JULY 1, 2001JUNE 30, 2002

I. Publication, Performances, Exhibits

II. Papers and Presentations

III. Editorships, Offices and Consultancies

IV. External Grants Received


I.  Publications, Performances, Exhibits    (F, G, H)


Barnes, Bernadine A.


Art of the Western World:  Study Guide (Indianapolis:  The College Network, 2002).

Review of Evelyn Lincoln, Inventing the Renaissance Printmaker, Isis, 92 (2001), 601-602.


Faber, David L.


Completed revision manuscript for the drawing text, A Guide to Drawing by Daniel Mendelowitz, Duane Wakeham, and David Faber, published by Wadsworth Thomson Publishing, formerly Harcourt College Publishers.  This revision takes the text into the sixth edition.


The manuscript is 18 chapters in length.  I added the new features of a 250-word glossary along with a page-by-page margin gloss; critique questions to follow appropriate project assignments; 18 color plate illustrations - of which are new images to the book; a new chapter, Chapter 18, on mixed media drawing concepts and methods.  I have included 110 illustrations of new drawings by both well-known and new artists.  There will be approximately 450 illustrations in the revised new text.


The manuscript goes to press in July of 2002 and will be available for the fall semester 2002.


My work was purchased and included in the “New Acquisitions Exhibition” at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. in January 2002.  The Corcoran purchased a mixed media intaglio print entitled:  “The Red Holstein Factor.”


My work was included in the Exhibiting Artists Show at the Arts Council in Winston-Salem, North Carolina during the months of May and June.  The exhibiting member’s show is sponsored by the Associated Artists of Winston-Salem and is done on an invitational basis.


Finn, David T.


Critical reviews:  Halperen, Max, “Figurative Rubbish” Raleigh News and Observer 4/5/02, p.40


Kings and Queens of Nothing” an outdoor sculpture installation at 409 W. Martin St. in Raleigh, N.C., March 28-May 30, 2002.  Part of the Contemporary Art Museum’s ’99 Days of Art.’


Hallberg, Leigh Ann


“Interior” Installation at 601-C Trade Street

     Project Space 211/ON-SITE-November 2001

“Hands On” Group Exhibition/Whistling Women

     March, May 2002



Hitchcock, Alix C.


2001 Winter Show, Green Hill Center for N.C. Art, Raleigh, NC

2002 Artworks Traveling 2002, Meredith College Gallery, Raleigh, NC

2002 Innovations ’02, Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, Winston-Salem, NC

2002 Before and After, Artworks Gallery Group Show, Winston-Salem, NC

2002 Hands On, Group Show at Whistling Women, Winston-Salem, NC


Knott, Robert H.


Catalogue Introduction:  “Martha Dunigan: Passage,” Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, May 2002


Laughlin, Page H.


Talent 2001, Group Show, Allen Stone Gallery, New York, NY – 2001


Page H. Laughlin:  New paintings from the Interiors Series, Solo Exhibition,

Center of the Earth Gallery, Charlotte, NC – 2002


Lubin, David M.


Preface to The Extraordinary and the Everyday:  American Perspectives, 1820-1920,

Exhibit. cat., Musee d’Art American (Giverny, France:  Terra Foundation for the Arts,

2001):  9-13.


“Projected Images,” preview of Thomas Eakins exhibition at Philadelphia Museum of Art, Artforum (September 2001):  69-70.


“Hitchcock and Art:  Fatal Coincidences,” review of exhibition at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, Artforum (November 2001):  140.


“American Art, Society, and Culture” (6000-word essay) and “American Painting” (2500 words) in Encyclopedia of American Studies (Washington:  American Studies Association, 2001).


Invited Guest Lectures at Universities and Art Museums (i.e., not at professional meetings as per the next category below):


“In Search of the Extraordinary in Nineteenth-Century American Painting,” Museum of

American Art, Giverny, France (July 2001)


“Why Eakins Now?” For the National Gallery of Art, Washington (October 2001)


“Art, Material Culture, and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy,” for the Winterthur Museum and Department of Art History, University of Delaware (November 2001)


“The Film Music of James Horner” for the Department of Music History, Duke University

(December 2001)


“The Color of Landscape:  Painting Race Into and Out of the North American Wilderness,” for the Ackland Art Museum, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (February 2002)


“Africans, Indians and Martyrs:  Discourses of Defeat and Unmanliness in the Late Portraits of Thomas Eakins” for the Musée d’Orsay, Paris (May 2002)


“Who Was Thomas Eakins and Why should We Care?” for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (June 2002)


Pickel, John R.


