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ERIC_NO: ED462384
TITLE: Studies in Teaching 2001 Research Digest. Research Projects Presented at Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, December 2001).
AUTHOR: McCoy, Leah P.
ABSTRACT: This collection of research projects includes: "What Types of Questions Do Mathematics Teachers Ask?" (Cynthia L. Adams); "Will Alternate Assessment Formats Create a Difference in Student Motivation to Study?" (Robyn J. Allen); "Factors Affecting the Motivation of Students" (Dejon J. Banks); "The Dynamics of English Classes with Gender Minorities" (Cameron Cole); "Addressing Gender Inequity in Math" (Christina Cronrath); "The Effects of Intrinsic Motivation, Self Esteem and Gender on Mathematics Achievement" (Tracy Foote); "The Use of Pre-Reading Strategies To Teach Reading in Secondary Level Spanish Classes" (Emily Getz); "Does Parental Involvement Affect Student Achievement?" (Lauren M. Hancock); "Does Gender Grouping Affect Science Achievement in Rotating and Stationary Labs?" (Marie Haymes); "The Selection and Implementation of Authentic Literature in the Foreign Language Program" (Jennifer C. Johnson); "It's No Laughing Matter" (Jeanie Marklin); "The Underlying Paradigms of ESL among Social Studies Teachers" (Marie Ann May); "Student Perceptions of Effective Teaching" (Sarah McCullough); "The First Five Minutes: A Study of Four Teachers' Use of Initial Teaching Moments" (Travis Whitfield McLeod); "Comparison of an Advanced Writing Course On Line versus on Campus Taught by the Same Instructor" (Rigoberto Morales); "Proximity, Touch, and Participation" (Cameron T. Morris); "The Effectiveness of Global versus Focal Questions in Secondary English Class Discussions" (Jill Ochs); "Teacher Response to Wrong' Answers in the English Classroom" (Emily E. Orser); "Methods and Philosophies of High School Social Studies Teachers" (Patrick H. Rickelton); "Effects of Calculator Use on Student Work" (Jean Marie Shaw); "What Motivates Student Leaders" (Jennifer R. Shelton); "Archetypal Criticism in the Classroom and Student Response to Literature" (Zachary Vonnegut); "Teacher Use of the Target Language in the Secondary Spanish Classroom" (Todd A. F. Warren); "Team Learning: A Pilot Study" (Brooke A. Whitworth); and "What Motivates Secondary Social Studies Teachers To Use Primary Sources?" (Susan Wiseman). (Papers contain references.) (SM)
MAJOR_DESCRIPTORS: Mathematics Teachers; Student Motivation;
MINOR_DESCRIPTORS: Academic Achievement; Advanced Courses; Alternative Assessment; Calculators; English; English (Second Language); Equal Education; Evaluation Methods; Gender Issues; Global Approach; Grouping (Instructional Purposes); Humor; Mathematics Education; Minority Groups; Nonverbal Communication; Parent Participation; Prereading Experience; Proximity; Reading Instruction; Science Education; Science Laboratories; Second Language Instruction; Secondary Education; Secondary School Mathematics; Secondary School Science; Self Esteem; Sex Differences; Sex Discrimination; Social Studies; Spanish; Student Attitudes; Student Evaluation; Student Leadership; Study Habits; Teacher Effectiveness; Teaching Methods; Writing Skills;
IDENTIFIERS: Authentic Materials; Laughter; Touch
PAGE: 130
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INSTITUTION_NAME: BBB35657 _ National Center for Youth Law, San Francisco, CA.

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