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ERIC #: ED492773
Title: Studies in Teaching: 2005 Research Digest. Proceedings of the Annual Research Forum at Wake Forest University (December 7, 2005)
Authors: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.
Descriptors: High SchoolsEducational ResearchMathematical LogicProblem Based LearningStudent ParticipationStudent MotivationCreative ThinkingSocial StudiesLanguage UsageEnglish InstructionVocabulary DevelopmentTeacher BehaviorDiscussion (Teaching Technique)United States HistoryTeaching MethodsCultural AwarenessSpanishLiteratureScience InstructionMathematics InstructionBiologyFeedbackHumorReading InstructionMultiple IntelligencesWriting Across the CurriculumScience FictionStudent AttitudesAcademic AchievementStudent BehaviorElementary Secondary EducationPortfolio AssessmentStudent DiversityCulturally Relevant EducationTime Management
Journal/Source Name: Online Submission
Journal Citation: Proceedings of the Annual Research Forum (11th, Winston-Salem, NC, Dec 7, 2005)
Peer Reviewed: No
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 2006-8-00
Pages: 133
Pub Types: Collected Works - Conference Proceedings (021)
Abstract: These Proceedings document an educational research forum held at Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) on December 7, 2005. Table of contents and 26 research studies of high school teaching are included. Studies include: (1) Mathematical Reasoning in Multiple Representations: Connections and Confidence (Justin Allman); (2) The Effects of Problem-Based Learning on Student Engagement and Motivation (Joshua Bragg); (3) Creative Thinking Questioning in the Secondary Social Studies Classroom (Eric M. Cain); (4) Suppositional Language in the Secondary English Classroom (Lauren Casey); (5) Vocabulary Instruction in the Secondary English Classroom (Mariah Dillard); (6) Instructional Methods and Engagement: An Observation Study of Teacher and Student Behavior (Michael P. Fischer); (7) The Effects of Problem-Based Learning on Students Understanding of Animal Behavior (Shawnda M. Herring); (8) Igniting Discussion in the English Classroom (Brian A. Hill); (9) Instructional Strategies Used to Promote Cultural Awareness (Mary Julia Hinson); (10) The Use of Authentic Literature in the High School Spanish Classroom (Cecilia Jimenez-Santos); (11) Discussion and Student Engagement in the English Classroom (Kimberly S. Jones); (12) The Extent to Which Primary Sources in the Biology Classroom Are a Tool for Teaching Scientific Literacy (Meredith Lentz); (13) Mathematical Discourse During Investigations: A Comparison Study (Diana Liberto); (14) Verbal, Academic Teacher Feedback in Secondary English Classrooms (Kerri McFarland); (15) LOL: The Use of Humor in Secondary Social Studies Classrooms (Stephen Miura); (16) Inspiring High School Readers: Teacher Action and Student Reactions (William Austin Morris); (17) "Look Who's Talking": Discussion Patterns in Secondary Social Studies Classrooms (LaTosha D. Parker); (18) Practical Ways to Engage United States History Students (Karen Riddle); (19) Multiple Intelligences in the High School Social Studies Classroom (Wingate Thompson Smith); (20) A Study on the Effectiveness of Writing Across the Curriculum (Beth Sperfenne); (21) The Effect of Science Fiction Media Clips on Science Attitudes and Achievement (Bradley Stephenson); (22) The Use of Portfolio Assessment in the K-12 Spanish Classroom (Amy Talley); (23) Diverse Literature, Diverse Voices: Do They Go Hand in Hand? (Katherine Thompson); (24) Re-membering Mathematics: The Effect of Culturally Relevant Math History Lessons on Students' Attitudes (John Troutman); (25) Multiple Intelligences in the English Classroom (Margie Van Orden); and (26) Making Lasting Impressions: Teachers' Use of the First and Last Five Minutes of Class Time (Cameron F. Wells). Each paper contains a literature review, methodology, results, conclusions, and references.