Summary of Professional Activities



I.          Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.        Papers and Presentations

III.       Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV.       External Grants Received


I.    Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Bennett, Barbara A.


“Southern Women Writers and the Women’s Movement” (The History of Southern Women’s Literature.  Eds. Mary Louise Weaks and Carolyn Perry. Louisiana State University Press, 2002. 439-446.


“Thelma and Louise in Wonderland: Feminist Revision of Fairytales in McCorkle’s ‘Sleeping Beauty, Revised.’” Pembroke Magazine No. 34 (Winter 2002): 7-12.


“Women Writers Since World War II.” The Companion to Southern Literature. Eds. Lucinda MacKethan and Joseph Flora. Louisiana State University Press, 2001. 987-992.



Review of The Slow Way Back (New York: William Morrow, 1999) by Judy Goldman and Styles by Maggie Sweet (Wilmington, NC: Banks Channel Books, 1999) by Judith Minthorn Stacy. North Carolina Literary Review (2001): 145-46.


Reviews in The Winston-Salem Journal:


Wolves at Our Door: The Extraordinary Story of the Couple Who Lived With Wolves (New York: Pocket, 2002) by Jim and Jamie Dutcher. (7 April 2002).


New Stories from the South (Chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin, 2001) ed. Sannon Ravenel. (14 Oct. 2001).


A Girl’s Life: Horses, Boys, Weddings, & Luck (Baton Rouge: LSU P, 2001) by Marianne Gingher. (1 July 2001).


Boyle, Anne M.



Strange and Lurid Bloom:  A Study of the Fiction of Caroline Gordon will appear in June 2002 from Fairleigh Dickinson Press.



“Words on a Page  Introduction to Special Issue on Hypermedia of IMEJ: Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced Learning.  (http://imej.wfu.edu.) May 2002.


Caldwell, Janice M.


"Literalization in the Novels of Charlotte Bronte" due to come out in Victorian Literature and Culture in the summer 2002 issue, vol. 30, number 2.


DeShazer, Mary K.


“Transnational Gendered Modernisms,” article published in HOW2 (an online journal of contemporary poetry and poetics), www.departments.bucknell.edu/stadler_center/how2 (April 2002)



Ettin, Andrew V.


“That Troublesome Cousin,” in Jesus Through Jewish Eyes, ed. Beatrice Bruteau (Maryknoll, 2001), 63-72.


Franco, Dean J.


“Re-Placing the Border in Ethnic American Literature” in Cultural Critique (issue 50, Winter 2002).


Garganigo, Alessandro C.


Coriolanus, the Union Controversy, and Access to the Royal Person,” SEL: Studies in English Literature (forthcoming, May 2002)


“Mourning the Headless Body Politic: The Regicide Elegies and Marvell’s Horatian Ode,” Exemplaria (accepted for publication in 2003)


Kairoff, Claudia T.


Contributed 21 article reviews to the forthcoming Scriblerian XXXIV.


Klein, Scott W.


Strongarming ‘Grace.” James Joyce Quarterly, vol. 37, no. 1/ 2 (Fall 1999/Winter 2000) [published 2001], pp. 113-26.


Kuberski, Philip F.


Peter Francis Mackey, “Chaos Theory and James Joyce’s Everyman”, James Joyce Quarterly, Vol. 37, Nos. ¾ (Spring/Summer 2000), 581-584.


Maine, Barry G.


“Picture and Text: Venetian Interiors by Henry James and John Singer Sargent,” The Henry James Review,  23 (May 2002), 136 - 156.


McGohey, Thomas W.


“Assessing Basic Writers: Proofreaders or Strong Readers?”

The Virginia English Bulletin, Spring 2001, Vol. 51, Number 1, pgs 27-35.


Mead, Jane W.


Smartish Pace, “The Gift Outright,” poem.


Blink: “Was Light”, Poem.


Pool: “If The Field Is Real,” poem.

Poems To Live By: anthology, Beacon Press, Edited by Joan Murray, included my  poem “Concerning That Prayer I Cannot Make.”


Pequod: “House of Poured-Out Waters” a poem in 13 sections.


For an anthology edited by Stephen Berg, published by Bedrock Books: “Influence, Process, Mastery,” and essay, and “Three Candles/And A Bowerbird,” a poem.


Electronic Poetry: www.poetry.org: “The High Hither, The Embrace,” “The Part and the Whole of It,” poems.


HOUSE OF POURED-OUT WATERS featured on Poetry Daily (website).


TriQuarterly, “With No Praise From The Far Dark Reaches,”  “In Grief the Pilot Knows You,  poems


Washington Square (NYU): “On The Shores Of Rivers and Seas We Admire Our Thinking”: poem.


