FOR JULY 1, 2001 TO JUNE 30, 2002


I.          Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.         Papers and Presentations

III.       Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV.       External Grants Received


I:  Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Coates, David


Models of Capitalism (translated into Chinese, published in China by Jiangsu People’s Press (Nanking), 2002.


“The New Political Economy of Post-war Britain,” British Politics Today, edited by C. Hay (Cambridge, UK:  Polity Press, 2002).


“Capitalist Models and Social Democracy,” British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 3(3), October 2001, 284-307.


With Colin Hay, “The Internal and External Face of New Labour’s Political Economy,”

Government and Opposition, 36(4), Autumn 2002, 442-471.


Dinan, John


“Rights and the Political Process: Physician-Assisted Suicide in the Aftermath of Washington v. Glucksberg,” Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 31, Fall 2001, 1-21.


Review of Martin H. Redish, Money Talks: Speech, Economic Power, and the Values of Democracy” Law and Politics Book Review, 11, November, 2001, 528-531


Review of Robert S. Chang, Disoriented: Asian Americans, Law, and the Nation-State, Journal of Asian and African Studies, 26, 2001, 307-308.


Harriger, Katy


“Whitewater, Iran-Contra, and the Limits of the Law,” Superintending Democracy:  The Courts and the Political Process, edited by Christopher P. Banks and John C. Green (Akron, Oh:  The University of Akron Press, 2001), 201-218.


Review of Kenneth A. Manaster, Illinois Justice:  The Scandal of 1969 and the Rise of John Paul Stevens,” The Wilson Quarterly, 26 (1), Winter 2002, 123.


Kennedy, Charles


Co-editor with Craig Baxter, Pakistan: 2000, revised Pakistan edition (Karachi:  Oxford University Press, 2001), 270 pp.

With Craig Baxter, Yogendra Malik, and Robert Oberst, Government and Politics in South Asia, 5th edition (Boulder, CO:  Westview Press, 2002), 456 pp.


With Mohammad Waseem and Shahid Javed Burki, Building Democracy in Pakistan:  Future Options.  Report prepared for Department for International Development (DFID) British Government, December 2001.


“Analysis of Pakistan’s Devolution Plan,” working paper for DFID Project Building Democracy in Pakistan, September 2001.


“Judicial and Legal Reforms,” working paper for DFID project—Building Democracy in Pakistan, October, 2001.


Lee, Wei-chin


“Thunder in the Air: Taiwan and Theater Missile Defense,” The Nonproliferation Review, 8(3), 2001, 107-122.


Special Editor, special issue on “Taiwan Under Lee Teng-hui,” American Asian Review,” March 2002.


Rich, Andrew


“The Politics of Expertise in Congress and the News Media,” Social Science Quarterly, 82(3), September 2001, 583-601.


“The Sources and Influence of Policy Advice in the United States,” in Guidance for Governance, edited by R. Kent Weaver and Paul B. Stares. (New York:  Japan Center for International Exchange, 2001).


U.S. Think Tanks and the Intersection of Ideology, Advocacy, and Influence,” NIRA Review, 8(1), Winter 2001, 54-59.


Review of Think Tanks and Civil Society:  Catalysts for Ideas and Action, edited by James G. McGann and R. Kent Weaver in Canadian Journal of Political Science, June 2002.


Siavelis, Peter


“Coalition Voters and Party System Transformation in Post-Authoritarian Chile,” Government and Opposition, 37(1), Winter 2002, 76-105.


“The Post-Authoritarian Chilean Legislature,” in Scott Morgenstern and Benito Nacif (eds.) Legislatures in Latin America:  Comparative Perspectives (Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 2002).


“Relaciones Ejecutivas-Legislativas en la Nueva Democracia Chilena,” in Jorge Lanzaro (ed.) Tipos de Presidencialismo y Coaliciones Políticas en América Latina (Buenos Aires:  CLACSO, 2001), 203-250.


Review of Legislative Institutions and Ideology in Chile, by John Londregan (Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 2001) in American Political Science Review, December 2001.


Weinstein, David


“Vindicating Utilitarianism,” Utilitas, (14)1, March 2002.


Review of Jonathan Riley, ed., Mill on Liberty, Utilitas (13) 3, November 2001.


II:  Papers and Presentations


Browers, Michaelle


Discussant:  Panel on Mark Warren’s book, Democracy and Association, Conference for the Study of Political Thought--Virginia Chapter, Charlottesville, VA, April 2002.


Paper:  “Shahrur’s Reformation,” Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, November 2001.


