Reporting Professional Activities


Reynolda Campus



I.                    Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.                 Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings

III.               Editorships, Offices and Consultancies

IV.              External Grants Received


I. Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Bender, Margaret


2003 (forthcoming, but should be out in the summer of 2003). 

Review of  Language and Literacy Teaching for Indigenous Education: A Bilingual Approach.

American Indian Culture and Research Journal 27 (3)



Folmar, Steven


            Practicing Anthropology 25.


            (forthcoming in European Bulletin of Himalayan Research 2003)


American Heart Journal 144:625-629



Miller, Ellen R


           J.Vert.Palenotol.  22(2):388-404



                  hominoid primates of Eurasia.  Vol. 2. Amer.J.Phys.Anthropol. (Book review, in press)




Simonelli, Jeanne


             Chiapas, Mexico.  Qualitative Inquiry, Vol. 9(1) 74-89





Simonelli, Jeanne (cont.)



                  Athropology, pp.46-52  New York: McGraw-Hill



            Mid July 2002, Pg 12A



           1)  Society for Applied Anthropology Newsletter

          2)  Teaching Practicing   Practicing Anthropology



                          musings on death


                      Meet the Editors



Whittington, Stephen L.






II.  Papers and Presentations


Bender, Margaret






Bender, Margaret (cont.)





Folmar, Steven 


Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.






Miller, Ellen



Simonnelli, Jeanne









Whittington, Stephen





III. Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies


Bender, Margaret




Folmar, Steven



Simonelli, Jeanne





IV. External Grants Received


Miller, Ellen




Whittington, Stephen L.


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