O’Gorman,  W. Farrell


Double Agents: Women and Clerical Culture in Anglo-Saxon England.  With Clare A. Lees. University of Pennsylvania Press,  Fall, 2001.


“The Clerics and the Critics: Misogyny and the Social Symbolic in Anglo-Saxon England,” with Clare A. Lees, in  Gender and Debate from the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance,  eds. Clare Lees and Thelma Fenster, (Palgrave Press, 2002)

Aristocratic Mythmaking, Book-length manuscript, Chapter 6, “Hebrews and Saxons:  Racial History and the Gentlemanly Ideal in Disraeli, Trollope, and Eliot.” 


Shockley, Evie E.

The Gorgon Goddess, poetry chapbook (Carolina Wren Press, 2001).


bio / autography (or, 18th century multiculturalism).”  Poetry Daily, <http://www.poems.com> (March 30, 2002). [poem]


ballplayer.”  Poetry 180: A Poem a Day for American High Schools (list compiled by      U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins), Library of Congress,<http://www.loc.gov/poetry/180> (2002). [poem]


wanda jean and the state: a cautionary tale.”  Role Call: A Generational Anthology of Social & Political Black Literature & Art.  Ed. Tony Medina et al. (Chicago: Third World Press, 2002). [poem]


bio / autography (or, 18th century multiculturalism).”  Blink, Vol. 1:5 (March/April 2002). [poem]


possibilities of poetry, upon her death” and “hartwell dam.”  Beloit Poetry Journal, Vol. 52:1 (Fall 2001): 5-7. [poems]


on beaver patrol” and “waiting for van gogh.”  The Café Review (Fall 2001): 10-11. [poems]


the n-word.”  Bum Rush the Page: A Def Poetry Jam.  Ed. Tony Medina and Louis Reyes Rivera (New York: Three Rivers Press, 2001). [poem]


Invited Readings:

St. Mary’s Literary Festival, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, June 2002.


First Annual Poetry Open, Carolina Wren Press and Durham Parks and Recreation, April 2002.


George Moses Horton Society for the Study of African American Poetry Conference, UNC-Chapel Hill, April 2002.


Writers Reading Series, Wake Forest University, April 2002.


PACES Poetry Series, The John Hope Franklin Center, Duke University, March 2002.


The Blue Roach Poetry Series, Duke University, September 2002.


West, Robert M.




“Sure Closure” and “Ambush.” The Cortland Review 20 (2002). http://www.cortlandreview.com


“Two Poets.” Pembroke Magazine 34 (2002): 197.


“Three Poets,” “Three Directors,” and “Two Evangelists.” Poetry 179 (2002): 215-16.


Book Reviews:


Rev. of A Certain Light, by Debra Kaufman. Oyster Boy Review 14 (Winter 2001-02): 61.


Rev. of Re-Sounding: Selected Later Poems, by Theodore Enslin. Oyster Boy Review 14 (Winter 2001-02): 62-63.

Rev. of When I Find You Again It Will Be in Mountains: Selected Poems of Chia Tao. Trans. Mike O’Connor. Oyster Boy Review 14 (Winter 2001-02): 63.


Rev. of The Weather in Japan, by Michael Longley. Carolina Quarterly 53.3 (summer 2001): 81-83.


Wilson, Eric G.


“Coleridge, Emerson, and Electromagnetic Hermeticism,” The Wordsworth Circle 33:3 (Summer 2001), 134-8.


Review of Robert G. David, The Arctic in British Imagination, 1818-1914, The Wordsworth Circle 33:4 (Autumn 2001), 210-12.


Review of Martin Halliwell, Romantic Science and the Experience of the Self: Transatlantic Crosscurrents from William James to Oliver Sacks, Isis 92:1 (March 2001), 189-90.


II.   Papers and Presentations


Bennett, Barbara A.


Ecofeminism in Barbara Kingsolver’s The Prodigal Summer: Alternative Visions of the Land.” Modern Language Association. New Orleans, LA. December 2001.


“Jill McCorkle’s Separations, Disconnections, and Departures: The Southerner ‘Lights Out for the Territory’ and Leaves the Past Behind.” South Atlantic MLA. Atlanta, GA. November 2001.


Caldwell, Janice M.


"Richard Owen's Natural Supernaturalism"  NASSR conference, 2001, Seattle, WA


"Thomas Carlyle and Richard Owen," "Locating the Victorians" Conference, 2001, London, UK.

DeShazer, Mary K.


“Reading Manifestoes, Political Poetry, and Orature by South African Women, 1914-1945,” presented at the New Modernisms Conference, Rice Univ. Houston, Oct. 13, 2001


Presentation on behalf of Liaison Committee to the Editorial Board of the National Women’s Studies Association Journal, Annual Board Meeting, Appalachian State Univ., Oct. 6, 2001


Garganigo, Alessandro C.


