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ERIC #: ED489982
Title: Studies in Teaching: 2004 Research Digest. Proceedings of the Annual Research Forum at Wake Forest University (December, 2004)
Authors: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.
Descriptors: FrenchSpanishEthnicitySecond Language LearningWriting (Composition)Educational ResearchHigh SchoolsTeaching StylesAcademic AchievementNonstandard DialectsTeaching MethodsTeacher AttitudesStudent AttitudesMathematicsGender Differences
Journal/Source Name: Online Submission
Journal Citation: Proceedings of the Annual Research Forum at Wake Forest University (December, 2004)
Peer Reviewed: No
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 2005-12-00
Pages: 133
Pub Types: Collected Works - Proceedings; Reports - Evaluative
Abstract: These Proceedings document an educational research forum held at Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) on December 8, 2004. Table of contents and 26 research studies of high school teaching are included. Studies include: The Use of Authentic Materials in the K-12 French Program (Katherine Elizabeth Baird), Surveying Students: What Classroom Styles They Enjoy and Think Work Best (David Bennett); Teachers' Perceptions of the Use of Student to Student Interaction in Social Studies Classrooms (Cynthia Bertram); Effective Writing in Secondary English Classrooms (Alan Brown); Teaching Styles and Student Preferences: Is There a Mismatch? (Tucker Campbell); One-on-One Interactions in the English Classroom (Emily Dolim); The Effects of Group Work on Student Achievement (Kathleen Eckersley); Opening Salvos: The First Five Minutes of Class (Marcus Jestfield Eure); Language Departures: Teacher Response to Nonstandard Language in the English Classroom (Mary Beth Fay); The Effect of Individualized Oral Feedback on Perceived Classroom Engagement (Melanie A. Fehrenbacher); Teacher Beliefs and Practice: Consistency or Inconsistency in the High School Social Studies Classroom? (Leslie Goelz); Student Preferences for Teaching Styles: Gender, Student Achievement Levels, and Ethnicity (Jeanine Greydanus); Secondary Social Studies Teachers' Usage of Reading Comprehension Techniques in Inclusive Classrooms (Amanda Renee Houver); Teaching Culture in the K-12 Spanish Program (Tamara Darcel Hughes); Developing Writing Proficiency in the Secondary Spanish Classroom (Deborah K. Jackson); Teacher Beliefs and Practices with Respect to Culturally Relevant Teaching (Erik Johnson); Contemporary Allusions in the English Classroom (Rebecca Johnson); The Use of Discussion in the Secondary Social Studies Classroom (Victor Lindsay); Differences in Teacher Practices between Standard and Honors Level History Classes (R. Laymarr Marshall); The Effect of Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy on St; udent Engagement (G. William Perry); Maximizing Discourse: An Assessment of Male/Female Student Response in the Classroom (Connie Pullum);The Last Five Minutes of Class in Secondary English Classrooms (Jennifer Rawlings); Native Speakers of Spanish in the K-12 Spanish Program (Meredith Rymer); The Effect of Teacher Instruction and Teacher Behaviors on Student Participation (Maureen Stanford); Teaching Outside of the Box (Angela Watkins); A Study of Attitude toward Mathematics and Its Relationship to Ethnicity and Gender (Olivia Williams). Each paper contains a literature review, methodology, results, conclusions, and references.