Sociology Department

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I.          Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.        Papers and Presentations

III.       Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV.       External Grants Received


I.          Publications, Performances, Exhibits  


            Bradley, Don


(With Charles F. Longino Jr.)  2001. “How Older People Think About Images of Aging in Advertising and the Media.” Generations, 25(3):17-21.


Ciabattari, Teresa


      .                 2001.  “Changes in Men’s Conservative Gender Ideologies:  Cohort and Period Influences.”  Gender & Society 15: 574 – 591


            Hattery, Angela


2001 .  Tag-Team Parenting:  Costs and benefits of utilizing non-overlapping shift work patterns in families with young children.  Families in Society. 82(4):419-427.


Domestic Violence Consultant, A Lie of the Mind, MainStage Theatre, Wake Forest University, February 2002.


Leggon, Cheryl

            “The Ordeal of Civility in Academe,  Quarterly Journal of Ideology,

             Volume 24, 2001


Longino, Charles


(with Perzynski, A.T., Stoller, E.P.)  2002. “Pandora’s Briefcase:  Unpacking the Retirement Migration Decision.” Research on Aging, Volume 24, (1): 29-49.


2001.  "The Effects of Changing Values on the Provision of Long-Term Care."  Generations, 25: 64-68.


2001. “Demographic Trends and Migration Issues for Rural Communities.” The Public Policy and Aging Report, Volume 12(1).


2001.   "Geographic distribution and migration."  In R. H. Binstock and L. K. George (Eds.), Handbook of Aging and The Social Sciences, 5th ed., pp. 103-124.  San Diego, CA: Academic Press.


(with Bradley, D.E.) 2001. “How Older People Think About Images of Aging in Advertising and the Media.” Generations, 25(3): 17-21.


Taplin, Ian


Understanding Organizational Evolution, Quorum Books/Greenwood, 2002 (with D.S. Fletcher)


‘Competing and winning: One of history’s compelling leadership lessons’ in Creativity and Leadership in the 21st Firm, (ed. P. Norton) Research in Urban Economics, 2002, 13:71-83.


‘Strategic initiatives in a transitional economy: A Hungarian clothing company struggles to compete’, in Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 2002, 6/1:44-52.


(with J. Winterton) ‘Responses to globalized production: restructuring and work reorganization in the clothing industry of high wage countries’, in Y. Debrah and I.G. Smith, Globalization, Employment and the Workplace: diverse Impacts, London: Routledge, 2002, pp.259-282.



II.        Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings


            Bradley, Don


2001 “A Demographic Profile of Productive Older Adults.” Gerontological Society of America, Annual meeting; Chicago, IL.


            Ciabattari, Teresa


“Are Cohabitors Sharing the Housework?  Mixed Evidence from the NSFH.”  Presented at the Southern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, April 2002, Baltimore, MD.


            Harris, Catherine


Co-organizer, “Social Action in the Grassroots:  The State Association as Guardian of the Discipline.”  Annual Meeting of the Southern  Sociological Society, April, 2002, Baltimore, Maryland.


“The Process of Managing Medical Malpractice Cases:  The Role of Standard of Care” (with Ralph Peeples, Wake Forest University School of Law and Thomas B. Metzloff, Duke University School of Law) presented at the 2002 Law Review Symposium on “Empirical Approaches to Proving the Standard of Care”, Wake Forest University, April, 2002


            Hattery, Angela


(with Cynthia M. Gendrich, and Andrew W. Rigsby).  2002.  Families In Crisis:  The relationship between experiences of violence in the family of orientation and experiences as a batterer or a battered women.  Presented at the annual meetings of the Southern Sociological Society.  April 2002.  Baltimore, MD.


“Pluralism and Diversity:  Innovative pedagogical tools for teaching inclusion in the 21st Century  Presented at the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association.  August 2001.  Annaheim, CA.


            Leggon, Cheryl

                  Presider, Undergraduate Student Papers, Southern Sociological Society


“Research on African American Female Faculty,” National Science Foundation/Association for Institutional Research Summer Institute


            Longino, Charles


2001 World Congress of Gerontology, Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada July 4, 2001: Invited Symposium:  “Migration for Positive Later Life.”


