FOR JULY 1, 2000 TO JUNE 30, 2001




I.          Publications, Performances, Exhibits                                               



Jane W. Albrecht


The Golden-Age Playgoing Public in the Time of Tirso de Molina.  New Orleans: University Press of the South, 2001.


“Is There Another Pattern of Origin for the Word ‘Pícaro’?”  Romance Notes  41.2: 153-60.



Mary L. Friedman


"The Corpses in the Corpus: Dead Bodies in García Márquez's Fiction,"

Romance Notes, vol. XL, no. 2 (winter 2000), 135-143.



Candelas S. Gala



Article: "Computer-Enhanced Spanish 217: A Survey of Spanish Literature." In Teaching with Technology. Seventy Professors from Eight Universities Tell Their Stories. Ed. David G. Brown. Bolton, Mass.: Anker Publishing Co., 2000. 157-159.



Linda S. Howe


     "Haydée Santamaría." In Noted Twentieth-Century Latin American Women: A Biographical Dictionary. Eds. David William Foster and Cynthia Tompkins. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, Company. 2001:258-262.


      Fall 2000--Organized 2000 Cuban Children’s Art Exhibition, Poetry Slam, and Salsa Dance on WFU campus hosted by students who participated in the community workshops in Cuba: November 4, 2000.



Milorad Margitic


Performed as guest artist with Piedmont Wind Symphony (May 12, 2001).



Roberta Morosini


Il viaggio ideologico” di  Boccaccio:  dalle tormentate spiagge dell’eros al tranquillo porto dell’agape. Review of the book by Eugenio Giusti, “Dall’amore cortese alla comprensione.  Il viaggio ideologico di Giovanni Boccaccio dalla Caccia di Diana al Decameron. Milano: LEL, 1999.  Italica. Fall 2001.

“Cose da morir da ridere?  Goldoni secondo R. W. Fassbinder: ”Tra ‘stravaganze,’ ombre e sospetti. Romance Languages Annual 11(2001) 269-276.



Stephen J. Murphy


One book review in Renaissance Quarterly (2000)


One book review in Sixteenth Century Journal (2000)



Jesús R. Pico-Argel


I have prepared four presentations to make publicity for the Summer Study Abroad Program in Querétaro, Mexico this summer. This was done on campus, but the printed material was sent to other schools around the city and the state. I am the Director of this year's summer in Mexico.



Teresa Sanhueza


Relojero de Armando Discépolo: la culminación del grotesco criollo”. Crisis, apocalipsis y utopías. Fines de siglo en la Literatura Latinoamericana. Actas del XXXII Congreso Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana. Santiago: Instituto de Letras/ Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile/ University of Pittsburgh, 2000, 346-351.



Kendall B. Tarte


Book review: Les Secondes Œuvres, Madeleine and Catherine Des Roches, in Sixteenth Century Journal, XXXI, 4 (Winter 2000), pages 1157-1159.



Byron R. Wells


Wells, Byron R. “Jean-Jacques Rousseau et les voix de l’imposteur.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau, politique et nation. Ed. Robert Thiéry. Paris: Champion, 2001. 117-26.



Antonio C. Vitti


Picone’s Tragicomical Dual Life: Revisiting the Southern Question. Italica 77.2 (2000): 187- 98.



II.                    Papers and Presentations



Sarah E. Barbour


“Maryse Condé’s Ongoing Exploration of Narrative,” International Conference on Caribbean Literature, Ponce, Puerto Rico, November 2000.



Elizabeth I. Barron


“I Write Therefore I Am:  Creating an Epistolary Identify”, Carolina Conference (Chapel Hill), April 2001.



Mary L. Friedman


"The Metaphor of Twins in José Donoso's Donde van a morir los elefantes, " South Atlantic Modern Language Association meeting, Birmingham, Alabama, Nov. 10-12, 2000.



Olgierda Furmanek


Geneva, Switzerland, January 2001: seminar on simultaneous interpreting.



Candelas S. Gala


"Lorca, Dalí, Buñuel: Una exploración artística." 9th Biennial Northeast Regional Meeting. University of Rhode Island, September 21-24, 2000.


"Technology and the Teaching of Literature." Villanova University, November 2000.


"Dreams and Surrealism." Wake Forest University. Euzelian Lecture Series. November 29th, 2000.


"Una escritura en trance: Lorca y su Diván del Tamarit." C'a Foscari University, Venice, Italy. April 24th, 2001.


"El arte en la clase de español: Lorca, Dalí y Buñuel." Academia Mester y Cursos Internacionales de la Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. June 9, 2001.



Luis González


“Against the Need for the Role of Experience.”  Spring Linguistics Colloquium, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, March 31, 2001.


“A More Predictive Analysis of Reflexive Constructions and Some Implications for Second Language Learning.” 54th University of Kentucky Conference on Foreign Languages, Lexington, Kentucky, April 19-21, 2001.



