JULY 1, 2001 TO JUNE 30, 2002





I.          Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.         Papers and Presentations

III.       Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV.       External Grants Received


I.          Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Anderson, Carol B.


(Currently writing a national text on trial advocacy, Publisher: Lexis/Nexis)


Billings, Rhoda  B.


“Expert Testimony to Accommodate the Frys, Daubert, and Kumho Tire Standards of Admissibility,” 54 Oklahoma Law Review 613 (2001).


Curtis, Michael K.


History Teaching Values (book review of William Nelson’s book on Marbury v. Madison), 5 Green Bag 329 (2002).

The Constitution and the Other Constitution, William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal (2002).


Logan, David A.


Libel Law in the Trenches: Reflections on Current Data on Libel Litigation, 87 Virginia Law Review 503.


Mewhinney, Katherine A.


“Prosecuting and Preventing Financial Abuse Under Powers of Attorney,” Jan. 2002, Elder Law (Vol. 6, #1) with 3L Alex MacClenahan (NC Bar Assoc. publication).


“Medicaid Myths,” March 2002, Elder Law (Vol. 6, #2).


“Introducing Wake Forest University’s Legal Clinic for the Elderly,” May 2002, Elder Law (Vol. 6, #3).


Newman, Joel S.


Federal Income Taxation, Second Edition, Jan. 2002.




Palmiter, Alan R.


Securities Regularion: Examples & Explanations (2d ed. Aspen Law & Business, March 2002) (446) pages)


Arbitraje Societario en los Estados Unidos [“Arbitration of Intra-corporate Disputes in the United States”], with Prof. Francisco Reyes (monograph published by Bogota, Colombia Chamber of Commerce, Nov. 2001) (95 pages).


2002 Supplement to Solomon, Schwartz, Bauman & Weiss, Corporations Law an Policy (with Jeffrey Bauman, Elliott Weiss) (June 2002)


Law & Valuation – course book at


Mutual Fund Voting of Portfolio Shares: Why Not Disclose?- Cardozo L. Rev. (May 2002).


Arbitration Federalism: A State Role in Commercial Arbitration (with Prof. Steve Hayford), Florida Law Review (April 2002) (lead article).


Ilnotaio visto da un giurista del North Carolina [The Latin Notary as seen by a North Carolina jurist”] – essay published and translated in XXII (no. 3)Attivita 190 (Nov. 2001) (quarterly journal of the Italian National Council of Notaries).


Roberts, Thomas E.


Taking Sides on Takings Issues: The Public and Private Perspectives (editor and co-author, American Bar Association 2002).


Moratoria As Categorical Regulatory Takings: What First English and Lucas Say and Don’t Say, 31 Envtl. L. Reptr. 11037 (Sept. 2001).


Wetlands Takings Law Turns a New Page with Palazzolo-Or Does It?, National Wetlands Newsletter, Vol. 23, No. 5 (Sept-Oct 2001).


Quasi-Judicial Zoning Decisions,  Ch. 5 in Quasi-Judicial Proceedings,  North Carolina Bar Association (Nov. 2001)


Shores, David F.


Antiturst Decisions and Legislative Intent, 66 Ma. L. Rev. 725 (2002); Deferential Review of Tax Court Decisions: Taking Institutional Choice Seriously, 55 Tax Lawy. 667 (2002); Joel S. Newman, Fed. Inc. Tax (2d ed. 2002) (Chapters XI and XII).





Walker, George K.

Arbitrating Family Law Cases by Agreement:  Handbook for the North Carolina Family Law Arbitration Act (1999), republished at\legal_prof\sections\fl\index.asp.  (This 2001-02 version is not "in print," as the form says, but it is available on the Web.)

Responses to Humanitarian Law Violations in Non-International Armed Conflicts:  Historical Perspectives and Considerations on Conflicts of Jurisdiction, 30 Israel Yearbook on Human Rights 79 (2001), also published as chapter in International Lawyers Convened by the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, Humanitarian Protection in Non-International Armed Conflicts:  First Reports of a Research Project 79-102 (Dieter Fleck coord. 2001).


Supplemental, Pendent and Ancillary Jurisdiction in Admiralty and Maritime Cases:  The ALI Federal Judicial Code Revision Project and Admiralty Practice, 32 Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce 567 (2001).


