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Prospective Faculty

At the core of the collegiate university is a dedicated faculty of teacher-scholars. As they engage with bright, dynamic students, Wake Forest faculty defeat the conventional wisdom that superb teaching and groundbreaking research are mutually exclusive. Our faculty balance the creativity and energy of the classroom with their rigorous research programs so that their teaching and research grow together.

The Wake Forest University Provost's Office is dedicated to supporting its faculty in all their endeavors, from research to teaching to work/life balance. Visit the Provost's site for more information.

Wake Forest University: Balancing Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship

Wake Forest is making an important commitment to the experience of all the members of our academic community. Part of our commitment is to properly equip our faculty and staff to meet this community's standards for high expectations and considered mentoring of students.


The Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is a resource center for Wake Forest faculty at all stages of their careers. The center hosts events designed to bring together faculty and other professionals to share expertise, explore innovations, and discuss the challenges of teaching in and across disciplines.

Research & Sponsored Programs

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) assists the Vice-Provost in building faculty research programs of nationally recognized excellence. ORSP's mission is to assist faculty in their pursuit and management of sponsored activities as well as to encourage and to support ethical research achievement, especially involving human subjects.

The Professional Development Center

The mission of the Professional Development Center is to provide faculty, staff, and the broader Winston-Salem community with professional, personal, and civic enrichment opportunities through education focused on management training, interpersonal skills, academic and administrative software, general technical skills, and a myriad of special interest topics.


Provost's Office Grants and Funding

One of the core missions of the Provost's Office is to support Wake Forest University faculty in their research and scholarly endeavors. In support of this mission, a number of funding opportunities are available through the Provost's Office.