November 11, 2002


“Biotechnology: peril or promise?”, Biology Department, Belmont Abbey College, November 6, 2002



Weigl, Peter


Seminars at University of Asheville, Francis Marion University and High Point University



Zeyl, Clifford


“Nuclear-mitochondrial co-evolution in experimental yeast populations,” poster co-authored with former undergraduate student Bethnay Andreson, and “Classical genomics of evolving Saccharomyces cerevisiae populations,” talk presented at the 10th International Congress of Mycology, International Union of Microbiological Societies, Paris, France, 7/21-8/1/02.


“Evolutionary and co-evolutionary genomics in Saccharomyces cerevisiae,”  talk presented to the 7th meeting of the International Mycological Congress, Oslo, Norway, 8/11-17/02.


“Nuclear-mitochondrial interactions in evolving yeast,” talk co-authored with WFU graduate Bethany Andreson, and “"Effects of sex and mutation rate on yeast adaptation to  mice," talk co-authored with graduate student Brian Grimberg, to be presented to the Society for the Study of Evolution, Chico, CA, 6/20-24/03


“In vivo evolution of Saccharomyces cerevisiae,” talk co-authored with graduate student Brian Grimberg, presented at the annual meeting of the  Southeastern Population Ecology and Genetics Group (SEEPAGE), Beaufort, NC., 9/21-23/02

III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies




Ashley-Ross, Miriam


Panelist - Physiology, Microbiology and Neuroscience section, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Chair of the committee and representative of the Division of Vertebrate Morphology to the Public Affairs Committee of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology



Browne, Carole


Editor, Test Bank, Pollard’s Cell Biology, Elsevier Science



Browne, Robert


Reviews of two National Science Foundation proposals, two grant-applications from Belgian National Science Fund, and four manuscripts for Hydrobiologia, Evolution and Oecologia.


Member, Highlands Biological Station Board of Directors

(Appointed by UNC System Chancellor)

Chair, Highlands Biological Station Board of Scientific Advisors



Conner, William


Contributing Editor to the Journal of Insect Science

At Large Member of the Executive Committee of the Lepidopterists’ Society of America

Member of the Meetings Committee of the Lepidopterists’ Society of America



Curran, James


NIH, two study section meetings and two teleconferences.

            July teleconference, one days effort.

            November meeting, two days effort.

            March meeting, two days effort.

            April teleconference, one days effort.


American Cancer Society, two study section meetings.

            January meeting, 2 days effort.

            June meeting, 2 days effort.



Dimock, Ronald


Treasurer, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (re-elected to 2nd term)



Esch, Gerald


Editor, Journal of Parasitology

Member, Council, American Society of Parasitologists



Eure, Herman


Consultant to Editor – Journal of Parasitology

Chair, Membership Committee – American Society of Parasitology

Fellows Committee – American Society of Parasitology

Marc Dresdan Travel Awards Committee – American Society of Parasitology

Consultant – American Institute of Biological Sciences



Kron, Kathleen


Editorial Board: Edinburgh Journal of Botany

Associate Editor:  Systematic Botany (through Dec 2002)

Council Member:  American Association for Plant Taxonomy

Systematic Biology Panel, 23-25 April 2003, National Science Foundation

Botany Teacher Training for Primary Schoolteachers (Forsyth County), 16 June 2003, Reynolda Gardens Botany Training Program, 6 hours.



Kuhn, Raymond


Editorial Board – Veterinary Parasitology

Committee on Emeritus and Honorary Members – American Society of Parasitologists



Lane, Hugo


President, National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP)

NAAHP Board of Directors, Chair

NAAHP Professional Ethics Committee

NAAHP Liaison to American Dental Association “Oversight Committee to Develop a Campaign to Attract Qualified Students into Dentistry”

Association of American Medical College (AAMC): NAAHP Liaison to Group on Student Affairs Committee on Admissions”

Health Professions Advisors of North Carolina (HPANC): Advisory Committee

North Carolina Academy of Science (NCAS) Board of Directors

Chair, Steering Committee, NCAS



Muday, Gloria


Editor for the American Society of Gravitational Biology, Science Issue on symposium papers from the “Gravitational Signal Transduction seminar”.


Governing Board Member, American Society of Gravitational and Space Biology


National Science Foundation Grant Panel, Plant Genome Program, 3 days of panel and 12 grants to review



Silman, Miles


Consultant for Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, WinRock International on remote sensing applications (20 hrs).


Working group member, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) Workshop (2nd of 3). , Ecological and evolutionary patterns in Neotropical rainforest communities: interspecific life history variation in relation to habitat and phylogeny.  (1 week).


HRW textbook development and editing (15 hrs).



Silver, Wayne


Sat on ad hoc grant review panel for NIH



Smith, William


Editorial Board, Tree Physiology

Lead Editor, Scaling Photosynthesis from the Chloroplast to the Landscape, Physiolgical Ecology Series, Academic Press, NY (with TC Vogelmann and C Critchley).



Weigl, Peter


Reviewer for 4 journals

IV.  External Grants Received




Anderson, David


$282,133         “Evolutionary ecology of seabird reproductive life histories.”  NSF



Browne, Robert


$12,500           Latin American Biodiversity Research (submitted in conjunction with Development Office).  Coca-Cola Foundation.


$12,500           Oxford University – Wake Forest University Environmental Programs Collaboration.  (submitted in conjunction with Development Office).
Coca-Cola Foundation.



Conner, William


$127,600.        “Bat-Moth Arms Race”.  NSF


$6,000.            “Bat-Moth Arms Race”.  NSF-REU



Kron, Kathleen


$350,000.        “Evolution and diversification of azaleas and rhododenrons (Rhododendron, Rhodoreae, Ericoideae, Ericaceae).”  National Science Foundation



Johnson, A. Daniel


$20,000.          “Genetics in the Biology Curriculum”.  North Carolina Biotechnology Center



Silman, Miles


$208,461.        DEB-0237684, Vegetation and Paleoecology of an Amazon-Andean Elevational Transect.  National Science Foundation


$80,000.          “DEB-0237684, Vegetation and Paleoecology of an Amazon-Andean Elevational Transect.”  National Science Foundation

Silver, Wayne


$92,283.          Multiple Mechanisms of Nasal Chemoreception (Note: The PI on this grant is from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. I am a subcontractor.).  National Institute of Health. (funded over 5 years).



Smith, William


$128,000.        “Mechanisms of Upper Treeline Stability:  Reproductive Effort, Seed Germination, and Seedling Survival in Betula litwinowii of the Caucasian Mountains, Georgia (FSU), George Institute of Botany, Georgia Academy of Science and Wake Forest University.  International Science Cooperative Program, National Science Foundation.  Funded for three years.



Tague, Brian


$19,954.          “New Core Courses in Molecular Genetics and Cellular Biology,”  North Carolina Biotechnology Consortium Educational Enhancement Grant.



Zeyl, Clifford


$5,700.            Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Supplement to existing award “The genetic architecture of adaptation in laboratory yeast populations.”  National Science Foundation