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ERIC #: ED494888

Title: Studies in Teaching: 2006 Research Digest. Research Projects Presented at Annual

Research Forum ( Winston-Salem, North Carolina, December 6, 2006)

Authors: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.

Descriptors: School Holding PowerHigh SchoolsVisual AidsTeacher ResponseTeaching MethodsStudent AttitudesRacial Differences;  Motivation;  Methods;  Mathematics Anxiety

Publication Date: 2006-12-06

Pages: 166

Pub Types: Collected Works - Proceedings

Abstract: These Proceedings document an educational research forum held at Wake Forest University ( Winston-Salem, North Carolina) on December 6, 2006. Table of contents and 27 research studies of high school teaching are included. Studies include: (1) A Study of Teachers' Perceptions of High School Mathematics Instructional Methods (Caroline Adkisson); (2) Consequences of Teacher Response to Student Misbehavior on Classroom Engagement (Kate Robb Allman); (3) Investigating the Causes of Math Anxiety in the High School Classroom (Amanda Barnes); (4) Flow Theory in the English Classroom (David A. Beveridge, Jr.); (5) Teaching Personas: Static to Dynamic Styles (Elizabeth A. Callahan); (6) Finishing Strong: Student Engagement During the Final Minutes of Class (Bryan Christopher); (7) A Comparison of Virtual and Traditional Chemistry Laboratories (Susann Connin); (8) The Effects of Three Different Modes of Lab Preparation on Student Understanding and Affect for Animal Behavior (Amy Dietzen); (9) The Efficacy of Strategies to Reveal and Address High School Chemistry Students' Preconceptions (Benjamin Alan Everhart); (10) The Effect of the Outdoor Environment on Knowledge Acquisition, Retention and Attitudes in a Biology Class (Sarah Grant); (11) A Study of the Effect of Calculator Use on Computation Skills of High School Mathematics Students (Sarah Greer); (12) Talk Time: Discussion as Discourse in Social Studies Classrooms (Julianna Grogan-Brown); (13) Reader Response Criticism in the Secondary English Classroom (Chad E. Harris); (14) Do You See What I See?:Visual Aids in the Secondary English Classroom (Lorin Mikyle Hooker); (15) Speak Up: Teaching Practices that Encourage Oral Participation in the English Classroom (Emily J. Houlditch); (16) Teaching Grammar for Proficiency in the Secondary French Program (Julia Kroner); (17) Gender and Racial Difference in Academic Motivation of High School Mathematics Students (Jennifer L. Kropff ); (18) Journaling in Geometry: A Study of Students' Attitudes and Achievement (Alisa R. Mook); (19) The Use of Visuals in High School Spanish Classroom (Katie Mundell); (20) Instructional Strategies that Promote Listening Comprehension in Secondary French Classes (Rachel Norton); (21) Document Analysis or Making the Grade? (Bradley J. Phillis); (22)Accountable Talk Benefits for Peer Communication (Tiffany A. Reed), (23) Students' Questions in the Secondary Social Studies Classroom (Tim Schwarz); (24) Engaging the Disengaged (Shea Setzer); (25) Vague Versus Specific Instruction and Its Effect on Student Output (Jamie Sullivan); (26) The Effect of Musical Mnemonic Devices on Biology Retention Including Unique Effects for Class Level, Ethnicity, and Gender (Andrea C. Townsend); and (27) The Effects of General and Explicit Lab Instructions on Student Time Off-Task (Nicole Whitman). Each paper contains a literature review, methodology, results, conclusions, and references.