Reynolda Fresh Food Patio Reservation Policies



The Fresh Food Patio is located just outside of the doors to the Reynolda Fresh Food Company (The Pit) between the two sets of steps leading down to Manchester Plaza (Mag Quad).

Who may reserve

This area is primarily open to members of the Wake Forest community such as student organizations and university departments. Members of the general public such as retail vendors, non-profit groups, job recruiters, and anyone else wishing to distribute information or sell goods and services to our students may also be able to reserve this space, however such groups are subject to an approval process and must contact the Benson Administrative office at 336-758-4869 before submitting a reservation request.

Fees for use

Student Organizations chartered through the office of Student Development or sponsored by a university department or chartered organization may utilize this area free of charge. University departments may also use the area free of charge. All others must pay a rental fee of $60 per space per day.

Reservation Procedure

First review the public calendar to determine a suitable day for your event. There are seven 8 foot spaces available for use at any given time. The calendar is updated daily. Once you've picked a date and time, submit the Fresh Food Patio Request Form to the Benson Administrative Office. These are the only requests that Benson will accept 'last minute' (up to the day of the event if space is available). Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Selling items or services

After receiving confirmation of a reservation, chartered student organizations or university-sponsored student entrepreneurs may sell goods or services without prior clearance from the Benson Administrative office. Chartered student groups wishing to accept Deacon Dollars must apply for that program by submitting the Deacon Dollar usage form found here (fees apply). All other organizations/companies wishing to sell merchandise or accept payments of any kind in this area must obtain approval from the Benson Administrative office (commissions apply, please refer to sample contract found here). Non-sponsored students wishing to conduct retail sales, whether the proceeds will be donated to charity or not, must have prior approval, sign a vending agreement, and pay commissions and fees. Please contact Amy Mohan ( for more information.

Space Information

Each space is 8 feet wide, enough to accommodate a standard six foot table. Those wishing to set up tents or other structures will need at least three spaces and may not block access to the steps at either side of the area. There are seven spaces available. There is no limit on how many may be reserved by a single group.

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