The Wake Forest University History Department is pleased to sponsor our local branch of the Phi Alpha Theta Honors Society.  PAT is a professional society dedicated to promoting the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. PAT brings students and professors of history together for intellectual and social exchanges.

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PAT Events

New Inductees to Phi Alpha Theta

Inducted October 29, 2010

Eason Armstrong                    Terrol M. Graham

Andrew G. Augustus              Emma Marie Hart

Kelsie G. Bittle                       Rebecca E. Hinson

Julian C. Bixby                       Lindsey E. Imus

Alexander M. Boston             Jennifer E. King

Michael W. Byington              John J. Lisy, IV

Christopher L. Donovan         Rebecca E. Morgan

Alexander L. J. Esseesse       Emily A. Rabbitt

Sean Patrick Farrell                Przemyslaw A. Wilczewski

Christina H. Federowicz         Katherine  Saunders Wynkoop

Natalie Michelle Friedman      Jonathan Zaikowski

Christopher S. Funk               

History Department Picnic

Sponsored by Phi Alpha Theta, September 27, 2010.

PAT officers Kara Peruccio and Emma Lawlor with Professor Jake Ruddiman




New Inductees to Phi Alpha Theta
Inducted April 28, 2010

Robert J. Abraham                              Emma J. Lawlor

Peter F. Adams                                   Brent B. Lindley

Joshua D. Binney                                Elizabeth W. May

Hanna M. BredenbeckCorp                 Katie McAbee

Carolina Butler                                    James A. Walker Merrick

Michael P. Canavan                            Kara A. Peruccio

Daniel M. Capone                               Ian S. Richardson

William B. Collins                                Sarah A. Rives

David M. Curtis                                   Margaret E. Ryan

Eleanor C. Davidson                           Virginia A. Spofford

Phillip T. Distanislao, III                        Hillary Anne Taylor

Christopher R. Falzon                         Tess R. Taylor

John Y. Harrison                                 Elizabeth Ashlee Valentini

Laurel Hearn                                       Robert M. Vendley

Sarah Grace Hurt                                Hannah R. Werthan

Theodore H. Kenyon                           Beth Ann Williams


Phi Alpha Theta Officers

Emma Lawlor, Co-President

Kara Peruccio, Co-President

Michele Gillespie, Faculty Adviser


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