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Wake Forest University: Benson University Center

Room Reservation Request

To be processed, all requests must be submitted at least 3 business days in advance of the event date. The Benson University Center reserves the right to deny late requests.

Before you begin: please read our Room Reservation Policies (required).

This form is a request only! Your reservation is not final until you have received written confirmation from the Benson Administrative Office. Please note: you will be required to leave a driver's license or WFU I.D. at the information desk in exchange for the room key.

All student social activities must be registered through the Office of Leadership and Organizations at Questions? Call 336-758-4070 or email

Benson University Center Reservable Areas Map (includes capacities and pictures)

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Event Information
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You can use one form to request a reservation for repeating events, as long as the events have the same start and end times. If event start and end times vary, please complete one form for each event.
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Room Selection To see rooms that would fit your needs, please enter the number of people attending your event, then select the room arrangement that would be most appropriate. You will then get a list of possibilities to choose from.

Click here for room capacities, amenities and pictures.

If you need multiple rooms on the same date, please complete one request form for each room needed.

Room needs

* Please choose the room arrangement that best fits your needs. Click or mouse over "See picture" for illustration. Please note most Benson rooms come equipped with multimedia (lcd/dvd projector & sound). Exceptions are 343 and 406.

Reservable Rooms

Please enter a number attending and choose a room arrangement to see reservable rooms. If requesting an open space such as a gallery, enter any number of attendees.
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Need Equipment? Specify all that you need and quantity needed (including chairs). All equipment is for use in the Benson University Center only. There is a fee associated with items marked with $. Mouse over symbols for more information about items.

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Additional information
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