Defining Terms in the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention (Sept. 4, 2001 Initial Draft) (Rev. 1, Jan. 22, 2002), and Dilemmas in Definitions:  Conclusions on Defining Terms in the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention, in the 2001-02 Proceedings of the American Branch of the International Law Association at pp. 154, 179 (2002). 


Two watercolor paintings, "Emerald Pool, Beavertail, Conanicut Island, R.I.," and "Goat Island Light, Newport, R.I.," exhibited in Associated Artists of Winston-Salem (AAWS) show, "Expressions of Light," Sept. 13-Oct. 13, 2001, AAWS and Milton Rhodes Galleries, Sawtooth Building, Winston-Salem, N.C.


Oil painting, "Lawn at Reynolda House," exhibited in AAWS show, "Shapes & Silhouettes," Mar. 7-Apr. 20, 2002, AAWS Gallery, Sawtooth Building, Winston-Salem.




II.         Papers and Presentations


Billings, Rhoda B.


Panel Member, Panel of Former N.C. Chief Justices.

      Sept. 12, 2001, Joseph Branch Inn of Court, WFU Law School, Winston-Salem, NC

      Sept. 21, 2001, Seminar, Public Law for Public Lawyers, Raleigh, NC

      May 7, 2002, Inn of Court, Greenville, NC


Curtis, Michael K.


Participant in Liberty Fund Symposium on the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the 14th Amendment, Tucson, Ariz., April, 2002.  Participants were about 12 judges, law professors, and professors of political science.


Presentation on Civil Liberties at the NC Bar Association Program on “The Constitution in Times of Crisis,” Feb. 2002.


“Adding Neglected Episodes from Free Speech History to Teaching Constitutional Law,” Presentation as part of the Program “Putting the Constitution in Context” at the Jan. 2002 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Law Schools (Section on Constitutional Law).


“Lincoln, Vallnadigham: Trial by a Military Commission for Making an Anti-war Speech.”  A presentation at the same Jan. 2002 AALS Conference program on “the Constitution and the War.”


The Early Development of our Free Speech Tradition, a presentation to the Law Faculty, DePaul Law School, Nov. 2001.


Mewhinney, Katherine A.


“New Developments in the Law,” 6th Annual Elder Law CLE, N.C. Bar Association, Feb. 22, 2002.


Moderator & Program planner, “Oregon v. Ashcroft: Death with Dignity or Drug Abuse,” ABA Annual meeting (Aug. 2002)


Palmiter, Alan R.


“Guidebook for Directors of North Carolina Nonprofits” to be published by NC Center for Nonprofits and NC Bar Association (May 2002).

Presentation, Latin Notary Collegium (May 27-31, 2002) (discussion of U.S. corporate law topics to group of visiting Italian notaries).


Presentation, University of Delaware Center of Corporate Governance (Oct 2001) (panel member and speaker on shareholder proposals and the new roles of institutional investors in U.S. corporate governance).


Observer, Training Program, National Association of Civil Law Notaries (Miami, Florida – May 2002).


Roberts, Thomas E.


Speaker,  Ripeness Aspects of  Palazzolo v. Rhode Island,  Chicago, Illinois, Section of Real Property Law, American Bar Association, August  5, 2001.


Speaker, National Teleconference Program on the Supreme Court decision in  Palazzolo v. Rhode Island , Oct. 4, 2001.


Speaker, Recent Developments in Quasi-Judicial Proceedings,  Raleigh , North Carolina Bar Association, Nov. 16, 2001.


Speaker, Moratoria as Categorical Takings, Annual Institute on Planning, Zoning, and Eminent Domain, Center for American and International Law, Dallas, Texas, Nov. 8, 2001.

Speaker, Ripeness and Forum Selection, Annual Institute on Planning, Zoning, and Eminent Domain, Center for American and International Law, Dallas, Texas, Nov. 8, 2001.


Speaker, Reflections on the Ripeness Implications of Palazzolo v. Rhode Island, Symposium on Property Rights After Palazzolo, University of Hawaii School of Law, Honolulu, Hawaii, February 8, 2002.