Roundtable Presentation:  “Alternative Visions:  Recent Works of Fred Dallmayr,  Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences Annual Meetings, Towson, MD, October 2001.


Paper:  “Islam and Political Sinn:  The Hermeneutics of Contemporary Islamic Reformists,” Annual meeting of the American Political Science Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA, September 2001.


Coates, David


Paper:  “Varieties of Capitalism:  Paradigms of Explanation,” Conference of Europeanists, Chicago, IL, March 2002.


Paper:  “New Labour and the Pursuit of International Competitiveness,” ISA Convention, New Orleans, LA, March 2002,


Paper:  “New Labour and the UK Economy Since 1997,” Center for European Studies, UNC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, December 2001.






Dinan, John


Paper:  “Challenges to Judicial Exclusivity in Constitutional Interpretation,” plenary session on “The Constitution Outside of the Courts” at the First Annual Joint Conference of the American Political Science Association and the Association of American Law Schools, Washington, D.C., June 2002


Paper:  “The Consequences of the Rehnquist Court’s Federalism Decisions for State and Local Governments,” Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA, August, 2001


Harriger, Katy


Paper:  With Jill McMillan, “College Students and Deliberation:  A Benchmark Study,” National Communication Association Annual Convention, Atlanta, GA, November 1-4, 2001.


Kennedy, Charles


Discussant and Participant:  Asymmetric Warfare in South Asia:  The Causes and Consequences of the Kargil Conflict Conference.  Center for Contemporary Conflict, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, May 29-June 1, 2002.


Presentation:  “The Politics of War in Pakistan,” War in South Asia:  Politics, Economics, and National Identity in India and Pakistan Conference.  Asia Program, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC, May 15, 2002.


Presentation:  “India and Pakistan:  The Prospects of War,” Center for Global Business,  University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, NC, March 22, 2002.


Presentation:  India and Pakistan:  The Prospects of War,” Department of Geography, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, March 7, 2002.


Paper:  “Secularism in Pakistan,” South Asia Secularism Under Siege Conference.  Strategic Assessments Group, CIA, Department of State, INR, Tysons Corner, Va, March 1, 2002.


Discussant and participant:  “Nature and Causes of Terrorism,” Terrorism:  Threat and Response conference.  Triangle Institute for Security Studies and US Army War College, Chapel Hill, NC, February 27-28, 2002.


Discussant and participant:  Indo-Pakistan Leadership Dynamics Conference.  Strategic Assessments Group, CIA, Langley, VA, January 30, 2002.


Presentation:  “US and ‘War on Terrorism,’” McDowell County Public Library, Marion, NC, January 21, 2002.


Presentation:  “US and ‘War on Terrorism,’” Lexington Public Library, Lexington, NC, December 3, 2001.


Paper:  Pakistan’s Devolution Plan, 2001,” 30th Annual Wisconsin South Asian Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, October 18-21, 2001.


Presentation:  Pakistan, Afghanistan and September 11,” North Carolina Library Association Annual Conference, Winston-Salem, NC, October 4, 2001.


Discussant and Participant:  Working Group on Building Democracy in Pakistan.  Department of International Development (DFID).  British High Commissions, Islamabad, Pakistan, August 13-14, 2001.


Presentation:  “Comparing BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Action Committee) with AKRSP (Aga Khan Rural Support Programme),” AKRSP Field Headquarters, Gilgit, Northern Areas, July 30, 2001.


Discussant and Participant:  Roundtable on Agra Summit.  Sustainable Development and Policy Institute (SDPI), Islamabad, Pakistan, July 19, 2001.


Paper:  “Thoughts on Pakistan’s Short-term Future,” Workshop on Pakistan.  Smith Richardson Foundation International Security and Foreign Policy Program, Washington, DC, June 26, 2001.


Presentation:  “Comparing BRAC with AKRSP,” BRAC Research Division, Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 22, 2001.


Lee, Wei-chin


Paper:  Taiwan’s Political Development after the 2000 Presidential Elections,” Association of Chinese Social Scientists in North America, Las Vegas, NE, March 9, 2002.


Discussant:  “A Look at Chinese Foreign Policy,” Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, Chattanooga, TN, January 18-20, 2002.


Round Table Panelist:  Taiwan Elections, 2001,” Atlanta, GA, December 18, 2001.


Paper:  “The Third Way or No Way Out?  A Preliminary Study of Taiwan’s Domestic Politics”, Association of Chinese Social Scientists in North America, Chicago, IL,

October 25-28, 2001.


