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Course Materials and Computing Resources


Click Here to watch a video tutorial on installing SciFinder

Click Here for a video on using the Chemistry Department poster Printer.

Click Here to watch a video tutorial on sharing folders in MS Windows.

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Click Here to watch a video tutorial on setting calendar permissions in MS Outlook.

Click Here to watch a video on page insertions for Adobe Acrobat.

More Web Tools

Chemistry 111 General Chemistry

Dr. Brad Jones
CHM111, CHM111L

Dr. Angela King
CHM111 Web Page

Chemistry 120 Physics and Chemistry of Environment
Dr. Dilip Kondepudi
CHM 280L "Quantitative Analysis"
CHM 334 & 334L- Chemical Analysis
Dr. Brad Jones
Chemistry 341 & 341L Physical Chemistry
Dr. Dilip Kondepudi
Chemistry 641
Dr. Dilip Kondepudi
Chemistry 723 Transition Metal Organic Chemistry

Dr. Mark Welker

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CHM 735 "Spectrochemical Analysis"
Dr. Brad Jones
STN Express

Resources from the STN web site:

Wavefunction Spartan ES Spartan ES: Chemistry Department has a 50 concurrent user license for Spartan ES. This software requires a hardware key on the network to use. Click here for instructions.

Marvin can be installed as a replacement for ChemDraw.  To install:

1. Click your Start button.
2. Click Run.
3. Type "\\acad1\Chemistry\pub\Marvin\marvinbeans.exe ".
4. Click OK.
5. Follow the on-screen directions

Virtual ChemLab

The Chemistry Department has purchased a site licesne for Virtual ChemLab.  Click Here for installation instructions.

Lab Workbook

ChemBioDraw Ultra ChemBioDraw Ultra The Chemistry Department now has a site license for ChemBioDraw Ultra.  You must have a valid WFU email address to download and install this software. Instructions  Click Here to download
Library's Resource

Chemical Abstracts Student Edition : Click on the link Chemical Abstracts Student Edition on that page. Or, click on FirstSearch under the link Chemical Abstracts Student Edition, click on "General Science." The name of the database is: CAStudentEd ): Chemical Abstracts Service's Student Edition, designed for undergraduate students, indexes and abstracts over 200 of the most widely held chemistry journals, as well as over 200,000 dissertations. The file includes coverage from 1967 to the present and is updated weekly.
Off-campus access can be accomplished through the telnet FirstSearch on the Start Menu under Research and Classroom Tools.

Science Citation Index

Three Common Databases for Chemical Literature Searching -- Examples/Tutorials for WFU students on Using Chemical Abstracts, Web of Science, and Medline for Chemical Literature Searching.