FOR JULY 1, 2000 TO JUNE 30, 2001





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Harris, Catherine


Panel participant, "What Alpha Kappa Delta Can Do for Sociology Students," Annual Meeting of the Mid-South Sociological Association, October 11-12, 2000, Knoxville, Tennessee


Organized session (with Michael Wise, Appalachian State University), "Swimming with the Sharks: Dealing with Hostility in the Classroom) at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Sociological Society, April 4-7, 2001, Atlanta, Georgia.


Presented paper, "Those Frustrated Students: What Do They Expect of Us?" (with Michael Wise, Appalachian State university) at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Sociological Society, April 4-7, 2001, Atlanta, Georgia


Organized session for state association representatives (with Michael Wise, Appalachian State University) at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Sociological Society, April 4-7, 2001, Atlanta, Georgia.


Presented paper, "Do Attorneys Make a Difference? The Effect of Experience on the Outcome of Medical Malpractice Lawsuits" (with Ralph Peeples, Wake Forest School of Law, and Thomas B. Metzloff, Duke University School of Law) at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Sociological Society, April 4-7, 2001, Atlanta, Georgia.


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Longino, Charles


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Summer Series on Aging, UNC Institute on Aging, Asheville, NC.  July 13, 2000, Presenter:  “Retiree In-migration:  Implications and Choices for NC Communities.”


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Taplin, Ian


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The effects of globalisation on state-business relationships’ invited lecture at European Business Management School, University of Wales, Swansea, February 2001.


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Harris, Catherine


            Member, Executive Board, Southern Sociological Society


            President-elect, Alpha Kappa Delta, International Sociology Honor Society


Leggon, Cheryl


            Editorial Board, Sociological Spectrum, Journal of the Mid-South Sociological Association


            Treasurer, The Graylyn Group


            Secretary, Piedmont Triad Chapter of Association of Women in Science (AWIS)


            Chair, Nominations Committee, Mid-South Sociological Association




            American Physiological Society


            Brown University


            Safe Schools/Healthy Student


Longino, Charles


            Editorial Board, The Gerontologist                                1997-


            Editorial Board, Journal of Aging and Health                 1995-


            Editorial Board, Journal of Religious Gerontology          1994-


            Editorial Board, Abstracts in Social Gerontology           1990-


            Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Gerontolgy            1988-


            Editorial Board, Research on Aging                               1983-


            Also reviewed for:        Journal of Gerontology: Social Science

                                                Social Science Research

                                                Experimental Aging Research

                                                Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy


            Past President, Southern Gerontological Society, 2000-2001


Chair, Program Committee for 2001 Meeting, Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, 2000-2001


            President Elect, Association for Gerontology in Higher Education, 2001-2002


            Chair, Council of Presidents, Southern Gerontological Society, 2000-2002


            Chair, Nominating Committee, Southern Gerontological Society, 2000-2002


            Program Committee for 2001, Gerontological Society of America, 2000-2001


            U. S. News & World Report – 1 day


Pearson, Willie


            Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Science and Engineering Ethics


            Member, Editorial Board, Sociological Spectrum


            Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis


Chair, Congressional Fellowship Committee, American Association for the Advancement of Science


            Chair, Committee on Science and Engineering Public Policy


            Safe Schools/Healthy Students, WFU School of Medicine, less than 1 day/week


Smith, Earl


            Book Review Editor, Sociology of Sport Journal, 1998 to present


            Member, Editorial Board, Sociology of Sport Journal, 1998 to present


            Member, Editorial Board, Journal of African American Men, 1996 to present


Editorial Board Member, The Humboldt Journal of Social Relations, 1978 to present


Member, Board of Editors, Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 1993 to 2000


Board Member, North American Society for the Sociology of Sport


President-elect, North American Society for the Sociology of Sport


Taplin, Ian


            North American Editor, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management




Longino, Charles


            Factors and Processes Triggering Mobility During Retirement

            National Instate on Health, Behavioral and Social Research Program