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ERIC #: ED489980
Title: Studies in Teaching: 2002 Research Digest. Research Projects Presented at Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, December 2002)
Authors: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.
Descriptors: Second Language InstructionFrenchReligious FactorsHigh SchoolsMinority GroupsTeaching MethodsTeacher AttitudesStudent ReactionWeb Based InstructionSchool AttitudesEconomics EducationDiscussion (Teaching Technique)Moral ValuesEnglish InstructionRelevance (Education)Mathematics EducationEducational ResearchScience EducationSocial StudiesLanguage ProficiencySpanishLearning ProcessesAnxietyAttribution TheoryFemalesEarth ScienceEnvironmental EducationContext EffectSelf EfficacyPovertyAlternative AssessmentTextbooksTextbook SelectionComputer Uses in EducationTechnology IntegrationQuestioning TechniquesMusic EducationTeacher CertificationTeacher ResponseNational Competency TestsFigurative LanguageStudent BehaviorClassroom Techniques
Journal/Source Name: Online Submission
Journal Citation: Proceedings of the Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, NC, Dec 2002)
Peer Reviewed: No
Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: 2002-12-00
Pages: 138
Pub Types: Collected Works - Proceedings
Abstract: This document presents the of an annual educational research forum held at Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) on December 11, 2002. A table of contents and 27 research studies of high school teaching are included. Studies include: Effects of the Earth/Environmental Science Requirement on High School Science Enrollment in North Carolina (Lori Beiles); Variations in Teaching Approaches Used in High and Low Minority Schools (Paula B. Boozer); Teaching and Applying Language for Communication: The Strategies of K-12 French Teachers (Shauna K. Callahan); Religious Issues in the Classroom: Teacher Attitude and Student Response (Jennifer Leigh Carlyle); Student Perceptions of a WebQuest Activity in High School Biology (Crystal Carter), Students' Attitude Toward School: Motivation or Apathy (Chrystal D. Cox); Teaching Methods in Economics Education (Kristen Evensen), Exploration of the Frequency and Depth of Moral Discussion in Secondary English Classrooms (Joan E. Ferran); Exploring Students' Perceptions of the Relevance of Mathematics (Jill Frankfort); Process Over Product: Does It Really Make a Difference? (Evelyn C. Frye); Between Ideal and Real: Pedagogy in the Social Studies Classroom (Benjamin C. Galea); Strategies and Techniques Used to Develop Oral Proficiency in the Secondary Spanish Classroom (Krishauna L. Hines); Fear Factor: Foreign Language Anxiety in the Secondary Spanish Program (Lacey Horner); Effects of Informing High School Females about Attribution Research (Emi Iwatani); Text vs. Context (Jason R. James); The Self Efficacy of Students in High Poverty Schools (Kristen Kay Lucas), The Use of Alternative Assessment Strategies in Secondary Spanish (Heather Needham); Deconstructing Difficult Texts: Four Teachers and Their Methods (Lucy Beth Pearce); Teacher Questioning Types and Patterns (K. Brooks Ranton); Secondary Social Studies Textbook Selection (Jonathan L. Rybka); Technology Enhanced Instruction in the Foreign Language Classroom Mu; sic in the Foreign Language Classroom (Stephanie Simpson); Teacher Response and Classroom Discussion (Kathy Taylor); Developing Oral Proficiency in the K-12 Spanish Program (Megan D. Webb); A Study of North Carolina Nationally Board Certified Science Teachers' Use of Technology (Karly Wortmann); The Use of Metaphor in Classroom Instruction (Katharine O. Young); and Averting and Reacting: Four Teachers' Methods for Minimizing Lesson-Thwarting Outbursts (Kelli Zellner). Each study contains literature review, methodology, results, conclusions, and references. [For the 2001 proceedings, see ED462384.)