Organizer:  Conference on “Taiwan Under Lee Teng-hui, 1988-2000:  An Era of Democratization in Retrospect and Prospect,” Wake Forest University, September 14-15, 2001.


Discussant:  Taiwan’s Political Development in Comparative Perspective,” Annual

Meeting of the American Political Association, San Francisco, CA, September 2001.


Rich, Andrew


Paper:  “The Politics of Expertise in an Age of Devolution,” Southwestern Political Science Association, New Orleans, LA, March 2002.


Paper:  “Experts and Advocates:  Think Tanks in the States,” American Politics Research Group, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC and Duke University, Durham, NC, November 2001.


Paper:  “Policy Researchers as Advocates:  The Limits to their Influence,” Association for Public Policy and Management (APPAM) Research Conference, Washington, DC, November 2001.


Paper:  “Think Tanks and Advocacy by Experts in the States,” Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA, September 2001.


Siavelis, Peter


Discussant and Chair:  Panel on “Explaining and Countering Corruption:  Comparative Perspectives,” Annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 25-28, 2002.


Paper: “Informal Institutions and Politics in Latin America,” Conference on Informal Institutions and Politics in the Developing World, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, April 5-6, 2002.


Discussant:  “Democratization in Latin America and Eastern Europe,” International Studies Association South Annual Conference, Winston-Salem, NC, October 12-14, 2001.


Chair:  “Latin American Politics and Interamerican Relations,” International Studies Association South Annual Conference, Winston-Salem, NC, October 12-14, 2001.


Paper:  “Fiscal and Political Decentralization in a Centralized Polity:  The Chilean Case,” XXIII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, Washington, DC, September 6-8, 2001.








Smith, Kathy B.


Participant:  Panel on “Presidents, Polls and Public Opinion,” Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 2002.


Paper:  “Wake Forest Conference on Debatable Issues:  Using Candidate Debates as a Springboard for Framing Issues,” National Communications Associations Meeting, Atlanta, GA, November 2001.


Weinstein, David


Paper:  “J.A. Hobson:  ‘Modified Constrained’ Consequentialism,” Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA, September 2001.


Chair:  Panel on “Academic Freedom in the Post-Taliban Era,” North Carolina Conference of the AAUP, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, April 2002.


Welsh, Helga


Presentation: “From Agenda-Setting to Reform:  Higher Education in Germany,” Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of German Politics, London, England, April 11-12, 2002.


Presentation: “Disentangling the Reform Gridlock:  Incremental Yet Fundamental Change in German Higher Education?”  Center for European Studies (German Study Group), Harvard University, November 9, 2001.


III:  Editorships, Offices, Consultancies


Coates, David


Editorial Advisory Board, Historical Material


Editorial Board, The Socialist Register


Kennedy, Charles


Contributing editor, Asian Affairs (Washington, DC)


Secretary, American Institute of Bangladesh Studies


President-elect, North Carolina State Council, American Association of University Professors


Consultant, Department of International Development (DFID) British Government, 3 weeks (August 2001); Centra Associates, 1 week (January 2002; March 2002).


Lee, Wei-chin


 Editorial Board, Journal of Chinese Political Science


Advisory Board, Journal of Asian and African Studies


Guest Editor, American Asian Review


At-large member, Southeastern Conference of the Association for Asian Studies


China Committee, South Atlantic States Association for Asian and African Studies


Undergraduate Prize Committee, Southeastern Conference, Association for Asian Studies


Nomination Committee, Southeastern Conference, Association for Asian Studies


Peter Siavelis


Contributing Editor, The Handbook of Latin American Studies, Hispanic Division, The Library of Congress


Program Chair, Comparative Politics Developing Areas, Midwest Association of Political Science, 2001-2002.


World Wide Web Page Coordinator-Lapis—Latin American Political Institutions Section, the Latin American Studies Association


Program Chair, Electoral Systems Section, Congreso Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales, Salamanca, Spain


Weinstein, David


Executive Committee, International Society for Utilitarian Studies


University Committee, North Carolina-Israel Partnership


Secretary-Treasurer, Wake Forest Chapter of the AAUP


NEH Summer Stipends Referee




Welsh, Helga


Member, Editorial Board, German Studies Review


Member, Executive Board, German Studies Association


Secretary-Treasurer, Conference Group on German Politics



IV:  External Grants Received


Browers, Michaelle


$ 7,200            “Reformation in Islamic Political Thought,” American Center for

                        Oriental Research


$ 9,000            “Reformation in Islamic Political Thought,” Consortium of American Overseas Research Centers