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ERIC_NO: ED418942
TITLE: Studies in Teaching.
AUTHOR: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.
ABSTRACT: The 30 papers presented at Wake Forest University's 1997 Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) are as follows: "To Sprint or Crawl: The Effect of Classroom Activities on Student Behavior: (R. Allen); "Generating Good Grammar: Traditional and Whole Language Approaches" (D. Alexander); "Effective Teaching Methodologies for ESL Students Learning Secondary Science: Recommendations from the Field" (B. Bautista); "Problem Solving Abilities of Advanced Mathematics Students" (A. Bloom); "The Effects of Writing to Learn on Student's Test Scores" (C. Bolt); "Ocean Knowledge and Attitudes of North Carolina High School Students: Do Coastal Students Know More?" (B. Burkhalter); "Error Correction in the Foreign Language Classroom" (N. Chremos); "The Effect of Database Use on Secondary Achievement and Attitude" (A. Clifton); "Adding Relevance to Poetic Concepts through Modern Song Lyrics" (S. Cooney); "Political Efficacy: Factors Contributing to Civic Confidence" (J. Craig); "Applying Multiple Intelligences Theory in the Elementary Foreign Language Classroom" (S. Decker); "Individual Response Journals vs. Group Response Journals" (K. Else); "What Motivates Academic Achievement?" (C. Gaskell); "High School Students' Perspectives on Good and Bad Teachers" (C. Goodgame); "Controlled Chaos? Teachers' Questions and Students' Behavior in Large Group Discussions" (K. Greene); "Teacher Control and Release and Student Attention" (P. Gruber); "Teaching as Situational Art: An Exploration of Questioning and Analogy in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom" (C. Gupton); "Do Textbooks Stimulate Students? Student Attitudes toward High School Biology Textbooks" (E. Herrin); "Class Discussion: What Helps. What Hurts" (L. Huntley); "Foreign Language Study in High School: Is Two Years Enough?" (R. Jeremiah); "Enhancing Social Studies Learning: What Students Prefer" (L. Martin); "The Role of Current Events in the Social Studies: An Assessment of Student Attitudes and Lesson Composition" (J. McEnaney); "Prereading: What Works?" (T. Moffitt); "Writing Instruction Approaches in the High School English Classroom and Students' Writing" (K. Osterhaus); "Surveying Students' Opinions about Dissection and the Influence of Animal Rights Groups and/or Marketing of Non-Animal-Tested Products" (A. Searle); "The Effects of Race and Gender on Students' Perceptions of Social Studies" (D. Shabazz); "Facing the Hurdles: Perspectives of First-Year Mathematics Teachers" (L. Tyler); "Testing What You Teach: Speaking Skills in the Foreign Language Classroom" (E. Waters); "Teaching Methodologies for Special Needs Students in the Foreign Language Classroom" (E. West); and "Passive vs. Active Learning: A Qualitative Study" (J. Zeichner). (Papers contain references.) (SM)
DESCRIPTORS: *Academic Achievement; Beginning Teachers; Biology; Citizenship Responsibility; Computer Assisted Instruction; Current Events; Discussion (Teaching Technique); *Elementary Secondary Education; English (Second Language); Error Correction; Grammar; Group Discussion; Journal Writing; Mathematics Education; Multiple Intelligences; Oceanography; Poetry; Prereading Experience; Science Education; Scores; Second Language Instruction; Sex Differences; Speech Skills; Student Attitudes; Teacher Student Relationship; *Teaching Methods; Whole Language Approach; Writing Instruction
IDENTIFIERS: North Carolina; Passive Learning
PAGE: 156; 2
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NOTE: 156p.; Papers presented at the Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, NC, December 1997).

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