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Ethylene and Auxin Crosstalk


Auxin and Ethylene cross talk in regulation of root gravitropism and development 

root tipsWe are interested in the mechanisms by which auxin transport is regulated to allow gravitropic responses and lateral root development.  Recent experiments have focused on asking whether the gaseous plant hormone, ethylene, regulates auxin transport and dependent physiological processes.  We have found that ethylene negatively regulates root (Buer et al. 2006) and shoot gravitropism (Muday et al. 2006).  When mutants that have defects proteins that mediate auxin signaling, such as EIN2 or ETR1, are treated with ethylene, the inhibition of gravitropic curvature are lost, suggesting that ethylene negatively regulates gravitropism through well established ethylene signaling pathways. We also found that roots of the tt4 mutant, which makes no flavonoids, is insensitive to inhibition by ethylene treatment, suggesting that this mutant may have ethylene dependent flavonoid synthesis that regulates gravitropism (Buer et al., 2006).  Consistent with this possibility, there are localized changes in flavonoids in response to gravitropic reorientation (Buer and Muday, 2004) and ethylene treatment (Buer et al. 2006). The image shows the enhanced accumulation of flavonoids in Arabidopsis roots treated with the ethylene precursor, ACC for 1, 2, and 4 hours.  Current experiments are focused on exploring the molecular mechanisms by which ethylene and auxin control flavonoid synthesis.   

Lateral root initiation and elongation are under the control of auxin (Reed et al. 1998).  We are interested in asking whether there is also crosstalk between auxin and ethylene in controlling this process.  We are currently examining the effect of ethylene treatment or lateral and adventitious root formation in both Arabidopsis and tomato and in mutants of these two species that are defective in ethylene signaling. If we find interaction between these two hormones in regulating root development, we will focus our experiments on identification of the molecular mechanisms by which this crosstalk regulates root development.

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