Reporting Professional Activities




I.          Publications, Performances, Exhibits

II.         Papers and Presentations

III.       Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV.       External Grants Received


I.  Publications, Performances, Exhibits


Cottrell, Allin F.

Planhushållning och direkt-democrati, Stockholm: Manifest, 2002 (Swedish translation of Towards a New Socialism, English publication 1993, written with Paul Cockshott).


The relation between economic and political instances in the communist mode of production, Science and Society, vol. 66, no. 1, Spring 2002. 



Frey, Donald E.

Article: "The Protestant Ethic Thesis," EH.NET Encyclopedia, ed. R. Whaples, August 2001.



Hammond, Daniel

Review of Ross Emmett, ed., Selected Essays by Frank H. Knight, volumes 1 and 2, History of Political Economy, 33 (Winter 2001): 857-59.


Review of Brian Snowdon and Howard R. Vane, Conversations With Leading Economists: Interpreting Modern Macroeconomics, Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 23 (September 2001): 406-08.



Heckelman, Jac C.

"Incumbency Preservation through Electoral Legislation: The Case of the Secret Ballot," (with Andrew Yates) Economics of Governance 3: 47-57, 2002


“Size of the Military Sector and Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis of Africa and Latin America," (with Michael Stroup) Journal of Applied Economics 4: 329-360, 2001


"Historical Political Business Cycles in the United States," in EH.Net Encyclopedia edited by Robert Whaples, 2001


"Reply to a Comment on Sequential Elections and Overlapping Terms: Voting for U.S. Senate," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 46: 441-444, 2001


"Rent Setting in Multiple Winner Rent Seeking Contests," (with Andrew Yates) European Journal of Political Economy 17: 835-852, 2001


Lawlor, Michael S.

“The Economics of Publicly Funded Biotechnology Research,” Economic Review, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, June, 2002.



Moorhouse, John C.

“Property Rights, Technology, and Internet Distribution”, Journal of Technology Transfer 26, (October 2001), 351-361.


“Direct Internet Distribution”, Proceedings of the International Business and Economics Research Conference, November 2001, Paper 99, 1-14.



Patterson, Perry L.

Padma Desai and Todd Idson, Work Without Wages, for Russian Review, 60(4), October 2001.


Michael Ellman and Vladimir Kontorovich, for Economic History Net (, July 2001. 


Alexander E. Fleming and Marcelo M. Giugale, Editors, Financial Systems in Transition: A Flow of Funds Analysis of Financial Evolution in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, for Comparative Economic Systems, 29(3), September 2001: 586-587.


David Lane, ed. The Political Economy of Russian Oil, for Slavic Review, 60(3),

Fall 2001: 671-672.



Whaples, Robert

Editor, EH.NET’s Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History. (Contents by the end of June 2002 are the equivalent of 500 published pages.  (


“The Supply and Demand of Economic History,”Journal of Economic History, Vol. 62, No. 2, June 2002..


“Hours of Work in US History,” in Robert Whaples, editor, Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History.


Book Reviews

1. Review of Pensions, Politics, and the Elderly: Historic Social Movements and Their Lessons for Our Aging Society by Daniel J.B. Mitchell, EH.NET.

2. Review of Only One Place of Redress: African Americans, Labor Regulations, and the Courts from Reconstruction to the New Deal by David Bernstein, Humane Studies Review.

3. Review of Much More than a Game: Players, Owners, and American Baseball since 1921 by Robert Burk, Enterprise and Society.

4. Review of The Great Breakthrough and Its Cause by Julian Simon, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.

5. Review of Immigration and American Unionism by Vernon Briggs, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.

6. Review of Pay at Risk: Compensation and Employment Risk in the United States and Canada edited by John A. Turner, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.

7. Review of Out of the Jungle: Jimmy Hoffa and the Remaking of the American Working Class by Thaddeus Russell, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.

8. Review of A Perilous Progress: Economists and Public Purpose in Twentieth-Century America by Michael A. Bernstein, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.

9. Review of Job Loss from Imports: Measuring the Costs by Lori G. Kletzer, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.

10. Review of State of the Union: A Century of American Labor by Nelson Lichtenstein, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.

11. Review of Immigration Policy and the Challenge of Globalization: Unions and Employers in Unlikely Alliance by Julie R. Watts, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.

12. Review of A Life Against the Grain: The Autobiography of an Unconventional Economist by Julian L. Simon, Choice: Current Reviews of Academic Books.

13. Review of Cotton’s Renaissance: A Study in Market Innovation by George David Smith and Timothy Jacobson, History: Reviews of Recent Books.




II.  Papers and Presentations


Frey, Donald E.

Paper: "Francis Wayland's 1830s Textbooks: Before Economics was Value-free."  Presented at national meeting of the History of Economics Society, July 1, 2001.

Discussant,  same meeting.



Hammond, Claire H.

(With J. Daniel Hammond), "Notes on the Stigler-Friedman

Correspondence," in Remembrance and Appreciation Session for George J.

Stigler, History of Economics Society annual conference, Wake Forest

University, June 30, 2001.



Hammond, Daniel

(With Claire H. Hammond), "Notes on the Stigler-Friedman Correspondence," in Remembrance and Appreciation Session for George J. Stigler, History of Economics Society annual conference, Wake Forest University, June 30, 2001.



Heckelman, Jac C.

"Political Monetary Cycles: The Independent Treasury versus the Federal Reserve," presented at Atlantic International Economic Society conference, Philadelphia, October 2001


"Absolute and Relative Effects of Interest Groups on the Economy,” presented at Western Social Science Association conference, Albuquerque, April 2002



Lawlor, Michael S.

Dewey and Economic Reality” American Institute for Economic Research Conference:  Dewey, Postmodernism and Beyond. July 2001.


“William James and Psychological Pragmatism” History of Economics Society Annual Meeting, July, 2001.


Three Different Lectures on “Pragmatism and  Economics, American Institute for Economic Research, Summer Fellowship Program, Great Barrington Massachusetts, June – July 2001.


The Economics of Publicly Funded Biotechnology Research,  Dallas Federal Reserve Bank Conference, Science and Cents: The Economics of Biotechnology. April 19, 2002.


“Dewey and Economic Reality,” Duke University History of Economic Thought Seminar. May 5, 2002.



Moorhouse, John C.

“Direct Internet Distribution”, International Business and Economics Research Coference, October  10-12, 2001, Reno, Nevada.



Whaples, Robert

“Teaching Economic History: Insights from Microeconomic Theory,” Economic History Association meetings, Philadelphia, October 2001.


Discussant, History of Economics Society meetings, Winston-Salem, July 2001.




III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies


Hammond, Daniel

President, History of Economics Society



Moorhouse, John C.

Editorial Board of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics



Whaples, Robert

Book Review Editor, EH.NET


Associate Editor, Business Library Review International


Associate Director, EH.NET.


BB&T Bank, taught one-week course for BB&T Banking School at Wake Forest University, July 2001.


IV.  External Grants Received


Patterson, Perry L.

$1,200   “Support for Exhibition of AIDS Quilt at WFU (on behalf of WFU GSSA)”

Adam Foundation, Inc.