New Administration Building
Under Construction


Wait Hall is no more: The ground on which she stood so majestically no more bears her historic weight. It calmly awaits the triumphant rise of the new and more modern building which is being constructed at an approximate cost of $85,000.00. The alumni, faculty and students of Wake Forest College will be pleased with the completion of this building, as it will relieve the congestion that now prevails throughout the Administration.

The charred ruins of Wait Hall were pulled to the ground and hauled to their final resting place, giving way to the more modern building that from the standpoint of architecture will resemble historic Wait Hall, but from other points will be modern in every sense of the word.

The work is actually underway and the building will be ready for occupancy by March of 34. There will be plenty of room for all of the administrative offices of the college and ten much needed classrooms. There will not be any dormitory rooms in the building. This structure will give Wake Forest one of the finest buildings for administrative purposes in the state and one that all Wake Forest men can well be proud of.

With the completion of this building, Wake Forest will need only one more to round out her program, and that is a new gymnasium. The new Medical building, the new Administrative building, and the new addition of stands on the Athletic Field solve the major problems that have caused much worry to the trustees and faculty. Now all of our attention can be turned to the gymnasium problem, and it is reasonable to assume that such a grave need will soon be supplied.


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