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ERIC_NO: ED401261
TITLE: Studies in Teaching. 1995 Research Digest. Papers Presented at the Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, December 1995).
AUTHOR: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.
ABSTRACT: This is a collection of papers reporting student research projects at the Annual Research Forum, Department of Education, Wake Forest University (North Carolina). They include: "Student Interest in Studying World History in Relation to Current Events" (Conan Arthur); "Perceptions of High School Student Athletes and Athletics" (Edward Barrett); "Moments of Transition" (Mary Beth Braker); "The Effect of Ability Level on Student-Teacher Interaction in Secondary English" (Brooke Buchanan); "Impact of Math Course Selection on Future Endeavors (Bernice Campbell); "Are High School Students Learning Nutrition?" (Laura Fierke); "Humor in the High School English Classroom" (Christiana Fitzpatrick); "Teacher Questions in High School History" (Carmen Garland); "The Use of Historical Background in Secondary School Literature Classrooms" (Amy Garrett); "Why Don't Students Like Social Studies?" (Charles Gobble); "The Learning Cycle as Used To Modify the Current Biology Lesson" (Sandra Haas); "What Instructional Strategies Do Teachers Use and How Do Teachers Respond When Students Use African-American English in the Classroom?" (Guy Hill); "How Do Teachers Generate and Use Questions in the English Classroom?" (Melissa King); "What are High School Geometry Teachers' Views Toward Teaching Proofs?" (Karen Marshall); "Occupational Gender Stereotypes of High School Students" (Felicia McCrary); "Classroom Environment: Perceptions of How Classroom Activities Influence Student Learning" (Edward McNeal, Jr.); "Student/Athlete or Athlete/Student?" (Ryan Michel); "School Reform--Coalition Style" (Kristan Morrison); "A Hypermedia Guide to the Life and Poetic Works of John Keats" (Bethany Nowviskie); "Block Scheduling" (Sharon Oxford); "What Are the Future Plans of Today's High School Athletes?" (Chris Pfohl); "Critical Thinking Challenges" (Blake Radcliffe); "To What Extent Are Primary Sources Used To Teach History to High School Students?" (Kara Smith); "Predictive Factors for High School Physics Enrollment" (Alice Sy); "How Do Single-Sex vs. Coed Science Classrooms Affect Females' Attitudes, Beliefs and Achievement?" (Rebecca Thompson); and "Teachers' Perceptions about Student Learning in Sex Education" (Utasha Watkins). (JLS)
DESCRIPTORS: Athletes; Athletics; College Students; English Instruction; Higher Education; History Instruction; Mathematics Instruction; Nutrition Instruction; Physical Education; Preservice Teacher Education; Science Instruction; Secondary Education; Sex Education; Sex Stereotypes; *Student Research; Student Teachers; *Student Teaching
IDENTIFIERS: Wake Forest University NC
PAGE: 134; 2
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NOTE: 134p.

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