The Muday Laboratory, Wake Forest University

(first row left to right) Chrispeels, Zapata-Jenks, Sukumar, Zhang; (back row) Maloney, Isley, Cooper, Lewis, Hughes, Falbel, and Muday (far-right)

Lab Members (current)

  • Daniel Lewis, Postdoctoral Associate
  • Gregory Maloney, Postdoctoral Associate
  • Tanya Falbel, Postdoctoral Associate @ U. Wisc
  • Monica Zapata Jenks, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Justin Watkins, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Stacey Lundy, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Luke Hsu
  • Kola Agbola
  • Ardelia Clark
  • Amir Rezeyat
  • Brian Reagan
  • Katheryn Tully
  • Laura Hanson
Lab alumni/alumnae: Dr. Poornima Sukumar, Dr. Sangeeta Negi, Dr. Hanya Chrispeels, Dr. Mary Beth Lovin, Dr. Aaron Rashotte, Dr. Charles Buer, Dr. Haiguo Sun, Cassie Mattox, Heather Fairfield, Kevin Cooper, Sioban Wright, Kristina Trudeau, Clare Hector, Brielle Harth, Haiguo Sun, Shiquan Hu, Shari Brady, Charles Buer, Karin Edwards, Chris Hall, David Hiller Meaghan Lynch, Kasee Metcalf, Karen Edwards, Brielle Harth, Austin Stone, Ben Williams, Jon Butler, Dana Brown, Robin Reed, Carolyn Ebeneezer, Steven Hess, Amy Arnold, Daniel Cox, Michael Dixon.

Current Projects in the Lab

Auxin Projects

Gravitropism and Auxin Transport

Lateral Root Development and Auxin Transport

Ethylene and Auxin Crosstalk

Localization of Auxin Transport Proteins

Phosphorylation Signaling Regulates Auxin Transport

Regulation of Auxin Transport by Flavonoids

Auxin Transport and Embryo Development

Leptin Projects

Molecular mechanisms of sexual dimorphism in leptin synthesis and signaling

Impact of obesity hormones on weight and osteoarthritis in older women 

Recent Publications from the Lab

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