Timeline Project Instructions 
          The class will split into teams of 2 or 3 persons. Each team will create a web-based timeline of a specific area of the world from 1500 to the present. (Get and set up your web space.
          The regions of the world divide as follows: Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia (from the Middle East to India to Russia), SouthEast Asia (including China and Japan). You will create a web site which contains the timeline for your area. 
          The timelines, which span from 1500 to the present, will consist of five sections split by centuries. For each century, you must have four or five major, primary events of that century. In addition, you must include four or five important, secondary events of the period. For each event, a team will create an event explanation page which will contain a brief description of the occasion -- its geographic location, the people involved, and the outcomes. In your description, the use of images, audio clips, or video clips is acceptable and encouraged. Please see the timeline example page
          Every three weeks, as outlined by the syllabus, you will "hand in" your timeline for the appropriate century. By the end of the semester, you will have turned in five timelines completing the 500 year span. 
          The following is one process that you could follow to build your timeline: 
    • First: CONTENT
    • Step 1: Consult your textbook, The Human Community
    • Step 2: Consult general histories of your area of the world
    • Step 3: Identify the five major events and describe them (including images and/or a/v clips)
    • Step 4: Identify the five secondary events and describe them (including images and/or a/v clips)
    • Second: WEB SITE DESIGN
    • Step 1: Develop a site organization strategy (Remember . . . your site will grow over the next fifteen weeks!)
    • Step 2: Develop a standard page design or template to give your site consistency
    • Step 3: Build your web pages