FOR JULY 1, 2000 TO JUNE 30, 2001



Chapter 1:  Publications, Performances, Exhibits (F, G, H)


Hendricks, J. Edwin


Review: Letters of Delegates to Congress, 1774-1789.  Volumes 17-26:  March 1, 1781-July 25, 1989, With Supplement, 1774-87.  Edited by Paul H. Smith, Ronald Gephart, and others.  Washington, DC, Library of Congress, 1990-2000.  Journal of Southern History, LXVII, February 2001, 147-149.


Review with Daniel Pfeifer of CD-ROM: Letters of Delegates to Congress, 1774-1789.  25 vols., Edited by Paul H. Smith, Ronald Gephart, and others. Washington, DC, Library of Congress, 1990-2000.  CD-ROM verison, Summerfield, Florida: Historical Database, 1998.  $325.


Hughes, Michael L.


“Entitled to Recompense?  Redistributing War’s Burdens in (West) Germany,” Center for German and European Studies, Working Paper Series, Occasional Paper, July 2000.


Lockyer, Angus E.


Japan at the Exhibition, 1867-1970.  PhD thesis, Stanford University, September 2000.


Japanese Civilization in the Modern World, XVII, Collection and Representation, Translator and Joint Editor,with Tadao Umesao and Kenji Yoshida, Senri Ethnological Studies, no. 54, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, 2001.


“Japan at the Exhibition, 1867-1877: From Representation to Practice,” in ibid., pp. 67076.



Schen, Claire S.


Article. “Constructing the Poor in Early Seventeenth-Century London,” Albion, Vol. 32, No.l 3, Fall 2000, pp. 450-63.


Chapter in book. “Strategies of Poor Aged Women and Widows in Sixteenth-Century London,” in eds. Pat Thane and Lynne Botelho, Women and Ageing in British Society since 1500.  London: Longman, 2001, pp. 13-20.


Chapter 2:  Papers and Presentations (I)


Beachy, Robert M.


Paper, “The Secular German Confession: Freemasonry and the Problem of Civil Society in Central Europe,” by invitation.  The Masonic Legacy as Myth and Reality, 1700-2000, Clark Center for 17th- and 18th-Century Studies, UCLA.  June 2001


Paper, “Codifying Credit:  The Eclipse of Usury and the Emergence of Bankruptcy Law in Electoral Saxony.”  Fruhe Neuzeit Interdisziplinar, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, April 2001.


Paper, “Civic Identity between Territory and Reich: Municipal History in the Kingdom of Saxony.” German Studies Association Conference, Houston, October 2000


Caron, Simone M.


Paper, “Surviving a Turbulent Decade in Reproductive Health: Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island, 1965-1975.”  American Association for the History of Medicine, April 21, 2001, Charleston,SC.



Hendricks, J. Edwin


Presentation: “Daniel Boone’s North Carolina,” Boone Society, 22 June 2000.


Presentation: “A Future for Captain Jack Martin’s Rock House,” Stokes County Historical Society, Danbury, NC, March 18, 2001.


Lockyer, Angus D.


“Expo Fascism?  Architecture, Atavism, Economics,” invited paper at Culture and Fascism in 1930s Japan conference at Berkeley, March 2001.


Meyers, William K.


One of twelve invited speakers from Mexico, Europe and the United States at the Agrarian Issues and the Mexican Revolution conference in Chicato, Illinois, sponsored by the Hewlett Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, and The Mexican Consulate General.  Paper entitled, “The Land is Ours, But Who Are We?”


Rupp, Susan Z.


“Bar Associations and the Elaboration of Corporate Identity among Lawyers” at the Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, Denver, CO November 2000


“The Elaboration of Rules of Practice and the Professionalization Project: Lawyers in Late Imperial Russia,” American Society for Legal History, Princeton NJ October 2000


Schen, Claire S.


Could not travel so close to birth of baby, but contributed to original proposal and provided notes prior to workshop, “Coming to Good End: History and the Ethics of Story Telling”, at Attending to Women conference, with Megan Matchinske (UNC-H) and Olga Valbuena (WFU), November 2000, University of Maryland, College Park.


Smith, James Howell


“Winston-Salem in Black and White: Integration of a City” in Workshop on “Your Roster as a Resource:  Students as Narrators, Interviewers, and Oral History Instructors.”  (National) Oral History Association  October 2000   Raleigh, NC


“U.S. Cultural History-PAT”  Commentator

Southern Historical Association, Louisville, KY November 2000


“Changing Value of Recommendation Letters” Panel Organizer and Presenter. NAPLA/SAPLA Meeting (Southern Associaitoin of Pre-Law Advisors) Williamsburg, VA  June 2001.


Villagomez, Cynthia J.


"New Light on Sasanian History,” discussant, Middle East Studies Association Conference Orlando, Florida, November 2000.


Williams, Alan J.


Commentator on three papers for session entitled  “Policing, Public Surveillance, and Violence in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century France,” Western Society for French History, November 8-11, 2000, University of California at Los Angeles


Chair of session entitled “Crime, Citizen ship, and Community, 1750-1900,” Society for French Historical Studies, March 8-10, 2001, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Paper, “Reading Memoirs,” at session “Interpreting the Sources of Revolutionary History,”  Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850, February 22-24, 2001, Auburn University


Chapter 3:  Editorships, Offices, Consultancies  (L, M, N)


Meyers, William K.


Editor of the Mexican Revolution Reader, published by Hacket Publishing Company, Cambridge, Mass.


Sinclair, Michael L.


NEH Projects on China – time varies according to the nature and number of projects submitted; this year most of our time was devoted to discussing potential research projects that might receive funding and to resources that have recently become available in China.


Smith, James Howell


Chair of Prize Committee, Phi Alpha Theta Ben Procter Prize for Student Research, Prize Ceremonies at Southwest Social Sciences Association Meeting, Ft. Worth, TX  March 2001


Villagomez, Cynthia J.


An undergraduate paper award established in her name by the University of California Late Antique Studies Group, recognizing contributions to the Group as the founder of the Late Antique graduate student association at UCLA and the UCLA Annual Conference on Late Antiquity.


Williams, Alan J.


Editorial Board of Proceedings (an annual refereed publication of the Western So ciety for French History)



Chapter 4:  External Grants Received  (J)



Meyers, William K.


Argentina in Political Flux, Fulbright, program costs (est. $20,000).


The Corrido as History, Social Scienc Research Council, program costs. Awarded but declined due to professional conflict.


Williams, Alan J.


            Revolution and Identity, National Endowment for the Humanities, $3250.