Benson Deacon Dollar Usage Program Quick Reference

Fees and Payments
Do's and Don'ts

Fees and Payment:

• Cost is 10% of sales plus $50 service fee. This fee is withheld at the time we issue payment.

• Payment will be issued within 30 business days of the receipt of your completed sale sheets. Sales are processed in the order received. The organization representative will receive a statement via email at the time final payment is requested from University FAS. This statement shows the amount recorded on the sale sheets, the amount processed, fees charged and the final amount of the payment. A copy of the final paperwork will be available for review at the Benson Office should you have any questions or concerns.

• If your organization does not have a University account number, the University will only issue payment to the charity for which you are raising money. This payment will be sent to the address you provided on your application. If you have expenses associated with your event, please submit an expense voucher with all receipts and/or invoices and full payment information and a check will be issued to cover those expenses.

• If your organization has a University account number, please refer to your organization budget after 30 days to verify that the funds have been transferred.

Deacon Dollar Do's and Don'ts:


• Put your original sale sheet(s) in a safe place.

• Enter numbers clearly and legibly. If we can't read it, we can't process it.

• If an account number must be altered, mark through the entry and start a new one on the next line.

• Turn in your sale sheets by the due date issued when you signed your contract.

• Turn in original sale sheets. No copies will be accepted. Make sure you have all your sale sheets together before you turn them in. No additional sheets will be accepted after your sale has been processed!


• Accept donations using this system. We are not allowed to process donations and your organization or charity will not receive the money!

• Record cash or check payments on the Deacon Dollar sale sheets. This causes confusion and delays the processing of your sale.

• Record t-shirt sizes, room numbers or other non-essential information on the sheet. Payment information only!

• Change or reduce your prices. Price on the sheet must be the price stated in the contract.