FOR JULY 1, 2000 TO JUNE 30, 2001





I.  Publications, Performances, Exhibits



Dalton, Mary


Authored the companion Web site for  _The Art of Movie-Making: Script to Screen_ by Richard Beck Peacock.


Premiere screening of documentary "I'm Not My Brother's Keeper: Leadership and Civil Rights in Winston-Salem, North Carolina" on February 23, 2001 at Wake Forest University.  Wrote, Directed, and Co-Produced this project.


Reading of my original screenplay "Swing For The Fences" at the University Film and Video Association in Colorado Springs in August, 2000.  This was a full-length, staged reading with actors.



Hazen, Michael


Ananda Mitra, Stefne Lenzmeier, Timothy Steffenmeier, Rachel Avon, Nancy Qu, and Mike Hazen, “Gender and Computer Use in an Academic Institution:  Report from a Longitudinal Study,” JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL COMPUTING RESEARCH 23:1, 2000.



Hyde, Michael


The Call of Conscience:  Heidegger and Levinas, Rhetoric and the Euthanasia  Debate (University of South Carolina Press, 2001).


“Defining ‘Human Dignity’ in the Debate Over the (Im)Morality of Physician-Assisted Suicide, Journal of Medical Humanities, 22(2001): 69-82.


“Hermeneutics and Interpretation,” in The Encyclopedia of Rhetoric, ed. Thomas O. Sloane (New York: Oxford University Press, 2001).  This is a 6,000 word entry.  Book will be published in May but I do not yet know exact page numbers.



Louden, Allan


Not his father's debate (2000). Wake Forest Magazine, 48, 28-31. (The Last Word, p. 64)


The politics of producing debates: Commission survived challenges, but its authority remains tenuous. Editorial, Winston-Salem Journal, Oct. 7, 2000.


The ritual value of debates. Editorial, Greensboro News and Record, Oct. 8, 2000.



McMillan, Jill


McMillan, J.J. and Hyde, M.J. (2000). “Technological innovation and change: A case study in the formation of organizational conscience. The Quarterly Journal of Speech, 86: 1-29.



Mitra, Ananda


Mitra, A. (2001).  Diasporic voices in cyberspace.  New media and society, 3, 46-63.


Mitra, A., Chesner, C., Burg, J., Ferebee, M. (2000).  Computer Mediated Communication and Face-to-Face Instruction.  Teaching with Technology, Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing.


Mitra, A., Steffensmeier, T., Lenzmeier, S., Avon, R., Qu, N. and Hazen, M.   (2000).  Gender and Computer Use in an Academic Institution: Report from a Longitudinal Study.  Journal of Educational Computing Research, v 23 (1), 67-84.


Mitra, A. (2000).  Introduction to Special Issue.  Journal of Educational Computing Research, v 23 (1), 1-3.


Mitra, A. (2000).  Virtual commonality: Looking for India on the Internet.  In D. Bell and B. M. Kennedy (Eds.), The Cyberculture Reader (pp. 676-694).  New York, NY: Routledge.


Hyde, M. and Mitra, A. (2000).  On the ethics of creating a face in cyberspace: The case of a University.  In V. Berdayes and J. Murphy (Eds.) Computers, Human Interaction and Organizations, (pp. 161-188).  New York, NY: Praeger


Mitra, A. (2000).  Sen's imaging of the seventies: Calcutta and West Bengal. In (Ed.  Sumita Chakravarty) Mrinal Sen:  The Cinema of Politics, The Politics of Cinema (pp. 37-65). London: Flicks Publishing.


Hyde, M. and Mitra, A. (1999).  Communication, acknowledgment and morality of cyberspace.  In D. F. Burlingame and M. J. Poston (Eds.) The Impact of Technology on Fundraising, (pp. 15-38).  New York, NY: Jossey-Bass. NB: Although dated '1999' the publication appeared within this time period.


Mitra, A. (July 2000). Internet, pedagogy and power. Proceedings of the World Multiconfernece on Systematics, Cybernatics and Informatics, International Institute of Informatics and Systematics.


Mitra, A. (June 2000). Gender and instructional use of computers. Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia Annual.


Mitra, A. (May 2000). Gender and instructional use of computers. Proceedings of the CATE 2000 Conference.



Rogan, Randall G.


Hullet, C. R., McMillan, J. J., & Rogan, R. G. (2000). Caregivers'  predispositions

and perceived organizational expectations for the provision of  social support to nursing home residents. Health Communication, 12, 277-300.



Watts, Eric


“Voice and Voicelessness in Rhetorical Studies,” Quarterly Journal of Speech 87 (2001).