Speaker, The Meaning of the Supreme  Court Decision in Tahoe-Sierra,  presentation, American Bar Association, Section of State and Local Government Law Land Use Seminar,  Cabo San Lucas,  Baja California, Mexico, April 26, 2002


Walker, George K.


Presented paper, Principles for Collective Humanitarian Intervention to Succor Other Countries' Indigenous Nationals, at Colloquium, Legal and Ethical Lessons of NATO's Kosovo Campaign, Aug. 7-10, 200l, Naval War College, Newport, R.I.


Presented paper, Defining Terms in the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention, International Law Association American Branch annual meeting, New York City, Oct. 26, 2001.


Gave talk, "International Aspects of the Attack on Terrorism," to a professional breakfast, Oct. 10, 2001, Summit School, Winston-Salem, N.C.


Program participant, "Responding to Conflict:  Military, Diplomatic and Humanitarian Approaches," Nov. 1, 2001, Wake Forest University theme Year of Unity and Hope, Pugh Auditorium, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem.


Lecture, "Military-Geopolitical-Operational Update:  The Law on the September 11 Attacks and the Aftermath," to Navy Judge Advocates from Virginia, North Carolina, Nov. 17, 2001, Raleigh, N.C.


Gave talk, "Bringing Those Accused of Terrorist Acts to Justice," Summit School faculty professional breakfast, February 13, 2002, Winston-Salem.


Program participant, "America's Continuing Response to Global Terrorism," Wake Forest University law school, Feb. 20, 2002, Winston-Salem.


Walsh, Robert K.


Presentations, "A Day in the Life of a Dean," and “Relations with Central Administration,” ABA Seminar for New Law School Deans, Graylyn Conference Center, Wake Forest University, June 12 - 16, 2002.



III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies


Anderson, Carol B.


Editor, Trial Briefs Magazine


Member, Editorial Board, NC Academy of Trial Lawyers


Chair, Assoc. of Trial Lawyers of America Academic Liaison Committee


Immediate Past President, Forsyth Co. Bar Assoc. (1000 + lawyers)


Chair, Access to Justice Campaign (Raise money for indigent’s legal services)


Curtis, Michael K.


Chair, Section on Constitutional Law, Assoc. of American Law Schools from Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2002.


Mewhinney, Katherine A.


Board of Advisors: Elder’s Advisor:  The Journal of Elder Law and Post Retirement Planning.


National Elder Law Foundation—Member of Board, and Chair of Re-certification Committee.


Vice-chair, Elder Law Section, N.C. Bar Assoc. (2002-2003) and CLE Planner (Feb. 2003 program).


Roberts, Thomas E.


Advisory Board to The Urban Lawyer: The National Quarterly on State and Local Government Law


Walker, George K.


Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law Advisory Board


Chair, International Law Association American Branch Law of the Sea Committee


Executive Committee, American Branch, International Law Association


Nonpay consultant, Naval War College, average of an hour a week.


Nonpay consultant, call-ins from lawyers, judges, Wake Forest law students while working as summer associates, average of an hour a week.


Walsh, Robert K.

Chair, Nominating Committee, American Bar Association Section of Legal Education.


Co-Chair, Long Range Planning Committee of the Council, American Bar Association Section of Legal Education.


Member, Professionalism Committee, American Bar Association Section of Legal Education.


Member, New Deans Seminar Planning Committee, American Bar Association.


Member, Special Committee on Post JD Programs, American Bar Association.


Member, The American Inns of Court Foundation Board of Trustees, American Inns of Court.

Member, Law School Project Advisory Committee, American Inns of Court.


Member, The National Association of Law Placement Foundation Board of Trustees, NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education.


Member, Citizens for Independent Courts Committee of Law Deans, A Project of the Century Foundation/Twentieth Century Fund.


Member, Law School Liaison Committee, North Carolina Bar Association.


Member, Public Service Advisory Committee, North Carolina Bar Association.


Member, Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism, State of North Carolina.


Member, Task Force on the Legal Education of Lawyers in North Carolina, North Carolina Bar Association.


Member, Legal Services of North Carolina’s 25th Anniversary Blue Ribbon Celebration Committee.


Master of the Bench, Chief Justice Joseph Branch Inn of Court.



IV.       External Grants Received