FOR JULY 1, 2000 TO JUNE 30, 2001





Publications, Performances, Exhibits



Pendergraft, Mary L.


Review of J Martin, Aratos.  Phenomenes, for Isis. A Journal of the History of Science 91 (2000) 147.


“Aratus” and “A Storm of  Birds,” in Suda On Line, editors: Raphael Finkel, William Hutton, Patrick Rourke, Ross Scaife, Elizabeth Vandiver; The article “Aratus” was cited in Suda Classics 1.9 (August, 2000), a monthly message featuring the best of recent additions to the Suda On Line database of translations from the Suda.


“Computer Enhancement of Latin 211: Introduction to Latin Poetry,” Teaching with Technology, ed. David G. Brown, Bolton, Mass.: Anker Publishing, 2000. pages 154-56.



Papers and Presentations



Pendergraft, Mary L. B.


“Strategies for Improving the Reading of Latin,” Foreign Language Association of North Carolina, October 13, 2000, with Kathryn Williams of UNCG.


“Manilius: Poetry and Science after Vergil,: North Carolina Classical Association, March 31, 2001.



Ulery, Robert W.


“Catiline in Philadelphia: the Ancient Exemplum in Early America,” Classical Association of the Middle and West and South (CAMWS)—Southern Section, biennial meeting, Athens, GA, October 26-28, 2000; “The Case of Omnibonus Leonicenus: The Commentary on Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae of Venice, 1500: Forgery, Pseudepigraphum, or New Renaissance Editio?” Ren. Soc. Of America, annual meeting, Chicago, March 30, 2001; “Sulla and Sallust on the Surrender of Jugurtha,” CAMWS, annual meeting, Provo UT, April 19-21, 2001.



Editorships, Office, and Consultancies



Andronica, John L.


Educational Testing Service:  Faculty Consultant 2000 Advanced Placement (AP) Latin Reading, June 8-15, 2000.



Pendergraft, Mary L. B.


Appointed to Joint Committee on Classics in American Education (a joint committee of the American Philological Association and the American Classical League)


Educational Testing Service:

  SAT II Latin Committee (writing questions; editing questions; annual committee meeting)

  Advanced Placement Exam, Latin, Faculty Reader (one week on site in June)



Ulery, Robert W.


Secretary-Treasurer, American Assn. for Neo-Latin Studies

Committee on the CAMWS Centennial, Classical Assn. of the Middle West and South

President, Southern Section, CAMWS



External Grants Received