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ERIC #: ED507262

Title:Studies in Teaching: 2008 Research Digest

Authors: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.


Cultural Awareness, Secondary Education, Second Language Instruction, Spanish, Writing Across the Curriculum, Mathematics, Homework, Current Events, Social Studies, Student Evaluation, Secondary School Curriculum, Teacher Attitudes, Positive Reinforcement, Learner Engagement, Biology, Notetaking, Causal Models, High School Students, Discussion (Teaching Technique), Verbal Communication, Figurative Language, Calculators, World History, Literary Genres, Speech Skills, Language Proficiency, Elections, Technology Uses in Education, Thinking Skills, Student Motivation, Chemistry, Time Management, Teacher Behavior, Reading Instruction, Algebra, Relevance (Education), Primary Sources, Electronic Publishing, Textbooks, Content Analysis, Vocabulary, Inquiry, French, Constructivism (Learning), Regression (Statistics), Comprehension, Questioning Techniques, Teacher Student Relationship, Gender Issues, Formative Evaluation, Educational Research, High Schools, Secondary Education

Publication Date: 2008

Pages: 209

Pub Types: Collected Works - Proceedings; Information Analyses; Speeches/Meeting Papers


Proceedings of Annual Research Forum. 34 studies. Cultural Awareness in Secondary Spanish (Amy Allen), Writing in Mathematics (Lindsey L. Bakewell), Homework: Assignment Methods and Student Engagement (Lia Beresford), Current Events and Social Studies (Jennie Marie Biser), Authentic Assessments in Social Studies (Carl Boland), Assessment in High School Mathematics (Katie Bradley), Teacher Positivity and Student Engagement (Brianna Brown), Socioscientific Issues in High School Biology (Erin Campbell), Note Taking in Social Studies (Amber Carter), How High School Students Solve Linear Equations (Jennifer Cipriano), Teacher Use of Classroom Discussion (John Compton), Student Engagement (Jessica Rose Conley), Teachers' Use of Verbal Irony (Megan Connor), Calculator Use (Christina M. Cook), Student-Centered Projects in World History (Sarah Cooper), Text Length and Student Engagement (Amanda Ferris), Oral Proficiency Development in Spanish (Ana Ginorio), Teaching Elections through Technology (Katie Gulledge), Higher Order Thinking in Social Studies (Kristina Hanley), Student Motivation in Chemistry (Casie Hermes), Teacher Time-Management and Student Engagement (Melissa Johnson), Reading Instruction in Spanish (Kelsey Lentz), Real Life Connections in Algebra (Sarah E. Lovejoy), Digital Primary Sources (Alex Massengale), Content Terminology (Sarah Weis Neggers), Inquiry in Biology (Leslie Parker), Oral Proficiency in French (Robbie Richwine), Teacher Actions and Student Enthusiasm (Sean Sexton), Students Experience SMART Board through Constructivist Values (Andrew J. Smith ), Students' Understanding of Linear Regression (Matthew J. Smith), The Effect of Teacher Question Type on Student Engagement (WT (Ted) Stille IV), Teacher Gender, Student Gender, and Verbal Interaction (Mary Beth White), Oral Proficiency in Spanish (Gregory Williams), and Formative Assessment in Science (Kristy Younker). (Contains 10 tables, 20 figures, and 1 graph.)