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ERIC_NO: ED418941
TITLE: Studies in Teaching. 1996 Research Digest.
AUTHOR: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.
ABSTRACT: The 19 papers presented at Wake Forest University's 1996 Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) are as follows: "Initiating and Facilitating Discourse: An Examination of Methods of Four Secondary English Classrooms" (Stella Katherine Beale); "Cheating: Beliefs and Habits" (William Clark); "English Instructional Methods and the Effect on Student Literature Study" (Stuart Alan Egan); "Teaching with the History of Mathematics" (Carol Beth Findley); "Grammatically Speaking: Understanding the Errors of Basic Writers" (Katherine Elizabeth Fisher); "Technology in the Mathematics Classroom" (Tucker D. Grace); "Literature: Teacher's Purpose of Instruction" (Brad S. Hayn); "What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?" (Nikki Honeycutt); "Women and Girls in the Single-Sex Social Studies Classroom" (Lori A. Kalisz); "Teachers' Expectations: Implicit and Explicit Communication in the Classroom" (Ashley Martin); "Student Participation in the Science Classroom: A Gender Issue" (Meredith K. McCullough); "What Kinds of Questions Do Teachers Ask in the Classroom and How Do Students Respond?" (Peter Milner); "Gender-Stereotypical Behaviors in High School Classrooms" (Melynda Ray-McCutcheon); "How Do Teachers Customize Their Motivational Strategies?" (Eileen M. Rohmer); "Problem-Based Learning and Student Ability Level" (Ryan Stattenfield); "The Effect of Teacher Prompts on Gender and Comprehension" (Olivia Michelle Utley); "Using the Weather Channel as a Teaching Tool for Geography" (Heather Sherae Wable); "Learning Style Perceptual Strengths in the Mathematics Classroom" (Laurie Walton); and "Exploration of Student Knowledge of Ethical Issues in Genetics" (Aaron Sidscott Wever). (Papers contain references.) (SM)
DESCRIPTORS: Academic Achievement; Career Choice; Cheating; Cognitive Style; Computer Assisted Instruction; Discussion (Teaching Technique); English Instruction; Ethics; Genetics; Geography Instruction; Intermediate Grades; Knowledge Level; Literature; Mathematics Instruction; Middle Schools; Reading Instruction; Science Education; Secondary Education; Sex Bias; Sex Differences; Student Behavior; Student Participation; *Teacher Expectations of Students; *Teacher Student Relationship; Teaching Methods; Womens Education; Writing Skills
IDENTIFIERS: North Carolina; Problem Based Learning; Single Sex Classes
PAGE: 99; 2
EDRS_PRICEEDRS Price - MF01/PC04 Plus Postage.
NOTE: 99p.; Papers presented at the Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, NC, December 1996).

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