Camera Virils, a video installation, and multimedia webcast in Latitudes:  New Media Art of the Southeast.  Cheekwood Museum of Art, Nashville.  September 2001-February 2002


Titus, Harry B.


“Non-Destructive Sensing Projects beneath Auxerre Cathedral,” with Michel Dabas, GESTA, XL/2 (2001), 181-188.



II.  Papers and Presentations    (I)   


Barnes, Bernadine A.


Presented paper, “Michelangelo Goes Public,” at The World of Michelangelo, symposium sponsored by Humanities West, San Francisco, CA, Oct. 13, 2001


Lubin, David M.


Session Commentator, “Rockwell Redux:  Rethinking the Cultural Logic of Norman Rockwell,” Visual Culture/Art History Caucus, American Studies Association Annual Conference,

Washington (November 2002)


Titus, Harry B.


“Technology and Architectural Analysis at the Centre d’Etudes médiévales, Auxerre,”

Society of Architectural Historians Annual Meeting, Richmond, VA, April 17-21, 2002


Smith, Margaret S.


International Ski History Congress, Park City, Utah, January 23, 2002

  Paper:  “The Image of Skiing in American Popular Culture”


Wong, Yue-Ling


Angela Glisan King, Yue-Ling Wong.  “Increasing Active Learning with an On-line Dimensional Analysis Tutorial.”  53rd Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Region of the American Chemical Society, September 24, 2001


“Digital Media Curriculum Development Project,” NSF Project Showcase, ACM SIGCSE

Conference, March 1, 2002








Chapter III.  Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies    (L, M, N)


Barnes, Bernadine A.


Respondent for manuscripts submitted to the Art Bulletin on Julius II and the Sistine Ceiling and on the simulacra in Michelangelo’s work.


Miscrosoft/Encarta Encyclopedia – 10 hours.


Faber, David L.


Worked with Brad Rauschenberg from the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts in Old Salem as consultant to a project involving an old copper etching plate with an etched image from the 1760s that was severely oxidized and tarnished, whereby, in an act of restoration, through cleaning and polishing the plate, we were able to achieve a state of printability once again.  I then supervised the inking, hand wiping, and printing of nine good impressions from the aging surface.


I am presently working with Mona Wu as advisor for her upcoming show to be held in

Winston-Salem next year.  This leads up to the distinguished achievement award Mona Wu has been nominated to receive.


Finn, David T.


UNC Chapel Hill, Office of University Development, Peer Competitive Panel, “Unsung Founders Memorial” public art competition – 8 hours.


Lubin, David M.


Advisory Editor, Men and Masculinities:  An Interdisciplinary Journal


Selection Committee Member for the Summer Travel Fellowships Program, Center for the Advanced Study of the Visual Arts (CASVA) at the National Gallery of Art, Washington


Titus, Harry B.


Treasurer and Business Manager, Association Villard de Honnecourt for the Interdisciplinary Study of Medieval Technology, Science and Art


Assistant Treasurer, International Center of Medieval Art


Conseil scientifique:  cathédrale Saint-Etienne d’Auxerre (meets twice/year)


Evaluation of Art :  A Brief History for Prentice-Hall


Evaluation of History for Dummies for Prentice-Hall


Smith, Margaret S.


Consultant and panelist, National Endowment of the Humanities Symposium for the Re-interpretation of the Newbold-White House, Perquimans County, North Carolina,

October 30-November 1, 2001


Wong, Yue-Ling


Book reviewed:  Computer in Culture:  In the Realm of Circuit” by Charles Traub and Lipkin, Prentice Hall


Wake Forest STARs 2-day student training on Macramedia Flash


1-Day Faculty Technology Workshop at Transylvania University, on Using Digital Media to Enhance Teaching.



Chapter IV.  External Grants Received   (J)


Finn, David T.


Topic:  Public Art

Agency:  Museum of Contemporary Art, Raleigh, NC

Requested:  $3,000

Funded:  $3,000


Laughlin, Page H.


Topic:  Development of the Interiors Series

Agency:  NC Arts Council

Requested:  $8,000

Funded:  Pending


Pickel, John R.


Topic:  Individual Artists Grant

Agency:  NC Arts Council

Requested:  $8,000

Funded:  Pending


Topic:  Artist Residencies

Agency:  NC Arts Council

Requested:  Two months summer residency and $1000 stipend

Funded:  Pending


Wong, Yue-Ling


Topic:  Digital Media Curriculum Development Project

Agency:  NSF

Requested:  $72,572

Funded:  $72,572



Professional Activities Summary/2001-02