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Careers for historians


Online essays:

* American Historical Association, "Careers for Students of History"
* North Carolina State History Department, "FAQs: What Can You Do with a History Major?"
* Robert Pace, "I would like to major in history, but... What Can I Do When I Graduate?"
* Jack Rakove, "Careers for History Majors"
* Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, "The Humanities at Work"

Books and Pamphlets:

* Julie DeGalan and Stephen E. Lambert, Great Jobs for History Majors (McGraw-Hill, 2001)
* Blythe Camenson, Careers for History Buffs & Others Who Learn from the Past

Public history:

* Archivist positions: Society of American Archivists, Employment Bulletin
* Federal government: Office of Personnel Management.This site lists all available federal jobs, so job seekers will have to do a subject search to find relevant listings. Many (but not all) history positions are classified under the "GS-170 Historian" job classification.
* Historical societies: The American Association for State and Local History, Dispatch
* Museum positions: The American Association of Museums.
* State and local government: use this list of links to check the web sites of individual states and cities.

The National Council on Public History (NCPH) and the Society for History in the Federal Government also post employment advertisements.

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