Wake Forest College

The towering spire of Wait Chapel and the impressive versatility of Reynolda Hall on the beautiful Winston-Salem campus bear little resemblance to the old Calvin Jones house in the peaceful town of Wake Forest, yet the college we know now was implicit m the piston which began to take solid form when Dr. Samuel Wait met the first students in that old house on February 3, 1834. This is true because, whether we speak of the mid-twentieth century or the early nineteenth, Wake Forest is better identified and defined in her vision than in her buildings. That vision, embodying the motivation, the purpose and the philosophy of the college, has been constant even though it is not the same now after a century and a third. The change has been like the change from the child to the man rather than one of kind.

The vision, whether in the soul of Wait and those with whom he labored or in the lives of those who serve and love the college now, has as its embodiment a youth with the future in his eyes. Its form is faith. And its symbol is the seal and the motto of the college. At the center of the seal as at the heart of the college, is the sign for Jesus Christ with the "reek letters alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, on either side. Rays of light, signifying knowledge, emanate from the center. And across the seal the Latin motto moves— Pro humanitate —for humanity! The faith which is the soul of the college then is faith in God as revealed in Jesus Christ, faith in human personality as the crown of His creation and the end of His purpose, and faith in truth as His instrument, bringing man to his fullness m Him.

The vision has been constant but never static! It has grown and expanded in the broadening horizons and deepening in-sights of those who have built on Wait's foundation. It still finds its best expression, not only in the integrity of the present but m the hope and promise of the future, for as the Wake Forest of today was implicit in yesterday's vision, the Wake Forest of the future is implicit in the constancy of that vision today.

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The pages which follow are from the 1964 yearbook, conceived and produced by students. The idea of making this excerpt available in an effort to introduce the College and its spirit on a wider scale is also theirs. In the hope that you, seeing the College as its own students do, may share their love and support for it, this glimpse of Wake Forest carries the best wishes of

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