Reynolda Greenroom Reservation Policies

As of September, 2008 the Reynolda Greenroom has been completely renovated. We are committed to maintaining the integrity and beauty of this space, including maintaining the room as a campus walk-through and public space. For this reason reservations for the Greenroom will be restricted as noted below in the "Events" section.


All catering MUST be provided by Aramark (758-5610)
Student groups are not permitted to have food service of any kind in this venue.
Administration and Faculty are permitted to have standing receptions or plated meals (no buffet meals or week-day luncheon permitted).


The furniture located in the Greenroom is permanent. It may not be moved or removed.


Appropriate use of the Greenroom includes receptions, press conferences, formal announcements, holiday parties, informal University events.
Inappropriate use of the Greenroom includes meetings, all day functions, dances, blood drives, fairs, concerts, lectures, and festivals. You are encouraged to reserve space in the Benson University Center for these types of events.


A built in sound system is now available, along with a floor podium, which is stored in the Greenroom, and secured by Aramark. Requestor will be responsible for contacting Aramark and for set-up of equipment.

Requestor will be responsible for any damages or cleaning fees.

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