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ERIC_NO: ED452155
TITLE: Studies in Teaching 2000 Research Digest. Research Projects Presented at Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, December 2000).
AUTHOR: McCoy, Leah P., Ed.
ABSTRACT: This collection of papers includes: "Cheating: Ethics and Honor of High School Students" (Nick Bender); "Assessing Listening Proficiency in High School Spanish Classes" (Michelle Bennett); "Multiple Intelligences, Assessment and Achievement in Traditional High School Classes" (Kathryn Byrnes); "Who Wants To Be a Scientist? An Investigation of High School Student Attitudes Toward Science" (Amaris Carr); "Multimedia in High School English Classes and the Perceived Effects on Student Learning" (Mindi Fry); "Making Tracks: Honors and Standard Classes" (Elizabeth Godsey); "Teaching Spanish to Exceptional Children" (Shearon Green); "The Success of Teaching the Concepts of Evolution: The Effect of Concept Integration on End-of-Course Exam Scores" (Kathryn Horne); "Teachers' Perceptions on Teacher/Student Relationships in the Classroom" (Brenda Mock Kirkpatrick); "No Wrestling Allowed: Teaching Controversial Context in High School Social Studies" (Akwete McAlister); "How High School English Teachers Facilitate Classroom Discussion about Literature" (Melissa McCabe); "Is the Number of Heuristic Devices Employed by High School Students Related to Their Success in Answering Algorithmic and Concept Oriented Chemistry Problems?" (Jennifer McCluan); "Changes in Attitudes: Do a Student's Attitudes Concerning Chemistry Change After Exposure To Some Basic Chemistry Demonstrations?" (Janis McDonald); "Teacher Attitudes Toward Inclusion" (Elizabeth Miller); "Teaching Algebra: One Best System?" (Margo Muhr); "On Teaching Writing Well: Writing Instruction at the High School Level" (Julie Pederson); "High School Students' Attitudes Towards Math: Effect of Ethnicity, Gender and Parents' Education" (Darryl Piggott); "The Teaching of Culture in Secondary Level Spanish Classes: The Selection and Implementation of Cultural Topics" (Anne Salsbury); "Reader Response and Student Motivation" (Jill Snyder); "Social Studies Teachers' Attitudes Toward End-of-Course Exams" (Nikolai Vitti); "Examining the Political Beliefs and Attitudes of High School Students" (Jennifer Watson); and "How Do High School English Teachers Use Different Levels of Questioning in the Classroom?" (Alison Winzeler). (Papers include references.) (SM)
DESCRIPTORS: Academic Achievement; Academically Gifted; Algebra; Cheating; Chemistry; Codes of Ethics; Concept Teaching; Controversial Issues (Course Content); Cultural Education; Educational Attainment; English; Ethnicity; Heuristics; *High School Students; *High Schools; Inclusive Schools; Listening Skills; Literature; Mainstreaming; Mathematics Education; Mathematics Instruction; Multimedia Instruction; Multiple Intelligences; Parents; Political Attitudes; Questioning Techniques; Reader Response; Science Education; Second Language Instruction; Secondary School Teachers; Sex Differences; Social Studies; Spanish; Student Attitudes; Student Evaluation; Student Motivation; Teacher Attitudes; Teacher Student Relationship; Teaching Methods; Track System (Education); Writing Instruction
IDENTIFIERS: Concept Acquisition
PAGE: 115
EDRS_PRICEEDRS Price MF01/PC05 Plus Postage.
INSTITUTION_NAME: BBB36567 _ Wake Forest Univ., Winston-Salem, NC. Dept. of Education.

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