“Cultivating a Black Public Voice,” Rhetoric & Public Affairs 4 (Summer 2001).


“African American Rhetoric: An Overview,” in Encyclopedia of Rhetoric New York: Oxford UP, 2001.

            (Due in Spring)


“The Female Voice in Hip Hop: an exploration of the Potential of the Erotic Appeal,” in Centering Ourselves: African American Feminist and Womanist Studies of Discourse. Marsha Houston and Olga I. Davis (Eds.) Cresskill, N.J.: Hampton Press. (Due in Spring).



II. Papers and Presentations



LaFrance, Betty


DuRant, R. H., Wolfson, M., La France, B. H., Balkrishnan, R., Riggsby, L, & Altman, D. (2001).  An evaluation of a mass media campaign to encourage parents of adolescents to talk to their children about sex.  Paper to be presented to Society for Adolescent Medicine meeting in San Diego, March.


Rogan, R. G., La France, B. H., Chesner, C., Ferebee, M. & Hall, J. (2001).  What Goals are People Really Concerned about During Conflict?  Paper submitted to be presented to the Interpersonal Division of the National Communication Association Annual Convention, Atlanta.


La France, B. H. (2000).  How Can Functions be Measured?  Paper presented to the Intrapersonal and Social Cognition Division of the National Communication Association Annual Convention, Seattle.



Dalton, Mary


"Media Studies and Emancipatory Praxis: An Autoethnographic Essay on Critical Pedagogy" at the University Film and Video Association in Colorado Springs in August, 2000.


Panel moderator for "Industry Professionals Tell You How To Get Started" at The North Carolina Screenwriting Conference in Raleigh, NC in November, 2000.



Hyde, Michael


“Engaging Ethics in Dialogue:  Levinas and Radical Alterity”

“Creating a Well-Defined Argument of ‘Human Dignity’ in the Debate Over the (Im)Morality of Physician-Assisted Suicide”

“Rhetoric, Death, and the Euthanasia Debate”

“A Critique of Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Philosophical Hermeneutics and Political Engagement”

  (All papers presented at the Annual Convention of the National Communication Association, Seattle, WA., 2000)



Llewellyn, John


Presented “Militia’s Mischief: Creating a Presence and Reality on the Web,” on a panel for the Political Communication Division examining the Internet and hate groups at the National Communication Association Convention in Seattle in November, 2000.



Louden, Allan


Political debates in the 2000 election, Carolina's Communication Association, Wilmington, NC, October 2000.


Constitutin' engagement: Charland, constitutive rhetoric, and competitive debate. Chair, National Communication Association, Seattle, WA, November 2000.


Debates 2000: A Political Sideshow? Invited Lecture, Boston College, October 26, 2000.



McMillan, Jill


National Communication Association Annual Convention, Chicago IL, November 4-7, 1999: “The experience of learning: exploring the “student as consumer” metaphor”. Invited panelist.



Mitra, Ananda


"Needs Assessments: Taking the Pulse of Communities."  Invited Workshop at the 2000 Annual Conference of the Virginia Parks and Recreation Society, Hot Springs, VA, December 2000.


"Internet, pedagogy and power."  Plenary Keynote address at the SCI-2000 Conference of the International Institute of Informatics and Systematics, Orlando, FL, July 2000.


"Gender and instructional use of computers." Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education Conference, Montreal, Canada, June 2000.


"Pedagogy, discourse and the digital revolution."  (C. Chesner, M. Ferebee, J. Berg and A. Mitra).  CATE 2000, Cancun, Mexico, May 2000.


Invited workshop on needs assessment presented at the Annual Conference of the Pennsylvania Parks and Recreation Society in March 2001.


Invited workshop to be presented at the North Eastern Training Institute of the National Recreation and Parks Association in May 2001.


Paper to be presented at the ICA Annual conference in May 2001.



Rogan, Randall G.


Rogan, R. G., & Hammer, M. R. (2000, July). F.I.R.E.: A communication model of crisis/hostage negotiation. Presentation at the 7th International Conference on Language and Social Psychology, Cardiff, Wales.


Rogan, R. G., & Hammer, M. R. (2000, November). The F.I.R.E. model: A communication-based framework for crisis/hostage negotiations. Paper  presented at the National Communication Association convention, Seattle,  WA.


Hammer, M. R., & Rogan, R. G. (2000, July) Latio and Indochinese interpretive

 frames in negotiating conflict with law enforcement: A focus group analysis.

 Invited paper presented at the 7th International Conference on Language and Social Psychology, Cardiff, Wales.