                        Gerontological Society of America, Annual Meeting,  Chicago, Illinois

November 15, 2001: Presenter: “How To Publish Workshop – Writing the Paper, Part I: Framing the Questions, Reviewing the Literature.”


                        Gerontological Society of America, Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois

November 16, 2001: Presenter: “Origin/Destination of Interstate and Intrastate Florida Migration in the Ahead Study 1993-1995.”


                        Gerontological Society of America, Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois

November 16, 2001: Presenter: “A Demographic Profile of Productive Older Adults.”


                        International Longevity  Conference, Miami, Florida

February 12, 2002: Invited Symposium: “Economic & Demographic Devils: Youth and Age in Latin America.”


Association  for Gerontology in Higher Education, Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania March 2, 2002: Presenter: “Presidential Symposium – The Great Questions of Gerontology.”


            Smith, Earl


“Black Executives in Sport.” Paper read at the Annual Meeting of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport, San Antonio, Texas, October/November – 2001.


            Taplin, Ian


Conceptualising Business-Government relationships’ paper (and organized session) at Academy of Management annual meeting, august 2001, Washington DC.



III.       Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies


            Bradley, Don


Glenmary Research Center Advisory Board.


            Harris, Catherine


President-Elect, Alpha Kappa Delta, International Sociology Honor Society


                        Member, Executive Board, Southern Sociological Society


                        Chair, Membership Committee, Mid-South Sociological Society


            Hattery, Angela


                        National Coalition Building Institute (100 hours)


                        Service Learning Workshop-Elon University (20 hours)


A Lie of the Mind Wake Forest University Theatre, Main Stage, February 2002 (250 hours)


            Leggon, Cheryl


Editorial Board, Spectrum, Journal of the Mid-South Sociological Association


                  Brown University




Safe Schools/Healthy Students, W-S/Forsyth County Public School  System


            Longino, Charles


                        Editor, Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences 2002-


                        Editorial Board, The Gerontologist                                1997-


                        Editorial Board, Journal of Aging and Health     1995-


                        Editorial Board, Abstracts in Social Gerontology           1990-


                        Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Gerontology          l988-


                        Editorial Board, Research on Aging                               1983-


                        Also reviewed for:        Journal of Gerontology: Social Science

                                                            The Gerontologist

                                                            Journal of Applied Gerontology

                                                            Social Science Research

                                                            Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy


President-Elect, Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE), 2001-2002


                        Member, AGHE Executive Committee, 2001-2002


                        Member, AGHE Personnel Committee, 2001-2002                                                     

                        Member, AGHE Program & Local Arrangements, 2001-2002


                        Member, AGHE Advancement Committee, 2001-2002


                        Chair, AGHE Nominating Committee, 2001-2002


                        Chair, AGHE Fellow Selection Committee, 2001-2002


                        Chair, AGHE Long Range Committee, 2001-2002


                        Member, AGHE Finance Committee, 2001-2002


Immediate Past-President, Southern Gerontological Society of America (SGS), 2000-2002


                        Chair, Nominating Committee, SGS, 2000-2002


Member, Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Publications Council, 2001-2002


                        Member, GSA Council, 2001-2002


                        Member, GSA Executive Committee, 2001-2002


                        Kisco Advisory Board, Annual Meeting, San Diego, California – 2 days

July 19, 2001: Invited Symposium: “Retirement Migration in America.”


            Smith, Earl


            Book Review Editor, Sociology of Sport Journal, 1998 to 2002


            Member, Editorial Board, Sociology of Sport Journal, 1998 to present


Member, Editorial Board, Journal of African American Men, 1996 to present


Editorial Board Member, The Humboldt Journal of Social Relations, 1978 to Present


Member, Board of Editors, Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 1993 to 2000


                        Board Member, North American Society for the Sociology of Sport


                        President, North American Society for the Sociology of Sport


            Taplin, Ian


                        North American editor, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management



IV.       External Grants Received


            Longino, Charles


            $70,178           “Factors and Processes Triggering Mobility During Retirement”

National Institute on Health, Behavioral and Social Research Program