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ERIC #:   ED508150

Title:Studies in Teaching: 2009 Research Digest

Authors: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.


High Schools, Student Attitudes, Oral Reading, Writing Strategies, Elementary Secondary Education, Oral Language, Student Interests, Research Reports, Algebra, Mathematics Instruction, Teacher Attitudes, Cooperative Learning, Program Development, Program Implementation, French, Second Language Instruction, Science Education, Educational Games, Biology, Social Studies, Teaching Methods, Time Factors (Learning), Content Area Writing, Educational Technology, Instructional Effectiveness, Spanish, Instructional Materials, History Instruction, Primary Sources, English Instruction, Learner Engagement, Teacher Student Relationship, Cultural Awareness, Teacher Role, Political Issues, Educational Strategies, State Standards, Homework, Writing Instruction, Low Income Groups, Curriculum Implementation, Video Games, Middle Schools, Block Scheduling, Computer Software, Computer Assisted Instruction, Handheld Devices, Master Teachers, Lecture Method, Speech Communication, Focus Groups, Learning Motivation, Elementary Education, Elementary Secondary Education, High Schools, Middle Schools, Secondary Education

Publication Date: 2009

Pages: 178

Pub Types: Collected Works - Proceedings


This document presents the proceedings of the Annual Research Forum. Included herein are the following 29 studies: (1) What Factors Influence Algebra 1 Students' Attitudes toward Math? (Elizabeth A. Allen); (2) Low-Income Student and Teacher Impressions of Kagan Cooperative Learning (Andrea Anderson); (3) Developing and Implementing an Articulated French Program (Rebekah Bray); (4) The Effects of Gaming on Middle and High School Biology Students' Content Knowledge and Attitudes toward Science (Peter Dunlap); (5) The Effects of the Class Length on the Instructional Practices of Social Studies Teachers (Clayton R. Honeycutt); (6) Teaching Writing Strategies in a Social Studies Classroom: The Study of Different Writing Strategies and Assignments Implemented by Social Studies Teachers (Michael Hoover); (7) The Effect of Technology Use on Student Interest and Understanding in Geometry (Scott Hopper); (8) The Use of Authentic Materials in the Secondary Spanish Classroom (Alena Huberman); (9) How High School History Teachers Utilize Primary Source Documents in Classroom Instruction (Chloe-Marie Keveryn); (10) Teaching Grammar for Communication in the Secondary French Classroom (Jessica Ashley Krantz); (11) Teaching Culture in the K-12 French Program (Jordan Lucas); (12) Wry or Dry: Teacher Humor in the English Classroom (Shannon MacAulay); (13) Implementing Authentic Materials in the Secondary Spanish Classroom (Caitlin McClelland); (14) Lecture (Abridged): The Kernel Lecture and Its Effect on Student Engagement (Robert McFeeley); (15) Always Working an Angle: Exploration of the Teacher-Student Relationship and Engagement (Caitlin E. Murphy); (16) Student Understanding of Proof in High School Geometry (Jonathan H. Newman); (17) The Use of Discussion in the Social Studies Classroom (Eric M. Oddo); (18) You Choose: Does Student Choice Matter? (Krista H. Pool); (19) Education Through the Eyes of the Student: Examining the Relationship Between Student Engagement and Teaching Method (Gregg Punger); (20) Developing Cultural Awareness in the K-12 Spanish Classroom (Maggie May Pursley); (21) The Teacher's Voice and Student Engagement (Peter Schild); (22) Words on World vs. Words on Words: The Effects of Making Material Relevant on Student Engagement (Paige A. Sellers); (23) Oral Language Development in the K-12 French Classroom (Lucy Shepley); (24) Taking a Stand: Investigating Teachers' Roles in Fostering Student Opinion on Historical and Political Issues in the Secondary Social Studies Classroom (Michelle Showalter); (25) Reading Aloud Allowed: The Effects of Oral Reading on Student Engagement (Elizabeth Anne Taylor); (26) Teacher Strategies that Promote Study of the French Language in Grades K-12 (Shannon Teare); (27) How Social Studies Teachers Teach: State Standards and Their Impact on Teacher Pedagogical Strategies (Tyler S. Treadaway); (28) Student Attitudes toward Mathematics Homework (Morgan Tysinger); and (29) Writing in the High School Classroom: Student Answers to Essential Questions (Jeffrey D. Williams). (Individual papers contain references.) [Abstract revised to meet ERIC guidelines.}