Linda S. Howe


Paper at Annual Latin American Studies Association, October 2000, Miami


Paper at Casa de las Americas, Havana, Cuba, February 2001



Patricia A. Heid


“How to Conquer and What to Avoid: ‘Exempla’ of Conquest in the Comentarios reales de los Incas, Carolina Conf. on Romance Languages, UNC Chapel Hill, 3/22-3/24/01.


“An Exemplary Ideology of Conquest: Rhetoric and Exchange in the Comentarios reales de los Incas,” Conf. on Latin American Literature, Technology, Ideology, U of New Mexico, 2/15-2/16/01.



Milorad Margitic


Presented a paper at an International Literary Conference in St. Andrews, Scotland,

Sept. 7-9, 2001.



Roberta Morosini


Organizer and chair of a round table on “Mediterrenean ‘voices’in Medieval   Italy.”  May 2001. 


The shipwreck of “bodies of nostalgia” between Africa and Italy in the Mediterranean waters as told by Tahar Ben jelloun and Peppe Lanzetta. AAIS. 21st Conference, Philadelphia, April 2001.  April 2001. 


Dante, Brunetto Latini and the  “litterati grandi”:  the “ben fare” and the ‘treasure’ of being a poet.   Full lecture at University of Virginia Commonwealth.  April 2001.


Mexican, tropical….. or mediterranean?  Between Naples and  Marrakech exploring solitude and exile  of  the  bidoun in the ‘corpo di Napoli’with Tahar Ben Jelloun and Giuseppe Montesano.  AIHA Boston (MA) November 10-12.  November 2000.


La storia verace del Tristano Riccardiano (XIIIth Century). Prose di romanzi .. o di novelle?  Full lecture at Università di Roma II, Tor Vergata. Roma. Italy.  May, 2000.



Stephen J. Murphy


“The Capilupi, Masters of Cento,” International Society for Neo-Latin Studies, Cambridge (UK), July-August 2000


“Philology and Laughter,” Renaissance Society of America, Chicago, April 2001.

“Diane et la disperata,” Société des Amis d’Agrippa d’Aubigné/Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, May 2001.



Teresa Sanhueza


La fragua (1912), una aproximación de Armando Discépolo al teatro anarco-socialista”. XI Congreso Internacional de Estudios Literarios. Pucón, Chile. Universidad de la Frontera (November 14 to 17, 2000).

Kendall B. Tarte


“Gender and Landscape in La Puce de Madame des-Roches,” paper presented at Sixteenth-Century Studies Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, November 2000.



Byron R. Wells


“Taste, Travel, and Citizenship in the Republic of Letters.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. East Lansing. November 2000.


“After the Fall: Religion and Identity in Rousseau.” Presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. New Orleans. April 2001.


Discussion leader, “The Phases of the Humanist’s Career.” Annual meeting of the American Council of Learned Societies. Philadelphia. May 2001.



M. Stanley Whitley


“The Acquisition of Narration with Computer-based Visual Organizers,” 8/5/2000, AATSP at San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Workshop on use of technology in teaching foreign languages, Villanova University, 11/10/2000



Antonio C. Vitti


“Amerigo, andare e sempre tornare” paper at the Annual meeting of the AATI, 16-19 November, 2000


“Cosi ridevano i fratelli dimenticati di Rocco e Simone” paper at the Annual Meeting of the AAIS, 18-20 April 2001



III.       Editorships, Offices, and Consultancies



Jane W. Albrecht


Treasurer North American Catalan Society



Candelas S. Gala


Editorial Board of Crítica Hispánica


Editorial Board of North Carolina Series in Romance Languages and Literatures


University of the South Press - evaluate a book manuscript for publication. Two months.



Linda S. Howe


Contributing editor –Afro-Hispanic Review



Milorad Margitic


Associate Editor:  Purdue Studies in Romance Languages.


Editorial Board Member:  Cahier du Dix-Semtiéme.



Jenny Puckett


Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ:  Table Leader for the grading of the Advanced Placement Spanish Language Examination:  every June, 10 days.



M. Stanley Whitley


Session chair and organizer on “Technology and Teaching,” AATSP, Aug. 5, 2000 (San Juan, Puerto Rico)



Byron R. Wells


Editorial Board. Eighteenth-Century Studies.


Advisory Board. ASECS Book Reviews Online.


Executive Director, American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.


Executive Committee, International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Chair, Election Reforms Committee; Chair, Financial Oversight Committee


Executive Committee, Conference of Administrative Officers, American Council of Learned Societies


Nominating Committee, National Humanities Alliance


Outside evaluator for candidate for promotion and tenure, Villanova University


Doctoral dissertation committee, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Antonio C. Vitti


Member on the Advisory Board of Italian Americana


Member on the Editorial Board of American Journal of Italian Studies


Outside reader for the Romance Languages Annual


Outside reader for Italica – Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Italian



IV.                   External Grants Received



Byron R. Wells


$5,000 ASECS/BSECS Scholarly Exchange, Charles Kelly Foundation and the Ford Foundation (matching funds).