Become one of the Baker Street Irregulars and Solve an On-Line Mystery!!

"It's the Baker Street division of the detective police force... There's more work to be got out of one of those little beggars than out of a dozen of the force."

- Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet

Solve Experiment 10 B for inclusion in your journal.
Work in groups if you wish. Be sure to read the rules before you begin. Your score is calculated by subtracting the number of clue points you visit from your score on the case quiz.

If you work together, each person must log in to the game and visit each clue point. Your journal entry will simply be Watson's account of your endeavors (written in his style). No Holmes entry for this one. Invite others to play along if you like!

If you have missed one of the 9 in-class experiments, solve one of the other Experiments (A or C) and write up Watson's account in your journal. Or just solve all 3 cases for fun!
Map of Holmes' London

Experiment 10 A

The Mummy's Curse

April 12, 1889

Experiment 10 B

The Case of the Mystified Murderess

July 4, 1888

Experiment 10 C

The Case of the Lionized Lions

August 17, 1888