Watts, Eric


“Of Cultural Memory, Race, and Silence,” at the National Communication Association Conference, Seattle, Washington, November 2000.


“The Spectacular Consumption of ‘True’ African American Culture: ‘Whassup’ with the Budweiser Guys?” at the National Communication Association Conference, Seattle, Washington, November 2000.



Zulick, Margaret


The "Pure-Bred" Dog and the Semiosis of Race: The American Kennel Club, the Eugenics Movement,andthe Constitution of Purity in the Politics of Identity.By Margaret D. Zulick and Andrew W. Leslie. Paper presented at the International Conference on Rhetoric—Constitution—Agency, Montreal, 29-30 September, 2000.



III. Editorships, Offices, Consultancies



LaFrance, Betty


Consultant, with Barbara Alverez Martin, M.P.H., Project Director of the North Carolina Initiative to Reduce Underage Drinking (NC Governor's Institute on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Inc.) and Mark Wolfson (Associate Professor and Director, Center for Community Research Section on Social Sciences and Health Policy, Department of Public Health Services)



Dalton, Mary


Editorial Board "Creative Screenwriting."



Hazen, Michael


Editorial Board             Quarterly Journal of Speech

Editorial Board             Argumentation and Advocacy

Editorial Board             Controversy


Russian Orthodox University of St. John the Divine on the Creation of a Department of Communication (no compensation)



Hyde,  Michael


Editorial Board Quarterly Journal of Speech

Editorial Board Philosophy and Rhetoric

Editorial Board Critical Studies in Mass Communication

External reviewer for Journal of Applied Communication Research

University of South Carolina Press, External Reviewer, 4 weeks.



Llewellyn, John


Associate editor, Free Speech Yearbook

Associate editor, Public Relations Review

Associate editor, Communication Law Review



Louden, Allan


Editorial Board for Speaker and Gavel, 1991-Present; Board of Directors for

InternationalJournalofForensics., 1998-.


Reviewer for Speaker and Gavel, Communication Studies;  Reviewer for Book: UNCIVIL WAR


American Forensics AssociationFinance Committee


National Communication Association Chair, International Committee on Discussion and




McMillan, Jill


Editorial Board—Southern Communication Journal

                                     Management Communication Quarterly


Reviewer—The Quarterly Journal of Speech


Consultant-with the Director and Assistant Director of  Great Beginnings, November, 1999  (5 hours)

Consultant—with the Director of the Winston-Salem Downtown Church Center, Fall,1999  (20 hours)


**As I mentioned in the Community Service category, both consultations were pro bono.



Mitra, Ananda


Reviewed manuscripts for New Media and Society

Reviewed manuscripts for Critical Studies in Mass Communication

Reviewed manuscripts for Journal of Computer Mediated Communication

Reviewed manuscripts for the annual conference of the International Communication Association

Member of the editorial review board for Critical Studies in Mass Communication

Member of the editorial review board for New Media and Society


Worked with Management Learning Laboratories in assessment of park and recreation services in several communities.  Mostly in summer and during winter breaks with about 1 day per month during school year.



Rogan, Randall G.


Invited reviewer for Human Communication Research (4 reviews).


Chair of the Peace and Conflict Communication Commission of the National Communication Association


Maintaining dialogue with Winston-Salem Police Department and Forsyth County Sheriff's department concerning crisis negotiations.  Serving as consultant/advisor on crisis negotiation for the Winston-Salem Police Department hostage negotiation team.  No significant time commitment to date.


Threat assessment and author identification work with M.R. Hammer; limited time commitment.


Principal investigator/consultant to the Community Oriented Policing Strategies project at North Forsyth High school, Winston-Salem, NC; dealing with gang-related youth violence.


Member of the Behavioral Health Division of the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Special Operations Response Team (SORT).


Principal partner in Center for Crisis Response and Management, an international consulting group specializing in crisis response training for multinational corporations, governments and non-profit agencies.



Watts, Eric


Editorial Board, Communication Quarterly


Guest Editor, Critical Studies in Media Communication, December 2000.


Chair, Black Caucus, National Communication Association



Zulick, Margaret


Editorial Board, Women's Studies in Communication


Editorial Board, Quarterly Journal of Speech (1 manuscript reviewed since January)


Chapter 4:  External Grants Received   (Item J on Information Form)



IV. External Grants Received



McMillan, Jill



Deliberative Democracy


The Kettering Foundation



$  Funded:

$20, 000



Rogan, Randall G.






Sub-contract with Winston-Salem Police Department; DOJ COPS Grant

$  Requested:



$  Funded: