Professional Activities Summary


I.          Publications, performances, Exhibits

II.         Papers and Presentations

III.       Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies

IV.       External Grants Received


I.                   Publications, Performances, Exhibits



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II.  Papers and Presentations Presented at Professional Meetings



Aldhizer, George R.


(with Cashell, J.D.)  “Value-Added Auditing and Its Effect on Internal Auditor’s Job Security and Satisfaction.”  Proceedings of the Southeast Meeting of the American Accounting Association, Highland Heights, KY, April 2002.



Baker, Terry A.


Paper:  (with Martin, Dale and Reitenga, Austin)  Employee Stock Options and Pro Forma Earnings Management.”  American Accounting Association annual meeting, Atlanta, August 15, 2001.


Paper:  (with Buchheit, Steve, Reitenga, Austin and Yin, Q.)  CEO Bonus Pay, Tax Policy, and Earnings Management.”  Journal of the American Taxation Association annual research conference, New Orleans, February 15, 2002.


Cotter, James F.


(with Zenner, Marc)  “Collars as a Method of Payment in Mergers.”  2001 Financial Management Association Conference, October 2001.


Dewasthali, Arun P.


Presentation:  (with Goho, Tom)  A Unique and Workable Approach to the Integration of 21st Century Issues into the Business Curriculum.”  American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Annual meeting, February 2002.


Presentation:  (with Goho, Tom)  A Revision of The Rule of 7500-The Estimation of Amortization Payment.”  American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences,  Annual meeting, February 2002.


Goho, Thomas S.


Presentation:  (with Dewasthali, Arun)  A Modification of the Rule of 7500:  A Method to Calculate Amortization Payments.”  American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 2002.


Presentation:  (with Dewasthali, Arun)  Using a Contemporary Issues Course to Reinforce a Cutting Edge Curriculum.”  American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Las Vegas, Nevada, February 2002.


Juras, Paul E.


Presentation:  (with Clarke, Peter and Dierks, Paul)  Dublín Shirt Co.”  2002 AAA Management Accounting Section Research and Case Conference.


Martin, Dale R.


Presentation:  (with Baker, Terry and Reitenga, Austin)  Employee Stock Options and Pro Forma Earnings Management.”  American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, August 2001.


McManus, Denise J.


Presentation:  (with Snyder, C.A.)  “Knowledge Management in an Age of Terrorism.”  2002 Information Resources Management Association International Conference, Seattle, Washington, May 19-22, 2002.


Randel, Amy E.


Presentation:  “What do I see vs. what holds meaning for me:  Demographic patterns in identity centrality and salience.”  National 2001 Academy of Management conference. 


Ranft, Annette L.


Presentation:  (with Marsh, Sarah)  Entering knowledge-intensive markets:  Performance implications for acquisitions and alliances.”  Southern Management Association Meetings, New Orleans, Louisiana, November, 2001.


Taylor, Thomas C.


Presentation:  “Socialism, Capitalism, and Accounting.”  Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, Campbell University, November 15, 2001. 


Tower, Ralph B.


Presentation:  (with Holloway, Delton and Moffie, Robert P.)  “Towards a History of Internal Control:  An Examination of Physical Controls in 17th and 18th Century Colonial America.”  Academy of Accounting Historians, Annual Research Conference, Santa Fe, NM, November 15, 2001.


West, George Page III


Presentation:  (with Landry, J. L.)  “Entrepreneurial economic community development:  Past research, new challenges.”  Academy of Management annual meeting, Washington DC, 2001.


Presentation:  (with Busenitz, L., Chandler, G., Nelson, T., Shepherd, D., Zacharakis, A.)  Entrepreneurship in emergence:  Fifteen years of entrepreneurship research in management journals.”  Academy of Management annual meeting, Washington DC, 2001.


Presentation:  (with Noel, T. W.)  “Startup performance and community economic development:  The role of knowledge relatedness.”  Babson Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Denver CO, 2002.



III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies



Aldhizer, George R.


Member, Editorial Board of Advisors, Internal Auditing, January 2002-present


Consultant, Wake Forest’s Internal Audit Department, Enterprise-Wide Management Processes, (two hours) January 2002


Consultant, Lowe’s (North Wilkesboro, NC) Internal Audit Director and Manager, Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Processes, (three hours) May 2002


Greenwood, Tamara M.


Consultant, Salem College-teaching an MIS class for the continuing education program-once a week (evening for 3 hours) per semester


Juras, Paul E.


Editorial Review Board, Journal of Managerial Issues


Member Management Accounting Committee, Institute of Management Accountants


Knight, Lee G.


Editorial Advisory Board, TSU Business and Economic Review


Randel, Amy E.


Editorial Board, Group and Organization Management


Ranft, Annette L.


Editorial Review Board, Journal of Management, 2000-present


International Management Track Program Chair, Southern Management Association, 2001-2002


Business Policy and Strategy Division Liaison to the Southern Region, National Academy of Management, 1999-2001


Tower, Ralph B.


Editorial Board,  Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation


Consultant, Piedmont Land Conservancy, internal control and financial accounting issues (approximately 8 hours)


West, George Page III


Research Committee, Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division



IV.  External Grants Received



West, George Page III


$2000        “Center for Undergraduate Entrepreneurship.”  National Collegiate

                  Inventors and Innovators Alliance