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ERIC_NO: ED433314
TITLE: Studies in Teaching. 1998 Research Digest. Research Projects Presented at Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, NC, December 1998).
AUTHOR: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.
ABSTRACT: This collection of papers includes: "Teaching Approaches in Social Studies" (Lisa N. Andries); "Teacher Assigned and Student Generated Writing Topics" (Robert L. Barr, Jr.); "Environmental Knowledge and Concern among High School Students" (Kristin Redington Bennett); "The Use of Primary Sources in the Social Studies Classroom" (Leslie Ann Bilcheck); "Academic Integrity: Cheating and High School" (Kris Britton); "Authoritative Space: The Use of Teacher Proximity in Classroom Management" (James J. Cardo, III); "Using Media in the Secondary English Classroom: A Survey of Teachers" (Donna N. Chandler); "Involvement, Engagement, and the Dynamics of Underachievement in the High School English Classroom" (Rachel C. Childs); "Examination of Classroom Learning Environments in Tracked Biology Classes" (Erin A. Clesen); "To Whom It May Concern: Specific Audience in Student Writing" (Bart Ganzert); "Using Computer Aids to Develop Three Dimensional Visualization Skills in High School Chemistry Students" (Jeffrey S. George); "Creating Authentic Conversation in Literature Discussion: The Role of Teacher Feedback" (Mary K. Graciano); "The English Idiom: Figurative Language in the High School English Classroom" (Jeffrey Hartz); "Cooperative Learning: The Effect of Gender and Ability Grouping" (Tina Lane Heafner); "The Effects of Teacher Facial Expression and Eye Contact on Student Classroom Attitude and Participation" (Katherine M. Humphrey); "Social Studies Teachers and the Internet: Are the Teachers Using It and If So, How?" (Jeremy Kopkas); "Integrating Culture and Language in the Elementary School Foreign Language Program" (Claire W. Maddrey); "Create Active Students through Active Teaching" (Mark Makovec); "The Effects of Teacher Questioning Patterns on Classroom Discourse" (William E. Owen, Jr.); "A Feminist Pedagogy in the Mathematics Classroom" (Beth Payne); "Teacher Politeness in the Secondary English Classroom" (Jamie T. Ravenscraft); "Effective Questioning Techniques: In Theory and Practice" (Sari Rose); "The Importance of Young Adult Literature in the Secondary English Classroom" (Rhonda Faircloth Saweliew); "The Gender Bias in Science: The Missing Links" (Jeff Streeter); "The Use of Formal and Informal Language in the Science Classroom" (Jodi Wheeler); "Improving Foreign Language Instruction at the High School Level Using Early Language Techniques" (Leslie White); "Discipline Style and Teacher Personality" (Jill Wolf); and "Do Current Philosophies in Social Studies Pedagogy Have a Life in the Classroom?" (Lisa L. Yamaoka). (SM)
DESCRIPTORS: Ability Grouping; Adolescent Literature; Biology; Cheating; Chemistry; Classroom Environment; Classroom Techniques; Computer Assisted Instruction; Cooperative Learning; Cultural Awareness; Discipline; Elementary Secondary Education; English Instruction; Group Discussion; Internet; Mass Media; Mathematics Education; Philosophy; Questioning Techniques; Science Education; Second Language Instruction; Sex Bias; Sex Differences; *Social Studies; Student Attitudes; Student Participation; Teacher Role; *Teacher Student Relationship; Teachers; *Teaching Methods; Track System (Education); Underachievement; Writing Assignments; Writing Skills
IDENTIFIERS: Active Teaching; Conversation; Formal Language
PAGE: 145
EDRS_PRICEEDRS Price MF01/PC06 Plus Postage.
INSTITUTION_NAME: BBB03230 _ Wake Forest Univ., Winston Salem, NC.

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