“Mourning Mary II Sensibly,” North East American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia, November 2001


“William Without Mary: The First Princess Di,” Wake Forest Medieval Studies Group, March 2002


Hill, Michael D.


“Like You Had Book Learnin’: Mentis Carrere and His Louisiana Fiction,” MLA, New Orleans: December 29, 2001.


Kairoff, Claudia T.


“Eighteenth-Century Women’s Poetry from the Perspective of the Posthumous 1755 Edition of Elizabeth Tollet’s Poems,” Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-century Studies, Chapel Hill, NC, Feb. 28-March 2, 2002.


“’Except My Lord Herbert’: Elizabeth Tollet’s Chief Source for ‘Anne Boleyn to King Henry VIII,’” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Colorado Springs, CO, April 3-7, 2002.


Kuberski, Philip F.


“Plumbing the Abyss: Stanley Kubrick’s Bathrooms,” invited lecture, Department of English, Southern Methodist University, October 2001.


Mead, Jane W.


Reading and class: Rockingham Community College, Wentworth, NC.


Hallowell reading Series, U.C. Berkeley, spring 2002


Blacksmith House reading series, Boston, MA., fall 2001


UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, fall 2001


Cody’s Bookstore, Berkeley, CA: Poetry reading, summer 2001.


Gave reading and class in “voice,” during the spring festival of the North Carolina Writers’ Network.





Moss, William M.


"'The chief character about to be presented': The Narrator/Protagonist of 'Bartleby,'" Beijing University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, 24 October 2001.


"Melville on Melville: 'Hawthorne and His Mosses,'" Beijing University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, 24 October 2001.


"'A dumb blankness, full of meaning': The Meanings of Meaninglessness in Moby Dick," Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, 25 October 2001.


"The 'unaccountable old joker' and 'the general joke’ in Moby Dick," Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, 25 October 2001.


“’I been there before’: The ‘real end’ of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” Chinese National Academy of Literature, Beijing, People’s Republic of China, 27 October 2001.


O’Gorman, W. Farrell



"Flannery O'Connor and Contemporary Catholic Fiction in the United States." Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Vancouver, October 2001.


Schweller, Russell W.


“’All is race’:  Jews and Gentlemen in Disraeli’s Young England Trilogy,” paper presented at the Fifth International Symposium,  Jewish Culture, Western Civilization and Beyond”, Old Dominion University, April 6, 2002.


Shockley, Evie E.


“Horrors of Homelessness: Gothic Doubling in Kincaid’s Lucy and Brontë’s Villette.”  For the panel “Jamaica Kincaid and Caribbean (Double) Crossings” at the American Comparative Literature Association Conference, University of Puerto Rico – Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico (April 2002).


Panel Respondent at the George Moses Horton Society for the Study of African American Poetry Conference, UNC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC (April 2002).


“Blackness Lost: Re-membering the African American Literary Canon.”  For the panel “Discourses of Blackness” at the Blackness in Global Contexts Conference, UC-Davis, Davis, CA (March 2002).


“Gothic Homelessness and Agency in Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy and Charlotte Brontë’s Villette.”  For the panel “Making a Way Out of No Way” at the American Women Writers of Color Conference, Salisbury University, Ocean City, MD (October 2001).


Wilson, Eric G.


“Thoreau, Crystallography, and the Forms of Turbulence.”  Sponsored by the Emerson Society.  Modern Language Association Annual Convention.  New Orleans, 2001.


Respondent, “Temporal Politics.”  American Studies Association Annual Convention.  Washington, D.C., 2001.


“Science, Biography, Identity: The Cases of Faraday and Emerson.”  Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science.  November, 2001.


III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies


Boyle, Anne M.


Co-Editor of  IMEJ: Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced Learning.  (http://imej.wfu.edu.)


DeShazer, Mary K.


Chair of Liaison Committee and Member of the Editorial Board, NWSA Journal


El-Beshti, Bashir M.


Editorial  Advisory Board—Collegiate English Handbook


Executive Committee: Group for the Study of Colonialism


Hill, Michael D.


Justus Media – Two hours per week


Kairoff, Claudia T.


Co-Editor, The Scriblerian


Overing, Gillian R.


Invited Guest Editor for Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies,  forthcoming issue for 2004 currently in preparation.


Manuscript reviewer for University of West Virginia Press


West, Robert M.


Founding Editor, Blink: A Little Little Magazine of Little Poems (ISSN 1536-1624). Vol. 1, No. 1 – present.


Wilson, Eric G.


Referee, Emerson Society Quarterly


Referee, Palgrave Press of St. Martin’s Press


IV.              External Grants Received


Mead, Jane W.


$33, 000        Poetry writing.  Guggenheim Foundation