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Historians TV featured the Wake Forest University Department of History at the annual American Historical Association conference in Boston in January 2011. Watch.


Welcome to the Department of History at Wake Forest University. Here is where you can find:

You can also get in touch with us through the contact information below and throughout the site. We look forward to hearing from you.

Simone Caron, Associate Professor and Chair

Recent Publications by History Faculty

Charles Wilkins
Forging Urban Solidarities: Ottoman Aleppo, 1640-1700 (Leiden: Brill, 2010)

Robert Hellyer
Defining Engagement: Japan and Global Contexts, 1640-1868 (Harvard University Asia Center, 2009)

Paul Escott
What Shall We Do with the Negro? (University of Virginia Press, 2009)

North Carolinians in the Era of the Civil War and Reconstruction (editor)(The University of North Carolina Press, 2008)

Monique O'Connell
Men of Empire: Power and Negotiation in Venice's Maritime State (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009)

Simone M. Caron
Who Chooses? American Reproductive History since 1830 (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2008)

Gillespie, Michele K.
Susanna Delfino and Michele Gillespie, eds., Technology, Innovation & Southern Industrialization, Vol. 2 in New Directions in the History of Southern Economy and Society series, (Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2008).

Michele Gillespie and Robert Beachy, eds., Pious Pursuits: German Moravians in the Atlantic World, (N.Y.: Berghahn Books, 2007).

Ronald L. Heinemann, John G. Kolp, Anthony S. Parent Jr., and William G. Shade
Old Dominion, New Commonwealth A History of Virginia, 1607-2007 (Richmond: University of Virginia Press, 2007)

Hellyer, Robert I.
“The Missing Pirate and the Pervasive Smuggler: Regional Agency in Coastal Defense, Trade, and Foreign Relations in Nineteenth-Century Japan,” International History Review, 37.1 (2005): 1-24.

“Intra-Asian Trade and the Bakumatsu Crisis: Reconsidering Tokugawa Commercial Policies in Late Edo Japan,” International Journal of Asian Studies, 2.1 (2005): 83-110.

Lerner, Jeffrey D.
“Correcting the Early History of Āy Kānom,” Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran und Turan 35-36 (2003-2004):  373-410.

Selected Publications



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