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ERIC_NO: ED443814
TITLE: Studies in Teaching 1999 Research Digest. Research Projects Presented at Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, NC, December 1999).
AUTHOR: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.
ABSTRACT: This publication presents a collection of research projects presented at the Annual Research Forum at Wake Forest University: "The Use of Group Work as an Effective Teaching Technique in Lower Level Spanish Classes" (James Blackburn); "What Are the Real Factors behind Student Motivation?" (Matthew Grey Burdick); "Can Students Communicate Mathematical Reasoning?" (Mary Elizabeth Cassells); "Establishment and Practice of Religion in the American Public Classroom: A Teacher's Predicament" (Angell Caudill); "A Study of Anxiety in the Secondary Spanish Classroom" (Summer Colucci); "The Use of African and Caribbean Francophone Literature To Teach Culture" (Katherine B. Farley); "The Writing Process in Secondary Level Spanish Classes" (Nancy A.M. Feider); "The Effects of Teacher Self-Disclosure in a Classroom That Addresses Controversial Ethical Topics" (Mary Beth Ferrell); "Student and Teacher Attitudes toward Technology" (Abdul Azeez Guice); "Immediate Corrective Feedback and Classroom Performance" (Andrew R. Hano); "Students' Perspectives of Title IX and High School Athletics" (Tricia Hester); "Classroom Seating and Student Anxiety" (Candi Lavender); "How Use of Multimedia Affects Student Engagement and Attitudes in English Literature" (Lori Lloyd); "A Study of Academic Motivation of High School Students" (Amy Marchell); "Classroom Culture and Psychosocial Environment" (Katherine Martin); "Gender Dynamics in the Classroom: A Study on the Effects of Single-Gender and Mixed-Gender Groups on Student Achievement and Attitude" (Maureen C. Miller); "Division of Fractions: Procedural versus Conceptual Knowledge" (Laura M. Nagle); "High School Coaching and College Academic Success" (DaLawn Parrish); "Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom: How Do Teachers Use It to Enhance Instruction?" (Allison R. Pratt); "Student Engagement in the Secondary Science Laboratory" (Jared M. Rashford); "Student Attitudes towards Using the Internet in Class as a Function of Class Time Spent On-Line" (Michael Riley); "Teaching Methods: Seminar versus Lecture" (Benjamin E. Sankey); "Female Science Students: A New Perspective" (Geoffrey C. Stewart); "Dialect Bias in Questioning Styles in the Standard English Classroom" (C. Lyn Strickland); "The Teaching of Evolution in North Carolina: A Study of Teacher Beliefs and Curriculum Decision-Making" (Kira Taylor); "Assigning Good Writing" (Emily M. Tierney); "Encouraging Social Action among High School Students" (Robb Warfield); "Standard English, Grammar, and Writing: Case Studies of Three Teachers" (Peter Wilbur); "Relationship of Musical Experiences and Mathematics Achievement" (David Williams); and "Why Do Students Misbehave in the Classroom?" (Brian Wolverton). (SM)
DESCRIPTORS: African Culture; African Literature; Athletics; Classroom Environment; Computer Uses in Education; Cultural Awareness; Decision Making; Educational Technology; *Elementary Secondary Education; English Literature; Ethics; Evolution; Females; Grammar; Group Activities; High School Students; Higher Education; Internet; Lecture Method; Mathematics Achievement; Mathematics Education; Multimedia Instruction; Music; Public Schools; Religion; Second Language Instruction; Secondary School Science; Self Disclosure (Individuals); Service Learning; Sex Differences; Spanish; Student Attitudes; Student Behavior; Student Motivation; Teacher Attitudes; Teachers; Teaching Methods; Technology; Tutoring; Writing Processes; Writing Skills
IDENTIFIERS: Caribbean History; Psychosocial Factors; Seating Assignments; Student Engagement
PAGE: 156
EDRS_PRICEEDRS Price MF01/PC07 Plus Postage.
INSTITUTION_NAME: BBB03230 _ Wake Forest Univ., Winston Salem, NC.

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